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Experience next generation business applications in action with out of the box packages, industry specific software, customized solution and built with last mile functionality.


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Whatever your industry, we can meet your needs.

While most generic solutions can handle the mainstream areas of your business, these systems often lack the key functionality to handle the industry-specific process. Silver Touch has developed ready-to-run, pre-configured solutions to cater to specific industry domains. The tools are best-practices based and leverage the deep knowledge and experience of our software experts.

Mold your software to fit your business not vice versa.

Bespoke software is about building you a tailored solution that works for you and is designed for your organization. It starts by working with key stakeholders to define exactly what is needed. The objective is always to make sure that the resulting design saves time and money by deploying a more efficient solution.


The advances in digital technology have changed the approach in most industries. Banking & Finance have been slow in adopting due to the legacy applications in use and mainly due to their high-risk category. The need for better engagement and improved returns on investment is making financial marketers move to the digital platform. 25% of the banking and financial institutions in US alone offer advanced mobile app features to connect with their consumers. The next gen finance and banking institutions offer consistent user experience, as well as stable infrastructure thus differentiating their delivery models.

How Silver Touch Delivers Value to Finance & Banking?

Transforming the highly regulated and competitive market has become the need of the hour for banking & financial institutions that wish to differentiate and exceed the customer expectations. The ultimate goal is to drive profitability by building engaging and long lasting relations. It’s important to anticipate the needs, and offer them solutions that double the experience with ideal banking software and financial software

Omni-Channel Assessment: Omni-channel is slowly gaining importance for the finance & banking sectors. Assess your performance against that of your competitors through the omni-channel assessments to strategize your digital initiatives. It is important to deliver personalized and integrated services

Optimize Financial Services: It’s time for banks to transform from being mere spectators to actually participating in the strategizing of financial services for the future. This will require newer digital business models like Financial Planning Software, Investment Banking Software etc.

Business Analytics: Enable data driven business strategies to offer customer driver experiences. Get insights that enable faster and smarter decision making abilities!

Risk & Compliance: Reduce risks, and adhere to the policies laid out with better and efficient systems to improve performance. Security Management Software helps keep up with the security needs of banking systems

Mobile & Digital Advancement: Drive in more engagement by unleashing the potential of mobile.

Cloud: Scale IT infrastructure and application usage with effectively. Gain access to information anytime anywhere.

We can help you with following banking & financial solutions:

  • Mobility Solutions
  • Accounting ERP Software
  • Personal Finance Solutions
  • Online Banking Software
  • Private Banking Software
  • ATM Management Software
  • Transaction Monitoring & Management
  • Credit Card & Debit Card Management
  • Investment Banking Software
  • Loan & Grants Management
  • Information dissemination Web Portals
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Businesses are becoming highly competitive with globalization and increased dynamism; this has increased vitality of Human Resource Management. It’s necessary to automate processes, hire and retain the right talent, to keep up with this changing situation. The human resource industry should necessary look out for best possible solutions which can leverage the power of technology to gain business value, and get the much needed edge over the competition.

How Silver Touch Delivers Value to HR/Career?

Deliver measureable improvements by following best practices and processes

Talent acquisition and management is the top priority for the business in this ever-evolving business environment. The right talent will help improve efficiency and productivity, thus leading to a more profitable business. It is important for businesses to strategize HR & Careers at a global level.

Talent Acquisition & Management: Strategize talent acquisition and management in line with the skills requirement, and business goals

Operational Efficiency: Improve the efficiency and productivity within your organization with the right skills and resources, and effective utilization of the resources

Managing Workforce: With deeper data insights and analytics, give your employees the desired environment to increase productivity

Collaborative Framework: Allow easy and convenient communication between the employees

Mobility: Create impactful mobile strategies to improve productivity

360 degree Review & Appraisal: With fast changing times it is necessary to have improved and optimized processes in place with due-diligence and accurate data capturing.

