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We make your business app compatible to deliver digital experience enriched with UX and UI concepted with millennials experience that translate your enterprise idea and its features right on palms of our users.

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nterprise mobility is now need of the industry, all the application built by Silver Touch has mobile interface now. In fact, most of the front end development is now mobile driven. We have been working with our customers and SaaS companies to leverage mobile technology in multiple way, right from building intuitive mobile interface which improves the usability of application to mobile centric platforms which allows Enterprise to enable millions’ of user who can benefit from the services in back end.
Mobile has evolved from Native application in Android, iOS to front end application platforms like Flutter, React Native, Xamarin platforms. There are pros and cons of using such platforms, our team of Enterprise Mobile Architect will help you design your mobile strategy and GoTo Market strategy, please contact us today and discuss with our experts.

Platforms we’re Proficient with

Android Development

We are providing development services of the world’s most famous and used mobile app platform. Silver Touch develops Android Apps which is more powerful, intelligent and usable with your android devices parallel with the freedom of customization.

With a low barrier to entry, Android is much easier to work with its Development Kit. SDK makes development and licensing cost to the minimum as its widely used by Android community.

iOS Development

We provide feature loaded and engagingly interactive apps development for the world’s most advanced mobile operating system. Our innovation let you navigate through a new world of fantastic experience of augmented reality and virtual reality apps along with convenience of AI and IoT.

One of the best reason to go for iOS platform is its unmatched quality for its genres like media, health and heightened gaming experience.

Flutter Application

Flutter is Google’s latest application development platform which allows you to take full advantage of Cloud scalability, API usage and build single code application. GCP (Google Cloud Platform) can be leveraged to scale up your application and user base as it grows.

Most of the Enterprise application which requires complex backend and API architecture is eliminated with this new technology from Google. Speak to our experts on how to leverage Flutter benefits for your Mobile App.

Building Cross Platform with Xamarin, React Native

Our team of experts with Xamarin and React Native platform gives you great insight on some of the unique features of platform. You can leverage most of the Microsoft based application for creating Mobile App with Xamarin. It gives you capability to extend your existing MS code without bringing in any new component.

React Native uses the same fundamental building blocks as regular iOS and Android apps. We can just put those building blocks together. React Native helps developers to re-use code across the web and mobile.

  • Great Performance
  • Increase Flexibiliy
  • Easily movable code
  • Immediately one can see changes in App
  • Time to Go-Live on App store will be faster
  • Enhance the existing application easily with great features

We Drive Digital Convenience on Fingertips

Our app development & designs transcripted for your user centered enterprise growth

App Trends we see currently, and we can deliver to you with our expertise on various Mobiel technology and framework

  • Cloud Driven Apps
  • Enterprise Apps & Micro-Apps
  • AR & VR
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

How We Fit Imaginations into User’s Palms

App Strategy

We understand your needs then improvise and innovate to make the best App that explains your enterprise imagination.

Design & Development

We are known for our sound knowledge and creative designing skills that help us deliver world class design and development.

App Marketing

ASO, App Search Optimization would ensure that your app ranks at the top to get the best out of it.

Support & Maintenance

We understand your needs then improvise and innovate to make the best App that explains your enterprise imagination.

React Native

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