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  • An Ultimate Guide to Hire Dedicated Resources for Software Development

    Published: Sep 24, 2021  |   | 
    Hire Dedicated Developers

    Technology evolves at the fastest pace these days. Even the pandemic has failed to stop innovations in software development services and other domains of technology. Every business or any enterprise across different industry sectors wants to stay firm amid growing competition and changing expectations of customers. Here, custom software development comes into the picture. All you need to hire dedicated developers to make the most of customized software.

    In this article, we are going to see the hot trends in software development hiring. We will also jot down important factors to consider while hiring software developers. Are you looking for software developers for your upcoming project? Read on and get useful information about trends and ways to hire dedicated software developers!

    Top Five Software Development Hiring Trends

    Today, software development has become an umbrella term that involves a mobile app, DevOps, and web development. Some of the major trends for software development are-

    With a steep rise in the number of smartphones globally, mobile app development companies have put effort into enhancing the experience. Entrepreneurs also jump on the mobile bandwagon and attempt to make their websites mobile-friendly while giving their businesses an advantage of user-friendly apps.

    This trend is here to stay and over the period, advancements in cross-platform app development tools will take app development to a new level.

    Companies generate zillions of data every day. It is necessary for them to store the data in a way that they can access the data anytime and from anywhere. Here, cloud-based enterprise software can be a game-changer.

    As the cloud is getting mainstreamed in enterprises, we will witness a steady rise in the demand for software developers who are well-versed in the cloud and other emerging technologies.

    As companies tend to close the gap between developers and operations to serve their customers more efficiently, DevOps software development is gaining popularity. DevOps has taken the tech world by storm since its arrival in the year 2009.

    Be it the development of complex enterprise-level apps or the execution of such apps in the business system, DevOps can always be useful for modern companies.

    UI Development
    Just like UI design, UI development or front-end development is gaining popularity. User Interface (UI) engineers can create intuitive and engaging mobile and web applications for modern enterprises. Whether enterprise apps or consumer-friendly apps, UI engineers ensure a seamless experience with excellent UIs.

    As per the VanderSande report, software UI engineers will focus on the latest JavaScript MVC frameworks and programming technologies like AngularJS and EmberJS in the coming years.

    Let’s dig deep into the top considerations while choosing the right software development team for your project.

    Top Things to Keep in Mind while Hiring Dedicated Software Developers
    Outsourcing your project is cost-effective, and it can offer you multiple benefits. But, selecting your team is a time-consuming activity. However, you can find the best software development services provider by keeping the following factors in mind.

    1. Check Experience

    First things first. It is always better to ask for the average experience of the software developer you want to hire. The more experience a development company has, the more projects they have worked upon over the period. You can also check the number of projects the company has delivered and the performance of some of their top projects.

    2. See Portfolio

    It can help you find whether the developers have worked before on a similar project like yours. It can tell you whether they are the right fit for your software project. If you want to hire developers, it is better to ask for the size of the development company. It is because if you have a large software project, you need more resources to accomplish it on time. The company’s portfolio not only gives an idea of the craftsmanship of developers but also demonstrates the company’s capability of handling big projects.

    3. Technology Stack

    This is another important factor to consider. When you look for an external software development agency, it is necessary to make sure that they have expertise in the latest and emerging technologies. With this, developers should have hands-on experience in working with the latest versions and advancements of different web and app frameworks. It can assist you to come up with future-ready software.

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    4. Cost and Budget

    The budget bracket is another important aspect to consider. Most companies share their budget bracket. It is easy to find the companies that fit into our budget and get the customized software in a cost-effective way by looking at the budget brackets of different companies.

    5. Testimonials

    Testimonials and Reviews are the most reliable means to know the company’s approach and working style. Several sites including Clutch and Google have many reviews and ratings for software development companies. You can find testimonials or client reviews on the respective company’s websites as well. It can give a deeper insight into the company and you can choose the right one for your project.

    6. Communication

    You can take interviews with developers before hiring them. It can help you get an idea of their communication skills. Any reputed software development services provider offers real-time communication with regular reporting during the development phase. It is advisable to ask the company about the means of communication and the frequency of reporting.

    It all starts with making a roadmap and defining your project needs. Once you get the list of necessary features and the software strategy, you can contact a reliable IT consulting company. You can also use online platforms like Clutch and Google to get an idea of top-notch software developers. Once you shortlist development companies, you can perform due diligence and keep the above points in mind to find the most suitable software development partner for your company.

    Wrapping Up

    Hiring dedicated software developers can save your time and money. But then, it is a complicated task because of the availability of numerous software development companies. Therefore, you need to keep various points like reviews, experience, and expertise in using cutting-edge tools in mind while selecting the right software development company.

    Silver Touch Technologies is a leading software development company in the USA and India. Our in-house teams of experienced developers can build robust enterprise-grade solutions with built-in technological advancements. Our array of software development services includes domains like mobile app development, MEAN Stack development, SaaS development, and web development.

    Do you want to hire dedicated software developers for your upcoming project? Simply drop us a line at, and we will get back to you soon.

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