We can help you with following HR & Career solutions:

  • HR Management SoftwareHR Solutions Software
  • Human Resource Management Software (HRMS)
  • Human Resource Software‎
  • Open Source HRMS Software
  • Payroll Management
  • Job Portal Development
  • Payroll Systems
  • Staff Recruitment Portals
  • Appraisal Systems
  • 360 Degree Review
  • Peer-to-Peer review systems
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Enterprises are becoming dynamic, and it’s time the employees and the end consumers match footsteps with the changing environment. It is critical to align your business processes with the solutions in order to deliver personalized and more relevant information which can help make quick decisions. There is a need for enterprises to achieve high performance and productivity with reduced operational costs, thus improving the ROI.

How Silver Touch Delivers Value to Enterprises with Corporate Solutions?

There is a growing need to consolidate the available data in a structured format within the corporate, which calls in for ideal solutions. The right corporate solutions help integrate information, people and processes, thus offering a single secure access point to the users. The next level of portal technology combined with business needs will move beyond information access and employee empowerment. It will standardize & facilitate delivery channels using SoA to improve the return on investments, thus unleashing the potential of Web 2.0. The new wave is all set to offer a more collaborative environment to the enterprises.

Strategizing: Align the different business processes in a way that end users can access relevant information thus helping them make informed decisions

Content Management: Leveraging Web 2.0 to offer relevant and personalized content

Business Management: Integrating the different processes within the business so that key business information is readily available in real-time

User Friendly: Customization, and personalization that offers user friendly portal solutions to enhance customer satisfaction

Collaborative Spaces: Offers end-to-end portal development integrating the functionality for business intelligence, web analytics, content management and enterprise search, thus offering a more collaborative space

Cloud Computing: Enhance productivity, and improve ROI with cloud solutions

Enterprise Mobility: Improve accessibility within enterprises with incredible mobile strategy

Big Data Analytics: Improve customer service and employee management with Big Data solutions.

We can help you with following portal solutions:

  • Web Portal Development
  • Enterprise Content Management Solution (ECM)
  • Web Portal Software
  • Corporate Software Service
  • Corporate Management Software
  • Corporate Software Solutions
  • Brand Portal Development
  • Branding Microsites
  • Employee Portal Development (Intranet)
  • Consumer Feedback / Grievance Portal Development
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Informed consumers, increased mobility and the increasing demand for convenience are transforming the retail industry as a whole. The buying behavior and changing media habits are adding to this transformation. Technology is gradually integrating the different processes with the help of technology to reduce the risks and operational costs, and improve productivity.

How Silver Touch Delivers Value to Retail?

Give your retail a digital edge with omni-channel solutions

In the face of multi-channel consumers, it is becoming challenging for the retailers to convert, and gain profitability. The consumers are looking for instant gratification and personalized shopping experiences, which has led to a host of innovations such as omni-channel retailing; customer data mining, responsive supply chain and in-store help technologies.

Cross Channel Customer Service: It is important to converge the many channels, and align the inventory, labor & store operations with the changing demands and retail environment to offer more personalized shopping experience, thus enhancing customer satisfaction

Intelligent Fulfillment: Offer seamless omni-channel retail experience by synchronizing the physical and digital order demands

Planning: Create accurate financial assortment and pricing plans based on the data made available from the different channels

Order Fulfillment: Order fulfillment is a major if you have tie up with Online Stores like Amazon, eBay, Snapdeal, Flipkart etc.

Smart Commerce: Personalized offers and options which are sourced by data mining and analytics capabilities

Social Integration: Integrate social channels to reach out to more people, and help build visibility

In-store Customer Experience: Enhance in-store experience to improve conversions and profitability

Mobility: Empower your consumers with increased convenience and better mobile strategies

We can help you with following retail solutions:

  • Retail Billing Software
  • Retail Pos Software
  • Integration with SAP, Navision and other ERP or CRM Software
  • Integration with Amazon, eBay, Snapdeal, Flipkart for order fulfillment
  • Inventory Management Software
  • Discount Software
  • Purchase Order Software
  • Ecommerce Software
  • Shopping Cart Software
  • Procurement Software
  • Payroll Management Software
  • Payment Software
  • Invoice Processing Software
  • Returns Management Software
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Technology has revolutionized how governments function and interact with the citizens globally. Citizens can connect & communicate, gaining access to information with ease, in a more secure and reliable environment. In the midst of globalization, and emerging technologies, government officials are exploring new ways of connecting with the citizens.

