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Silver Touch Appreciated by Join Indian Army, for successful launch of...

Silver Touch Appreciated by Join Indian Army, for successful launch of Agniveer Application!!! Breathtaking moment to receive applaud..

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STTL signed an MoU under the new IT policy 2022-27 with Govt. of Gujarat

Silver Touch Technologies Ltd. signed an MoU under the new IT policy 2022-27 with Govt. of Gujarat for an investment intention of 100...

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Silver Touch Technologies has won Channel World Premier 100 Award for 2021

We are delighted to announce that Silver Touch Technologies has won Channel World India Premier 100 Award for 2021.

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Silver Touch signed MoU with Adani Institute of Infrastructure

Silver Touch & Adani Institute of Infrastructure signed MoU for Technical Upliftment.

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Silver Touch, Microsoft & Crayon jointly organised an event - SAP on Azure...

Silver Touch, Microsoft & Crayon jointly organised an event "SAP on Azure Experts". Mr Minesh Doshi, Director of Silver Touch Technologies showcased

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Vibrant Startup & Technology Summit 2019 at Science City, Ahmedabad

Silver Touch at Vibrant Startup & Technology Summit 2019 was extraordinary!

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Digital Transformation Forum – “Decoding the Future Ready Digital...

The Economic Times organized a Digital Transformation Forum- "Decoding the Future Ready Digital Enterprises"

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NASSCOM Annual Technology Conference Award 2019

The NATC 2019 is a pure technologist Conference designed to bring together tech leaders & developer community to keep them abreast with advancements in disruptive technologies.

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ASSOCHAM Conference on Artificial Intelligence-Empowering Governance

Silver Touch Technologies Ltd. has attended ASSOCHAM'S Conference

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Automation Anywhere Center of Excellence Certification for RPA Services

We are delighted to announce that Silver Touch Technologies Ltd. has been awarded the "Center of Excellence" certification by Automation Anywhere.

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Channel World Premier 100 Award 2019

The 2019 Channel World Premier 100 Awards event was held at JW Marriott, Pune, on June 14, 2019, celebrating the Digital 100 – pioneers of the channel partner community who succeeded in harnessing the best out of technology with sheer human ingenuity.

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Silver Touch Technologies received SME Business Excellence Award for IT & IT...

Dun & Bradstreet India (D&B India) hosted ‘SME Business Excellence Awards 2018’. Mr. Vipul Thakkar, MD, Silver Touch Technologies has attended the event and received the award.

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Parity Chain - A Silver Touch Blockchain Division is now Partner with Credits

Parity Chain, a Silver Touch Venture that provides a wide range of services, has collaborated jointly with Credits to develop a new application such as Cryptography and Blockchain.

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MySurat - Citizen Engagement Portal Launched for Surat Smart City

CM of Gujarat launched ‘Surat Smart City - A Citizen Engagement Portal and Mobile App’ developed by Silver Touch Technologies for Surat Municipal Corporation.

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Silver Touch Technologies receives the Channel World Premier 100 Award for 2018

Silver Touch Technologies won Channel World Premier 100 Award this time as well, this year its 7th time that we are winning this award. We arise as a winner among all worthy nominations received across India.

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Cloud Hosting vs Shared Hosting- Points of Difference You Need to Know

Having a business website without hosting is like a body without a soul! You may find it a bit exaggerating, but the truth is no website can run without a hosting platform. Today, as tech-savvy customers prefer getting services and purchasing products online, cloud technology can remain handy. You can either opt for cloud hosting or shared...

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How Blockchain Can Reshape the Future of Real Estate Industry

As one of the fastest-growing sectors, real estate acts as a catalyst for the growth of the modern economy. It provides people and companies with valuable assets and attracts investors to run a financial cycle. However, this sector faces many challenges these days including lack of transparency and safety of transactions. Here, blockchain...

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Data Analytics Trends and Opportunities to Stay Ahead of Competition

When Clive Humby, a British mathematician, gave the quote ‘Data is the new oil’ in 2006, he predicted the arrival of a data-driven era. Today, it has become essential for businesses to get real-time data to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the curve. Here, data analytics services lend a helping hand. These services can assist...

