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Improve collaboration between all stakeholders from planning through delivery & automation of the delivery process

DevOps is combination of TWO words Development and Operations. It allows single team to manage entire software application development life-cycle i.e. Development, Testing, Deployment and Monitoring. Main goal is to decrease the duration of software development life-cycle while delivering features, fixes and updates quickly in close synchronization with business objective. This approach provides superior quality of software developed quickly and with more reliable.

How does DevOps Function

Life Cycle & Tools

Life-cycle consists of FIVE stages i.e. Continuous Development, Continuous Integration, Continuous Testing, Continuous Deployment and Continuous Monitoring.

Continuous Development

In this phase, involves project planning and coding of the software. DevOps has various version control tools by which you can maintain your project code. Git, SVN, Mercurial, CVS, Jira are few Version control tools.

How does DevOps Function

Life Cycle

Distributed Version Control System Server

Continuous IntegrationContinuous Integration

In this stage, continuous code is getting updated & new functionality is begin integrated with existing software code. Changed code verifies that there are no bugs during runtime. Team ensures test the changes and checks how software reacts when new functionality has been updated. Tool like Jenkins is used for Continuous Integration. It helps to pull latest code of revision, and produce build that will finally deploy to production servers.

Continuous TestingContinuous Testing

In this stage, newly developed software & functionality is continuously tested for errors/bugs. Tools like TestNG, JUnit, Selenium, etc are used for automation testing.

Control System Server

Continuous DeploymentContinuous Deployment

In this stage, you will deploy software code on the production servers. For achieving Continuous Deployment, we will require tools for Configuration Management such as Chef, Puppet and Ansible & Containerization such as Docker and Vagrant etc.

Continuous MonitoringContinuous Monitoring

In this stage, Operations team aim in improving quality of software by monitoring performance, user activities for bugs or improve behavior of the software.Nagios, Splunk, ELK Stack, New Relic etc. using this tool continuous monitor application & servers will be achieve and closely you will be able to check the health of the software proactively.

Control System Server

Benefits of CI/CD

Continuous Integration

Continuous Delivery

Benefits of CI/CD
  • Smaller Code Changes
  • Fault Isolations
  • More Test Reliability
  • Smaller Backlog
  • Reduce Costs
  • Improvement to Code Quality
  • Faster Mean Time to Resolutions
  • Faster Release Rate
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Easy Maintenance & Updates

CI/CD Tools

  • Jenkins
  • TC
  • CircleCi
  • GitLab
  • HELM
  • Bamboo

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  • We will not reveal any of your info.
  • It will be used to contact you for Project purpose only.