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We are working for more than two and a half decades for making government digital.

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Our E-Governance practices include a vast array of services. We assist government interactions with citizens(G2C), businesses(G2B), employees(G2E) and help government to co-ordinate internally(G2G). Our E-Governance Solutions revolves around such Government Models and its Services.

Government to
Citizens (G2C)

G2C refers to the government services which is being shared with citizens. Citizens access such services which is related to their need.

Type of services which are provided by this model includes

  • Online Payment such as electricity, water tax etc.
  • Online Registration
  • Download Records
  • Online Complaint


Government to
Government (G2G)

G2G refers to the services which are being shared between the governments. There is lots of information that need to be exchanged between various government agencies, department and Ministries.

These types of services or information are as

  • Online Registration
  • Download Records
  • Online Complaint


Government to
Businessmen (G2B)

With this model, private sector and government mainly interact. Industry exchange information via these services.

They share information through this model like

  • Collection of taxes.
  • Rejection and approvals of proposals.
  • Tender, Payment & Penalty
  • Complaints


Government to
Employees (G2E)

G2E is for the transparency between government and its employee. Employee functioning and working with government needs lot of internal exchange of information

Information that can be shared by this model

  • All kind of data submission (attendance record, employee record etc.)
  • Employee can file all kinds of complaints
  • All kind of rule- regulation and information for employees
  • Employees can register all kind of forms online.


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