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Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation Services

Bring automation in repetitive tasks and transform your core business processes digitally to increase the overall productivity with our RPA services.

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How RPA Service Provider Assists You to Bring Automation in Your Business

As an emerging technology, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can make it easy to develop and deploy software bots that emulate human actions while interacting with the digital system. Tailored RPA solutions can streamline workflows by bringing automation in mundane, rule-based operations. You can increase employee satisfaction and engagement by enhancing their efficiency through software bots.

RPA services can help your enterprise to accelerate digital transformation and improve process efficiency by offering front-end automation. RPA solutions can act as a bridge between legacy systems and advancing technology. You can save time, effort, and resources as RPA solutions carry out repetitive tasks at speed and scale. It is possible to eliminate the chances of human errors and enhancing customer satisfaction with bespoke RPA solutions.

As a robust and reliable RPA service provider, Silver Touch assists you to accelerate digital transformation in a cost-effective way with the help of feature-rich RPA solutions. Our expertise in the domain of robotic process automation enables us to make RPA implementation swift and seamless for your enterprise. We offer top-notch RPA solutions to core industry sectors including healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and real estate.

Silver Touch being the Center of Excellence for RPA Consultation and Solutions from Automation Anywhere can help your organization to Automate certain processes to obtain more productivity.

360-Degree RPA Services and Solutions by Silver Touch

Integration of RPA solutions into your existing business system is challenging and complicated. It involves various aspects including conversion of unstructured data to structured inputs and implementation of the right functionality. As a certified RPA consulting partner, Silver Touch can help you meet all these objectives for achieving operational excellence. We enable your enterprise to adapt to RPA solutions quickly and remove complications.

We offer comprehensive services in the domains of RPA consulting, RPA design & implementation, automation support, and RPA upgrade & maintenance. Our team of experienced professionals thoroughly analyze the business needs and medium to long-term goals of your company to identify the right RPA solutions. We assist companies to bring automation that leads to digital transformation.

As an experienced RPA consulting partner, we assist enterprises to design the requirement workflow and make an effective strategy for automation, process transformation, bot management, and disaster recovery. Our enterprise-level RPA services also include 24/7 technical assistance for up gradation and maintenance of RPA solutions.

Automation Consultancy

Automation Consultancy

RPA consultants strive for enhancing the automation technologies for fulfilling the needs of the clients. RPA consulting services play a vital role in effective implementation of RPA solutions.

At Silver Touch, our experienced and dedicated consultants primarily focus on the critical processes and opportunities of RPA solutions. Under the hood of automation consultancy, we initiate with a bird eye view on your existing processes and highlight the areas where you can implement RPA solutions. We assist you in identifying daily tasks that are repetitive in nature and take a lot of productive time. Our in-house team of certified RPA developers comes up with cost-effective RPA solutions that can be implemented in a short time without changing your existing systems.

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RPA Implementation Journey

We offer the best-in-class RPA implementation services to enable our corporate clientele to get the advantage of RPA solutions. Our RPA implementation journey starts from capturing the data and ends at final analysis and reporting.

  • 1

    Data Capture

    Collect & synthesize your data

  • 2

    Data Enrichment

    Modify, rationalize normalize your data

  • 3

    Data Validation

    Validate, authenticate your data

  • 4


    Perform the process actions

  • 5


    Ensure consistency and accuracy

  • 6

    Analyze & Report

    Reliable, accurate, timely analysis & reporting

Cognitive (1 to 3) Robotic Automation Process (1 to 5) Real Time Analytics (4 to 6) Artificial Intelligence (1 to 6)
Benefits of Digital Workforce

Benefits of Digital

  • Optimize Labour Cost, Increase Production Capacity
  • Increase Agility, Accuracy and Availability 365 Days, 24*7
  • Improve Compliance, Controls and Auditability
  • Deliver Business Intelligence
  • Enable Digital Transformation
  • Enhance Employee Morale


Bot Development & Implementation

The biggest advantage of software bots is they can work on a 24x7x365 with the utmost accuracy. RPA bot development can assist you to increase productivity and get a high ROI in relatively short time.

Silver Touch Technologies follows agile methodology in the bot development process. We subdivide the bot development and implementation project into a series of sprints each running for a specific period ranging from 8 to 10 weeks. Sprints cover the entire Bot Development Life Cycle (BDLC) phase consisting of requirement analysis, bot design and development, testing and UAT, and bot implementation.

Bot Development Cycle

  • process-discovery
  • bot-design
  • unit-testing
  • uat
  • deployment
  • maintainance
Our certified RPA experts can help you identify, develop and deploy Bot for you
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Process Transformation

RPA process transformation involves the evaluation of the steps necessary to remove duplicate processes and automate as many processes as possible to achieve a desired goal.

Manual Inputs & Manual validation accumulates time


Optimized automated work flow for all stake holders


Support and Maintenance

While developing customized RPA solutions, we keep the client’s business needs in the centre. We always resolve the queries quickly while taking care of running the client’s business seamlessly. Our RPA bot development process also includes support and maintenance of bots to ensure that bots can work efficiently on a 24×7 basis. Being the Centre of Excellence for RPA solution and partner with Automation Anywhere, we provide our esteemed clientele with real-time assistance for all bots and RPA-related issues.

  • Bot Implementation Support
  • Bot Support Executive (onsite)
  • Process Discovery Support


Get Trained by Certified RPA Professionals

Customer needs are our high priority. We always resolve customer queries without delay and take care to run customer business uninterrupted. Bots are untiring and works 24*7 all through the year. But due to any unforeseen condition, if the Bots stops run, and need arises for support Engineers intervention is fixing the issue. Being the Centre of Excellence for Robotic Process Automation Solutions and partner with Automation Anywhere, we resolve our clients all Bots and RPA related issues.

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RPA for Banking

We can help you to Scale up your operations while driving costs down

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RPA for Healthcare

In this era of Covid-19, entire Healthcare Sector needs transformation and we can help you to implement RPA

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