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Scalable Security Solutions: SOC-as-a-Service for Business Growth

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What is Managed SOC Service?

In an age characterized by digitization, cyberspace has become the new battlefield. As a result, it’s essential to have a secure and reliable network. That’s where “SOC as a Service” strikes. But what is SOC as a Service? To put it briefly, it’s a service that you pay for on a regular basis to keep an eye on and take care of your digital assets in the cloud. Silver Touch is among the leading SOC as a Service Providers offering comprehensive cybersecurity solutions to keep you ahead of threats.

Comprehensive Cybersecurity At One Place

At Silver Touch, we take a holistic view of cybersecurity. In order to ensure the safety of your digital infrastructure, we provide below SOC Services:

SIEM and Log Management

In cyber security, information is power. That’s why we use sophisticated tools for monitoring and responding to security incidents. Log data from various points in your network is collected and analyzed by SIEM tools. Our cloud-based log management services guarantee that your organization’s logging information is safe, easily accessible, and in line with privacy laws at all times.

Vulnerability Assessment

We perform both automated and manual testing on your network to locate possible vulnerabilities. Most importantly, we rank the severity of these vulnerabilities, so you know exactly where to prioritize your efforts in safeguarding your data.

Asset Discovery

Asset discovery is the process of finding and cataloging all the devices, systems, and software that are connected to your network. This gives us a bird’s-eye view of your entire digital ecosystem and is an essential first step in securing your network. By keeping this inventory up-to-date, we make sure that all parts of your network are properly protected and that any new devices are quickly found and assessed.

Intrusion Detection and Prevention

Our systems perform real-time monitoring of network traffic, analyzing it for anomalies and identifying potential threats based on predetermined algorithms. We have an intrusion prevention system that can immediately shut down any suspicious activity, protecting your network and data in case of an attack.

Cloud Network Monitoring

The importance of protecting cloud infrastructures has grown as more companies move their operations online. We keep constant tabs on your cloud network’s status and performance as part of our cloud network monitoring service. Our team at the security operations center monitors for anomalous behavior, traffic spikes, or configuration changes that could indicate a security breach.

Proactive Threat Management Approach

In today’s ever-changing cyber landscape, it’s not enough to simply respond to new threats as they emerge. When it comes to security, Silver Touch takes a preventative rather than reactive stance. Here’s a detailed look at our approach:

Threat Detection

The most important part of our proactive approach is how we find and deal with threats. Silver Touch makes use of sophisticated technologies to keep an eye out for any suspicious behavior on your network that could be a sign of an attack. We use complex algorithms and machine learning methods to spot the warning signs of cyber attacks.

Threat Intelligence

Threat intelligence is an integral part of our preventative strategy for managing threats. As part of our cyber threat intelligence, we collect and analyze data on both current and potential vulnerabilities. To better understand the strategies, methods, and procedures employed by cybercriminals, we look into a wide range of resources.

Cyber Incident Investigation

Even with the best precautions in place, security breaches are always a possibility. When they do, you need to be ready with a solid plan of attack. Our highly trained team immediately begins investigating any suspected security breach to figure out its full extent and potential consequences. We then develop a suitable response plan to isolate the problem, eliminate its source, and restore business as usual.

Armor Your Digital Assets Partner with Silver Touch

Protecting your digital assets is crucial to more than just staying alive in a world where cyber threats are constantly developing at an alarming rate; it’s also about keeping your customers confidence in your brand and your business running smoothly. Take a step towards enhanced cybersecurity with Silver Touch, where your security is our priority. With our top-of-the-line technology, expert knowledge, and focus on the customer, we give you the cyber resilience you need to thrive in today’s digital world.


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