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Digital Transformation in Banking- How It Benefits Banks and Customers

Digital transformation has become a need of the hour for all sectors, and a thriving banking sector is no exception! The entire BFSI sector has remained resilient to change giving preference to traditional paper-based processes for a long time. However, as competition increases and digital disruptions have become mainstream, many banks have...

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A 7-Step Model for Ensuring Successful Migration into the Cloud

Competitive scenarios and macroeconomic challenges demand massive changes in the way businesses operate globally. The Q4 2022 Google Cloud Brand Pulse Survey has revealed that 41.4 percent of companies’ cloud leaders reported increased usage of cloud-based services. However, migration into the cloud poses different challenges and therefore,...

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Comparison of Cloud Hosting vs VPS- Key Differences You Need to Know

Selecting the right hosting service for your business website and applications is quite a task. As today’s tech-savvy visitors expect a website to load in two to three seconds, web hosting becomes a necessity. It is a major reason behind the rise of the web hosting industry. As per the recent prediction, the web hosting market size is...

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Crucial Role of RPA in the Healthcare Sector You Need to Know

Some crucial challenges to a thriving healthcare sector are high operating costs, increasing competition, stringent regulations, and relatively high patient volumes. All these hurdles may result in slow processes and poor quality of patient care services. RPA in the healthcare sector can overcome these challenges effectively. We will dig deep...

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Navigating Cloud Technology: Expert Guidance and Insights on Cloud Hosting Plans

Improved performance, on-demand scalability for storage and processing power, higher security, enhanced reliability, and automation in server management are some of the key benefits of cloud hosting. Various cloud hosting plans are available to meet business requirements most suitably and cost-effectively. This post will discuss cloud...

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How Cloud Hosting Solutions Benefit Your Business and Drive Growth

Cloud hosting or web hosting is a business-friendly service that enables modern enterprises and individuals to store their websites and dedicated applications on remote servers. Cloud hosting India solutions require the Internet to access your apps from anywhere. This model has gained popularity in recent years thanks to more benefits than...

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How AI and ML Technologies Drive Transformation in DevOps

Enterprise DevOps has brought radical changes in conventional workflows. Both AI and ML technologies play a vital role in enabling DevOps to change the corporate world and streamline processes. A Gartner report has revealed that 40% of DevOps teams will use infrastructure apps that have integrated AI for IT operations platforms by the year...

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Importance of Cloud Hosting for Leveraging AI and ML

Small and medium businesses (SMBs) feel the heat in this dynamic yet challenging business landscape. Thankfully, both AI and ML technologies come to their rescue. From data analysis to operational efficiency and customer care to recommendation algorithms, AI and ML work wonders in the thriving industry sectors. These days, both these futuristic...

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Digital Transformation in Manufacturing- Industry 4.0 and 5.0 Lead the Front

Once considered as an expensive way for large enterprises to stay on the top, digital transformation has become the necessity even for SMEs. All industry sectors require digital transformation to ensure growth and sustainability, and the thriving manufacturing sector is no exception! Let’s dig deep into the role of Industry 4.0 and Industry...

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How to Choose the Best Cloud Hosting Plan for Your Business in India

In today's dynamic and yet challenging business landscape, more companies embrace cloud hosting to empower their operations. Moreover, all business websites have the risk of hacking and face the challenges related to sudden spike in web traffic. Cloud hosting can address these difficulties effectively and give multiple benefits to companies of...

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Cloud Application Development- Comparing Two Giants AWS and Azure

The battle is on! When we think of giants in the cloud computing domain, AWS, and Azure come to mind. Both these big names have already proven their capabilities and some sort of battle is going on between them. Simply put, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure remain indispensable in cloud application development. Both these...

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The Ultimate Comparison Between Cloud Hosting & Web Hosting

Terminologies and buzzwords can be very confusing. They can even negatively impact your buying decision. This is specifically true in the world of hosting and servers. If you just go by the marketing terms without knowing what they truly imply, you are in for a rude shock. So, in the article, we’ll go back to the basics and learn what exactly...

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Events at
Silver Touch

Silver Touch organizes various events throughout the year for employees' motivation and participation. Various events are organized, including Annual Functions, Employee Awards Ceremonies, Picnics, Sports Competitions, Euphoria, Talent Hunt, Women Empowerment,


Unforgettable IPL Experience

We treated our employees to an exhilarating day at the IPL, where we cheered, laughed, and...