How Silver Touch Delivers Value to e-Governance?

Improve collaboration & operation efficiency within government organizations with e-Governance solutions

e-Governance is how government interacts with citizens (G2C), businesses (G2B), employees (G2E) and between the departments / ministries (G2G), thus boosting quality of services and management of resources to ensure convenience and transparency within the system. With improved technological capabilities, the different processes and infrastructure governing the government institutions will be streamlined, thus maximizing productivity and operational efficiency.

Analytics & Data Management: Orchestrate business insights and make informed decisions with a brilliant combination of process, analytics and data

Cloud Solutions: Redefine processes and models that help administer public services to offer more collaborative environment which helps optimize use of resources

Mobility: Increase cross agency collaboration, productivity, and reduce the overall costs with streamlined processes and able mobile strategy

Mobility: Increase cross agency collaboration, productivity, and reduce the overall costs with streamlined processes and able mobile strategy

Infrastructure Management: Managed service strategy to meet your requirements and end goals, which will drive in engagement and citizen satisfaction, thus improving the workforce productivity

Enterprise Networks: Drive in efficiency with infrastructure & business service sharing

Information dissemination: Information dissemination is the key to success of governance, as it ensures relevant information reaches the citizens.

Data Collection & Authentication: Every Government bases its policy on data, if the data collection and authentication part is handled the authorities can take effective policy decision.

We can do with following eGovernance solutions:

  • Utility Billing
  • Permit and Licensing Software
  • Tax Management Software
  • Tender Management Application
  • Grievance Redressal System
  • Institute Management System
  • Web Portal Development
  • Project Management Software
  • Accounting & Finance Systems
  • Applications Management
  • HR and Payroll Systems
  • Attendance Management Systems
  • User Registration and Card Issuance Systems
  • Scheme and Grant Registration Systems
  • Grant Disbursement System
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Education industry has been continuously investing in technology for improved learning techniques and methodology. The investment soared by 55% in 2014, and is all set to go higher in coming years. According to Global Industry Analysts, the e-learning market should have reached $107 in 2015, and is expected to increase by another 13% by 2017. The ever expanding knowledge ecosystem is all set to unleash the potential of digital learning practices.

How Silver Touch Delivers Value to Learning & Education?

Deliver Value to Knowledge Ecosystem with Connected Learning Solutions

Learning is no longer restricted to the traditional classrooms. It has moved into your daily lives. It has been revamped with personalized learning solution, and more customized approaches with an objective to deliver better outcomes. Leverage the tech analytical capabilities, data expertise as well as open standards to create new models to derive benefit of education.

Personalized Experience: Increase personalized learning by gaining access to deeper insights using the data received from learning hubs and learning content repositories

Operational Efficiency: Optimize the performance of the back office areas to enhance quality of services, thus reducing cost and mitigating risks.

Increased Mobility: A good mobile strategy towards more efficient and collaborative learning environment

Collaborative Platforms: Get students and teachers to collaborate, communicate and innovate anywhere at any time

Cloud Solutions: Based on the compliance & control required by the schools and colleges

Enterprise Networks: Innovative technology solutions to reduce complexity of the learning systems with enhanced security

Mobility Solutions: Use Mobiles to harness the e-learning experience with mobility.

We can help you with following learning & education solutions:

  • Institute Management System (IMS)
  • Student Lifecycle Management Software
  • Campus Management Systems
  • Certification Management Software
  • Library Management System
  • Student Portal development
  • Online Training Application
  • Online Examination Software
  • Children Educational Applications
  • School Management Software
  • School Administration Software
  • File Management Software
  • Digital Library Management System
  • Teacher & Staff Management Solution
  • Timetable and Student Calendar Solutions
  • Online Admission and Fee Management System
  • Alumi Web portal and Mobile Applications
  • Children Le-Learning Mobile Apps
  • Course Management Applications
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There has been an observed change in the media & entertainment consumption habits of the consumer since the digital revolution. With real-time access to digital content like e-books and videos, life for the modern consumer has changed completely. With changing consumption patterns, it’s time for media & entertainment to go ahead with innovative IT strategies to keep a track on the changing consumer behavior, and deliver content in real-time for better engagement and conversions.

