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  • How Enterprise Application Development Benefits Your Business

    Published: Jul 1, 2021  |   | 
    How Enterprise Application Development Benefits Your Business

    Evolving technology has started making modern enterprises capable of grabbing new opportunities and expanding business. From bringing automation to transforming core processes digitally, enterprise application development makes everything possible using technological advancements. A customized, feature-rich enterprise app touches every facet of enterprises, ranging from customer services to employee collaboration.

    As per the MarketsandMarkets prediction, the enterprise application size will grow over two times to USD 98.03 billion by 2021 than it was USD 48.24 billion back in 2016. This estimate indicates a CAGR of over 15% and shows the growing importance of enterprise software solutions. These days, over 75% of Fortune 500 companies have either initiated the process to develop bespoke apps or considering the scope of enterprise apps.

    With high-end systems in place, it is necessary for entrepreneurs to take assistance from enterprise software development companies to leverage the benefits of excellent features and functionality. As an entrepreneur, you can streamline critical processes, enhance efficiency, improve productivity and get a high ROI over the period using enterprise apps. Here are the top five reasons why you should opt for enterprise application development.

    Five Reasons Enterprise App Development is Necessary for Your Company

    Whether you want to boost customer satisfaction or increase employee engagement, a bespoke enterprise app always remains handy. Let’s see how it benefits your company.

    1. Increase Productivity

    This is the biggest benefit of tailored enterprise software solutions. An app plays a vital role in establishing seamless communication across various departments and between your company and customers. Your company’s productivity is based on communication, and enterprise apps can increase productivity by ensuring 24/7 communication.

    Enterprise apps bring mobility to the workplace. It ensures better collaboration, increased throughput, and streamlined processes. Employees can stay connected with one another and coordinate various tasks and projects more effectively. What’s more, thanks to enterprise app solutions, they can get access to confidential corporate data in the offline mode as well. It further leads to increased motivation and productivity.

    Enterprise apps also bring flexibility into the system. It is easy for your employees to enhance their work performances even when they are on the move through mobile apps.

    2. Save Time and Effort

    Another noteworthy benefit of enterprise apps is they can save a lot of time and effort for your employees. It is easy to perform daily tasks and answer the customer’s queries anytime using the feature-rich enterprise-level app. Let’s understand this by taking a simple example. How about accessing the data stored on your laptop or desktop while you are on the move? You need to bring your laptop with you and keep it ready every time. But, this is quite cumbersome, right? Now, imagine the same scenario for your employees.

    Simply put, enterprise apps can save precious time to retrieve and share the data with the help of cloud technology. There is no need to go back to your desk for accessing the corporate data. Also, real-time report generation and sharing with colleagues, customers, or stakeholders can save a lot of effort. It can improve sales, marketing, and other core processes significantly.

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    3. Reduce Costs

    For every industry sector and department, there is a dedicated app. An enterprise application development company can integrate advancements of emerging technologies including AI, blockchain, and AR into the enterprise app to add value to your business and improve customer services. An enterprise app is designed to bring automation in repetitive processes and thereby saving big bucks over the period.

    An enterprise app can remain cost-effective because you can use it for engaging employees and promote business. Features like a reward system, gamification, and notifications can act as an effective marketing tool, and you can run a promotional campaign with ease using the dedicated mobile app. In brief, an enterprise app can save operational and marketing costs.

    4. Bring Automation

    Repetitive and mundane tasks make your employees less efficient over the period. They simply tend to avoid such tasks, and as a result, there is a risk of missing deadlines and compromise on quality. An enterprise software development company can bring automation to such tasks, and you can free your employees to focus on other core and productive tasks.

    Also, an enterprise app enables you to reduce paperwork, thereby saving a lot of time. You can consult the mobile app development company for integrating chatbots to make your app more interactive and offer your customers 24/7 assistance for their queries. AI-powered chatbots and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) solutions work wonders with a custom business app for your company.

    5. Transform Processes

    Digital transformation has become a norm to survive and thrive amid a highly challenging business scenario. As the competition increases by leaps and bounds, you need to transform legacy processes to remain ready for future trends. An enterprise app can assist you to change the way you work and transform core processes.

    Advancements in AI, ML, and other technologies can make it possible to accomplish projects on time while keeping the employee’s efficiency at the utmost level. As a result, you can get a high ROI (Return on Investment) in a short time and stay ahead of the curve.

    Today, we have many types of enterprise applications available. It is better to contact an experienced mobile app development company to get the most suitable application for your company. You can get the enterprise-level applications for-

    ● Business Intelligence (BI)

    ● Business Continuity Planning (BCP)

    ● Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

    ● Enterprise Messaging Systems

    ● HR and Finance Management

    ● Payment Process System

    ● Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

    ● Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

    Concluding Lines

    Enterprise application development enables your company to make the most of advancing technologies, irrespective of your business model and scale of operations. When it comes to improving customer services and making informed decisions in real-time, enterprise apps can always help you. All you need to find the right enterprise software development partner for building customized and future-ready app.

    Silver Touch Technologies is a renowned enterprise software development company in India and USA. We provide enterprise-grade solutions in the domains of asynchronous messaging, multi-tenant, SaaS development, DevOps, and MEAN Stack development. We have assisted numerous startups, SMEs, and big enterprises to thrive by providing customized, high-end enterprise software solutions. If you want to give your company an advantage of evolving technology in a cost-effective way, simply drop us a line at We will get back to you soon with a complete strategy.

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