Celebrated International Yoga Day 2022 @ STTL

This International Yoga Day 2022, we at Silver Touch Technologies Ltd


Movie Outing 2022

Watching a movie at the theater is a fun way to spend some time together...


Blood Donation Camp 2022

Did you know that just one blood donation can save the lives...


Main Board

Silver Touch Technologies Ltd. migrated to main board from NSEE merge...


New Year 2020 Celebration

Team Silver Touch celebrated New Year 2020 eve with specially designed alluring outfits and...


Blood Donation Camp 2019

Silver Touch Technologies has organised Blood Donation Camp.


STTL Picnic 2019 –Aatapi Wonderland

To get relaxation from daily routine Silver Touch Technologies went for one-day Picnic to Aatapi...


Diwali Celebration at Silver Touch

We work together, we eat together, and we celebrate together.


Independence Day Celebration 2019 @ Silver Touch

Independence Day Celebration at Silver Touch.


Annual Sales Meet 2019-20

STTL Annual Sales Meet 2019-20 held at Udaipur.


Training on ‘Emotional Intelligence at Organization’ by Ms. Toral Mehta

Emotional Intelligence leads to the heightened self-awareness for...


Announcing the launch of our new Semaphore Website

OUR NEW WEBSITE IS OFFICIALLY LIVE! We are excited to announce the launch of our newly revamped...


Special Screening of Movie Robot 2.0 for STTL Employees

Robot 2.0 is one of the most expensive movie ever made in India and STTL Team don't want to miss...


Blood Donation Camp 2018 under CSR activity

Silver Touch has initiated with organizing the blood donation camp under CSR activity.


Annual Sales Meet 2017-18

Silver Touch Technologies Ltd. Annual Sales meet 17-18 was held on 3rd & 4th March 2018 at...


NSE Listing Ceremony

Silver Touch Technologies ltd. NSE Listing Ceremony was held on 1st December 2017 at Hyatt...


Diwali Celebration 2017

SilverTouch arranged a special surprise for the employees to heighten the Diwali spirits.


Blood Donation Camp 2017

Silver Touch has initiated with organizing the blood donation camp for all of the healthy blood.


Womens Day Celebration

Silver Touch has Celebrate the International Women’s Day in 2017.


Silver Touch Cricket League

Silver Touch was all set to have its Cricket League, 2017 at AES (Ahmedabad Education Society)...


Diwali Celebration 2016

Diwali is a festival of lights and happiness. Greeting and wishes were given in advance by the...


Special Movie Screening

Silver Touch has organized the special movie screening ‘Sultan’ only for STTL employees.


Blood Donation Camp 2016

Silver Touch thinks it’s a public duty to help the needy people. There is no loss for the...


GESIA Cricket League- Season-II

Silver Touch is very excited about the GESIA Cricket League- Season II and is very pleased to...


Picnic- Tirupati Rushivan

Silver Touch was happy to inform that the organization had planned the picnic on 26th December...


1st League Match of GESIA Cricket League-II

Silver Touch was all set to have its 1st League Match of GESIA Cricket League-II, 2015


Special Movie Screening for STTL Employees

Silver Touch understand the employee's efforts and has organized a special movie screening event...


Blood Donation Camp 2015

Silver Touch has organized the Blood Donation Camp for the STTL employees on 13th Feb 2015.


Charity Event

Organizing a Charity event is a noble endeavor, so as done by Silver Touch family in 2014.


ICL Tournament

Silver Touch has organized ICL-Infostrech Cricket League in year 2014



Silver Touch technologies have been planning the picnic for the employees to give them...


Diwali Celebration 2013

As we know, Diwali is one of the big and most auspicious festivals celebrated in India. In 2013,...


Women\'s Day

Silver Touch knows the importance of women and very well understands the efforts made by them.


STTL Cricket Tournament

Silver Touch Cricket War was held on Sunday 3rd Feb 2013 for the STTL employees.


Blood Donation Camp 2013

With showing the social responsibility, Silver Touch has initiated with organizing the blood...


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