How Silver Touch Delivers Value to Media & Entertainment?

Get the digital edge for media & entertainment with unique technological solutions

Media & Entertainment companies need to work hard towards streamlining their media planning processes as well as content generation methods to gain more engagement and conversions. It is time for these companies to get deeper insights on their consumer consumption methods, automate the media planning process thus reducing the time taken for production. This will eventually help monitor and track all the happenings within the industry, thus giving an edge above competition.

Infrastructure Management: Optimizing performance of digital content by reducing overhead costs of acquisition and disbursement of information.

Digital Promotions: Promote your brand using media strategy like organizing Games, Quizzes, Prize distribution, coupon distribution etc.

Strategizing IT: Planning and executing IT strategies to get a 360 view of consumer behavior and offer engagement strategies accordingly.

Optimize Digital Data: Optimize publishing & rights management, editorial workflow management, content management as well as mobile media enablement with ideal entertainment management software.

Content Management: Manage product information and media content while adhering to regulatory compliance and digital rights in a cost effective manner.

Media Planning & Collaboration: Offering a media management software platform where advertisers, agencies and broadcasters can collaborate to share information and execute a more structured campaign.

Mobility Solutions: Use Smartphone and Tablets to your advantage by using best in class Enterprise Mobility Solutions.

Social Media Integration: Use Social Media Integration for faster content distribution as well as for content acquisition from varied sources worldwide.

We can help you with following media & entertainment solutions:

  • Event Management Software
  • Sports Management Software
  • Event Planning Software
  • Video Management Software
  • Music Management Software
  • Entertainment Booking Software
  • Online Event Booking Software
  • Web Portal Development
  • Game and Quiz Software development
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ERP Solutions

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) & Customer Relationship Management (CRM) complement each other, thus helping reduce costs and improving the overall profits for the organization. The ERP market grew by 3.8%, and SAP Business One stands to be a leader for enterprise solutions. At the same time, statistics revealed by Gartner claim, the global CRM market will rise to $36.5 Bn by 2017. With a market share of 18.4%, Salesforce is ruling the CRM market. An efficient company is an outcome of a successful marriage of ERP & CRM solutions.

A business experiences a lot of complex problems, which need to be sorted out like a complex customer service chain, inefficient business processes, availability of inaccurate data, independent verticals within the company etc. which leads to inconsistent communication, reduced productivity, and dissatisfaction among the customers.

How Silver Touch Delivers Value with SAP Business One?

Integrate core business functions to improve ROI with reduced costs

Automate key business processes like finance, accounting, operations and human resources with the ideal solution-SAP Business One. From administration to project management to optimal utilization of resources & inventory management, this solution helps achieve success through the different verticals.

Automate Processes: Evaluate the processes, identify problems, trends & opportunities and deliver solutions accordingly

Analytics: Get real-time access to data, and make informed decisions for your business

Mobility: Manage key business processes and run your business while on-the-go

Cloud: Streamline the different processes with reduced total cost of ownership for a more scalable and future proof solution

Operation Efficiency: With the intuitive interface and real-time availability of data, increase operational efficiency, to gain more productivity

Increased Profitability: Efficient business processes and productive employees with better infrastructure and asset utilization help improve profitability

How Silver Touch Delivers Value to Salesforce & SAP B1?

Transform customer interaction to results with efficiency & reliability

Salesforce & SAP B1 are both flexible & dynamic platforms, that have grown and innovated in tandem with business needs. CRM & ERP enhances your customer relationship and enterprise needs by allowing you to integrate easily with other systems, and also develop your own applications over them.

