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  • Your Definitive Guide to Hire Dedicated Mobile App Developers in 2021

    Published: May 17, 2021  |   | 

    Building a user-friendly mobile app is a need of the hour. From remaining competitive and strengthening online presence to promoting your business and simplifying complexities- a customized mobile app can play multiple roles effectively. But then, you may raise the question- how to hire dedicated mobile app developers? This article is about finding an answer to this question.

    Let’s start with some interesting facts about mobile app development. A Statista report has predicted that mobile apps can to generate over USD 935 billion in revenue in the year 2023. The Google Play Store has the highest number of available apps and the second-largest app store is Apple App Store. The number of apps keeps on increasing on a y-o-y basis steadily. Today, we have over 5 million apps are available for download, and we do not consider the increasing number of enterprise-grade apps in it.

    As custom software development gains ground rapidly in the corporate world, we witness that many entrepreneurs tend to jump on the mobile app development bandwagon. But, even if your concept is great, you may end up with a poor app design and dismal performance if you fail to hire the right app developers. You may find it a herculean task to hire dedicated developers for your app project, it is necessary for achieving all the objectives while ensuring the growth of your business.

    At Silver Touch, we have served many corporate clients across different industry sectors worldwide with our best-in-class enterprise software services. Our experienced developers are expert in using the cutting-edge tools and technologies to build feature-rich Android and iOS apps. With our many years of experience in building customized mobility solutions, we are in position to mention some tips to hire the right app developers for your project.

    Without any further ado, let’s find the answer to the question- how to find app developers? It is always beneficial and advisable to hire a full-fledged mobile app development company if you want to build an enterprise-level app with desired features. However, it is necessary to assign your project to a reputed company that houses reliable and experienced developers. Here we give top tips to find the right development partner.

    Five Aspects to Consider for Finding the Right App Development Company

    Make a Roadmap or Strategy

    It all starts with extensive research. You can start with identifying the target audience and their expectations. You can consider your business app as a solution to the requirements of the target audience. It is also better to study the competitors’ apps and research on the market trends. After this, you can make a roadmap or app strategy that contains your goals that you wish to achieve through a seamlessly performing app. Your roadmap should also include budgetary limitations and feedback of your employees for the app development.

    Find and Shortlist Company

    Thanks to the Internet, you can find multiple options or say, many mobile app development companies that claim to build an app at competitive rates. There is no exaggeration in mentioning that most such companies may either lack in experience or expertise in implementing technological advancements. In such a situation, it is better to go through the company’s portfolio and testimonials to get a clear idea. You can also ask for references from your peers who have developed business apps. Based on all the research and outcome of your effort, you can shortlist some mobile app development companies.

    Examine Skills

    The next step is examining the communication skills of developers from shortlisted companies. This is particularly important if you opt for offshore software development. Language and communication hurdles can ruin your project especially if your company is headquartered in the USA or Europe and you want to outsource the project to an Asian country. If your technology or outsourcing partner fails to understand your project requirements, chances are high that they will not deliver any solution close to your expectations. It is, therefore, necessary to find out how well they can grasp your vision.

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    Take Interviews

    When you hire mobile app developers, they work in sync with your team or remotely working as your team. In such a scenario, all the team members should have enough knowledge of their specific domains. Also, you need to consider the following aspects while interviewing developers rigorously.

    • Domain expertise and overall industry exposure
    • Knowledge of using programming tools and techniques
    • Insights of app development process for different sectors
    • Project management and legal aspects-related insights

    It is better to clarify these important factors in the initial meeting with developers. It can assist you to find the most suitable developers for your app project.

    Explain Expectations

    After finalizing your team of developers, you need to explain your business goals clearly regarding the app development. It is also better to express your requirements for features and functionality based on the roadmap before initiating the app development process. This clear explanation can assist you to keep all the conflicts at bay and developers can easily accelerate the development process


    Though these five steps can assist you to find the right mobile app development company, you may be interested in the step-by-step process to hire mobile app developers.

    Step-by-step Guide to Hire Dedicated Developers

    Several steps are included in the process ranging from determining the platform to hiring app developers. Let’s look at these steps-

    1. Determining Platform-

    Android, iOS, or cross-platform app development- you can determine the mobile app development platform based on two major aspects- your budget and target audience. For example, if your target audience stays in Asian and African countries, you can come up with an Android app. But, if you want to address a huge audience consists of Android phones and iPhone users, you can opt for cross-platform app development to meet budgetary limitations effectively.

    2. Check Portfolio-

    Whether you find an enterprise software services provider or want to hire dedicated developers, it is always better to take references and check their respective portfolios. You can also take assistance from dedicated forums like Github, iPhoneDevSDK, AndroidPit, and the like. Official groups of developers on various social media networks can also help you find the right developers for your project.

    3. Screening of Developers-

    If you want to hire mobile app developers with good experience, screening is a good option. You can go through the mobile app design and concepts they have worked on and find whether they have developed apps similar to your apps in the past.

    4. Contact Personally-

    After evaluating and shortlisting developers or a company, it is better to contact these companies personally and interview the developers.

    5. Ask for Quote-

    Every reputed mobile app development company gives a quote based on your project requirements. You can also ask for their engagement models and hourly rates of developers. Based on it, you can easily select the package and let the company initiate your project.

    6. Hire Dedicated Developers-

    This is the final stage when you can hire the best mobile app developers and complete the formalities with the app development company. NDA needs to be signed for protecting your idea, code, and T&Cs. Once it is done, you can start working with your team of developers.

    Concluding Lines

    Hiring mobile app developers is indeed a daunting task. However, you can treat it as one of your projects and use this comprehensive guide as a reference every time you hire dedicated developers for your app project.

    Silver Touch Technologies is a reputed offshore software development company. We build high-end mobility solutions and provide enterprise software services for modern businesses globally. Our experienced IT professionals assist startups, SMEs, and large enterprises to bring automation and transformation in key business processes. Send us your mobile app development project requirements at to hire dedicated developers at competitive rates.

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