Strategy Build: Complete understanding of your business, and knowledge of top notch technology helps deliver well structured strategy & roadmap

Data Migration: Complete data analysis, cleansing as well as migration from legacy CRM systems

Connect: Perfect environment for collaboration to enhance customer experience and interaction

Integrated Marketing Management: Enhance marketing effectiveness for optimal results with reduced costs to make your business customer-centric and innovative

We can help you with following CRM/ERP solutions:

  • CRM Software Systems
  • Customer Relationship Management Software
  • Salesforce Customization
  • Salesforce Add-on development
  • CRM Software Application Development
  • ERP Software Solutions
  • ERP Software For Small Business
  • Cloud Based ERP Solutions
  • ERP Software
  • ERP Accounting Software
  • SAP B1 Implementation
  • SAP B1 Customization
  • SAP B1 Add-on development
  • SAP B1 SMS Add-on
  • SAP B1 Outlook Add-on
  • SAP B1 Logistic Solution
  • Enterprise Mobility Solutions
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With over 25 years’ experience, Silver Touch is recognized as the market-leading fashion software provider, hosting the largest team of industry specialists. Our expertise helps us to deliver business solutions which are modular in design, underpin processes matched with each customer and help to stimulate growth from local to global and single to multichannel. At Silver Touch, we understand the unique requirements and differences of each niche sector within the fashion marketplace, setting our specialist software apart from the competition.

How Silver Touch Delivers Value to Fashion & Beauty?

Intelligent Solutions to Conquer the Ever-Evolving Fashion & Beauty Industry

With changing business conditions, you should be able to adapt quickly and be able to scale to meet your brand’s promises. Time has come to pull down the traditional methods, and break down the organizational silos, and fully integrate the different the processes. We offer deep insights with our domain expertise and business solution capabilities, thus driving in innovation.

Portal Development: Get designed and developed portals for showcasing products and selling online with eCommerce solutions.

Assortment: Localize the plans and assortments of the products in line with the business requirements, geographical reach, defined goals and the buying behavior of the consumers.

Improved Conversions: With smart merchandise solutions, and improved customer service, you will be able to reduce costs and improve your ROI.

Predictive Analytics: Estimate demands based on consumer behavior and channelize your supply chain accordingly.

Resources Management: Workforce is an important element of fashion & beauty industry. Manage your resources strategically by aligning their contribution with your financial and service goals.

Appointment Scheduling Solution: Be it a SPA Appointment Scheduling, Massage Parlor Appointment Scheduling or a Beauty salon Appointment Scheduling – appointment scheduling in real-time will not only boost your business ROI but also ensure customer satisfaction.

Smart Pricing: Unleash the potential of market-specific pricing to improve the profitability and the productivity of inventory.

Warehouse Management: Optimize warehouse operations and costs to improve profitability

Smart Pricing: Unleash the potential of market-specific pricing to improve the profitability and the productivity of inventory.

Inventory Management: Manage stock-outs or overstocks with targeted inventory management.

mCommerce: Evolve to the mobile platform with mCommerce offerings.

Retail Fashion Portal & Wholesale and Distribution Solution: Develop special need Retail and Wholesale portals that can help you do business with ease with your vendors.

We can provide Off-The-Shelf Software Solutions, Open Source Ready-to-use software solutions and Bespoke solutions to your requirement of eCommerce solutions and mCommerce solutions.

Silver Touch also has capabilities to integrate your current ERP / CRM with your new portal with ease and finesse, thus giving you an edge with technology.

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Silver Touch works with public and private health organizations to ensure that technology becomes an essential part of every day, effective healthcare. We support health organizations to reduce the expenses of both clinical and non-clinical systems and help them realize their aim of improving patient care. We design applications and desktop delivery solutions that give access to the right data, anywhere and anytime. We also support information-sharing requirements that improve patient care across different teams, departments, and organizations.

How Silver Touch Delivers Value to Healthcare?

Redefine your Patient care management, Administrative work management and Doctor relationship management with our unique solutions

It’s time to redefine your healthcare solutions by making them more personalized and sustainable. We build insights by working on the humungous data that is available at various levels to create new business models, while keeping in mind the need for cost effective and quality solutions. We aim to offer higher levels of engagement which aim to impact health. By addressing critical business needs, we build sustainable solutions for healthcare:

Sustainable Healthcare Systems: Optimize infrastructure and operations with ideal hospital management solutions developed by us. With such ideal solutions we aim to make you capable enough to meet the changing industry needs

Increased Accessibility: It is important to make healthcare accessible to one and all. We offer solutions like medical software for doctors, which in turn help create wellness programs aimed to deliver better engagement.

Improved Collaboration: Coordination and knowledge sharing between the different caregivers is essential to offer more personalized care

We can help you with following healthcare solutions:

  • Electronic Medical Records Software (EMR)
  • Electronic Health Record Software (EHR)
  • Billing " Invoicing Software
  • Claims Management Software
  • Appointment Management & Physician Management Software
  • Healthcare Service Provider Suite
  • Patient Care Management System (PCMS)
  • Microsite development for Key Medicines and formulations
  • Virtual Clinics with Audio and Video conferencing
  • Physician Compensation System
  • Mobility Solutions for Healthcare
  • Healthcare Management Systems (HMS)
  • Hospital Information Systems (HIS)
  • HR and Finance Applications
  • Patient Survey Solutions
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When a software application has been developed specifically for your industry it is better equipped to handle your manufacturing process with minimal or no customization. This means faster, more affordable implementation and maintenance. Furthermore, an industry-specific solution typically offers deeper functionality for your specific business and operations needs than a generic package. For example, an integrated, whiteboard style production scheduling application allows the production planner to do his or her job within the system, instead of using manual, offline spreadsheets.

How Silver Touch Delivers Value to Manufacturing?

Accelerate productivity & increase conversions with innovative digital strategies

An optimized manufacturing environment requires planning and strategizing in terms of deployment of physical & human resources, inventory as well as process management. This in turn will help maximize the productivity and the revenue generated, thus reducing the operating expenditure for the company. Companies need to react and respond to the changing environment rapidly, in order to create real-time personalized user experience

Supply Chain Optimization: Ability to respond to changing demands with supply chain management software. Increased operational efficiency by streamlining the different processes .

Customer & Dealer Management: Create multi-lingual portals and systems for better management

Improved Agility: Address the changes and disruption within the industry with effective strategies

Planning & Strategizing: Automate to improve planner productivity. Optimize resources, materials and assets with a well-defined deployment strategy

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Silver Touch offers an extremely flexible and responsive data visualization service and can work with you on any project from start to finish. Every month thousands of automated graphical reports, presentations and interactive dashboards are generated for a wide range of clients helping them to clearly and accurately visualize their project results. We offer market and opinion research tools as well as all types of fieldwork and tab services to ensure that our clients’ insight is above their competitors.

How Silver Touch Delivers Value to Research & Public Sector?

Innovative solutions to deliver best research possibilities & public sector services

Happier citizens make this world a happier place to live in. With innovative solutions and best-in-class technologies, it is essential to bring in innovation that would help in transforming the research and public sector, thus offering excellent services.

Manage Budgets: Efficiently manage and utilize budgets for betterment of the industry by tracking and monitoring the expenses

Improve Service Delivery: Efficient and more productive service delivery that would lead to productivity within organizations. Smart cities, CRM solutions etc. help in efficient service delivery

Operational Efficiency: Modernize architecture and better information management to enhance operational efficiency

Better Infrastructure: Modernize the IT infrastructure by including intelligence applications, and leveraging cloud solutions to gain sustainability

Mobility: Improve performance, agility and asset utilization with well strategized mobile solutions

Public Security: Effective online crisis management and information strategy design will help design a strategic approach towards enhancing public security

BigData Analytics: Leverage the BigData processing and analytics’ capabilities to offer rich solutions to reduce overall costs and gain a competitive edge

We can help you with following Research & Public Sector solutions:

  • Research Paper Submission and Scrutinizing Application
  • Document Management System
  • Data Collection and Analysis Application
  • Innovation and Public Submission
  • Public Sector Software Solutions
  • Compliance Management Application
  • Survey Management Application
  • Web Portal Development
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Start-ups play a vital role in the country economy, and they are expected to remain critical to job and wealth creation shortly. Silver Touch has supported this vital sector for years, and this activity continues to increase and evolve. Start-ups have also traditionally been the most responsive to new ideas and business practices, disrupting conventional models to make room for their future expansion. Over the years, we have been actively involved encouraging this way of thinking.

How Silver Touch Delivers Value to Start-ups?

Take your start-up to the next level of success with smart & innovative solutions

Have an idea? Not sure which path to take next? Don’t have a roadmap in place? Start-up hiccups are different from the roadblocks faced by a growing or established enterprise. The early stage challenges, can be anything from scaling too fast, to a scenario that may lead to failure too soon. Some entrepreneurs have just an idea, with no roadmap or team support. They need everything from resources to a business roadmap designed for them. This is where we fit in.

Managed Services: Managing your IT infrastructure is a full-time job. The hardware & software has to be managed on a daily basis as well as in emergency situations, which includes network management as well as monitoring of your equipments & services

Operational Efficiency: Improves operational efficiency within the start-up by handling key business processes with top-notch technology solutions

Asset Utilization: Allocation and adequate utilization of resources for improved productivity

Customized Solutions: Solutions that are designed to suit your business needs, and are aligned to your business goals

Cloud Solutions: Enhance security, and relieve your organization of infrastructure costs such as hardware investment, maintenance etc. with ideal cloud solutions

Mobility Solutions: Leverage by strategizing your mobile solutions

We can also help you with the following solutions:

  • Develop a Development Roadmap Plan
  • Dedicated Development Team
  • Part Time Resource Planning
  • Prototype Development
  • System Requirement Study (SRS)
  • Functional Requirement Specification (FRS)
  • Business Requirement Document (BRD)
  • Wireframing
  • UI Designing
  • Database Designing
  • Data Dictionary
  • Project Management
  • System Analysis
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Intelligent Mobility is the merging of digital technology, infrastructure, transport, vehicles, and users, to deliver a greener, smarter and more dynamic movement of people and goods. Digital technology is an important enabler to allow transport operators to improve access, control demand and supply, and integrate systems, services, and information to deliver a seamless end-to-end experience. We have been instrumental in the move; our transport solutions serve to the end-to-end journey of people and goods across the road, aviation, rail and maritime.

How Silver Touch Delivers Value to Transport & Logistics?

Improve operational & business efficiencies with managed business services

Customers as well as vendors are important for the growth of any business organization. It is critical for businesses to enhance their customer as well as vendor management approaches, optimize the logistics " transportation, and offer customer-centric services to enhance service delivery.

Business Analytics: Transform your business with structured and unstructured data insights, that help make informed decisions

Smarter Planning: From planning the route to pickup and delivery of the cargo/parcels, the right planning and strategizing tools will help improve service deliver

Operational Efficiency: Improve shipment visibility, asset utilization & service portfolio with ideal technological solutions

Customer-centric Approach: The power packed combination of analytics and social media will help improve customer engagement, and improve market effectiveness

Cloud: With cloud solutions, gain scalability, accessibility and mobility

Mobile: With better mobile strategies, improve workforce productivity and deliverability which helps improve ROI

We can help you with following transport & logistics solutions:

  • Transportation Management Software
  • Logistics Management Software
  • Transportation Logistics Software
  • Trucking Dispatch Software
  • Transportation Dispatch Software
  • Route Management Application
  • Driver Management Software
  • Proof Of Delivery Application
  • Web Portal Development
  • Route Planning Application
  • PTV Server Application
  • Google Map Based Application
  • Biong Map Based Application
  • Mobility Solution
  • Delivery Scheduler Application
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IT has long been a chief differentiator in travel and tourism. At its core, the travel industry is about rendering complex intangible services, largely via real-time global networks, many of which have been in operation with relatively little change (airline reservations and currency exchanges are just two instances of these kinds of systems). We understand how critical the IT infrastructure is to the success of any travel business. Whatever your company’s pursuit, from tour operators to travel agents or travel organizers, we can help.

How Silver Touch Delivers Value to Travel & Hospitality?

Making millennial travel more experiential by delivering value and renewed processes

Times are changing for the travel & hospitality industry with the entry of the new millennial that are looking for convenience and a more personalized experience. The engagement levels, the interaction across the different channels as well as the customer relationship management will determine the experience for the end consumers. Each and every point of contact needs to be revamped to deliver exemplary results. Involving the best technology practices will benefit the travel & hospitality industry at such a time.

Property Management: Streamline the processes for managing Property efficiently for better consumer experience.

Forecasting: With the right travel management software, you can forecast the demands, and optimize the prices accordingly, thus improving your profitability. Robust demand segmentation will help forecast with accuracy

Mobility: Build mobile strategies to offer convenience and improve conversions

Cloud Solutions: Reduce cost and offer more contextual services with cloud solutions

Social Integration: Reach out faster and to more people with social media integration, thus increasing your user base

We can help you with following travel & hospitality solutions:

  • Travel Planning Software
  • Reservations Management Software
  • Hotel Booking Applications
  • Room Maintenance Software
  • Property Maintenance Application
  • Catering Software
  • Online Booking Software
  • Central Reservation System
  • Payment Processing Software
  • Hotel Management Software
  • Hotel Reservations Software
  • Hospitality Software
  • Travel Agency Software
  • Hospitality Management Software
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Our worldwide experience of serving customers in the wholesale and distribution industry means we recognize your challenges. To survive in a global marketplace, you need to grow strong supplier and customer relationships. And the right technology solutions, and innovations such as data synchronization, will enable you to meet your future challenges as you grow. You can create vaster value from what you do and innovate your services. With the right tools and applications, you can transform customer service.

How Silver Touch Delivers Value to Wholesale/Supply Chain?

Optimize service delivery with demand-driven infrastructure

The end consumer demands are fast changing, which is causing a rapid shift in the wholesale/supply chain industry. The increasing number of channels, shopping options, and different mediums to complete purchase has increased the possibility of conversion. One cannot ignore the need for perfect order completion, which is assured by prompt service & delivery. Technology is offering wholesale distribution software which helps manage order delivery effectively and efficiently.

Forecast: Forecast demand across products. channels & customers to address critical business needs, and gain profitable fulfillment

Warehouse & Transportation: With warehouse management system streamline the warehouse and transportation processes to improve the distribution operations. Optimize business critical tasks such as receiving, put away, cross-docking, picking, compliance labeling & shipping

Mobility Solutions: With Mobility Solutions, now you can optimize your Inventory and Shipping in real-time

Logistics Management: With smarter routing, shipment consolidation, rating & other strategies, improve logistics management for smarter delivery methods

Inventory Management: Smart inventory management that improves capabilities of your business in receiving, storing, replenishing, picking & shipping inventories, thus handling over-stock or stock-outs efficiently

Collaborative Relationship: Build collaborative relationships with trading partners to indulge in single shared demand forecast

Fulfillment: Position inventory across different channels to reduce costs and increase efficiency

We can help you with following media & entertainment solutions:

  • Wholesale Software Suppliers
  • Wholesale Software Provider
  • Sales Management Software
  • Distribution Management Software
  • Supply Chain Management Solution
  • Inventory Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Enterprise Mobility Solution
  • Proof Of Delivery Applications
  • ERP / CRM Integrations
  • SAP Integration
  • Logistics Planning & Solutions
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From Terrain to Skies, we’ve covered Everything.

Why Silver Touch?

Because we help you survive and thrive.

Our industry capabilities go beyond global sector trends and much more into sharing with clients our insights and understanding of the drivers and issues in key specialist sub-sectors in individual territories.

  • Customized solutions in every significant industry
  • Developed industry-specific performance benchmarks
  • Helped clients grow internationally as well as domestically

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