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  • Three Reasons Why Green Data Centers are Important for Your Business

    Published: Apr 13, 2020  |   | 
    green data center for businesses

    SMEs and large companies have compelled to include sustainable practices in their business strategy. A few years back, sustainability and environment-friendly processes were considered as a forward-thinking approach to gain a competitive advantage. But today, such practices have become a necessity for modern businesses amid increasing global competition. The green data center can help you implement environment-friendly and energy-saving practices.

    The concept of the green data center has evolved rapidly in recent years because many enterprises prefer alternative energy solutions for their data centers. The green data center helps your company reduce carbon footprints by decreasing energy usage and increasing efficiency. As IDC has forecasted, the global data will reach a whopping 163 zettabytes by 2025. As more data is generated every day, many enterprises are in search of ways to store data that have minimal impact on the environment.

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    Though data may seem abstract, their physical form is largely attributed to the physical data centers. Data centers consume high power. In the US alone, data centers use power equivalent to approximately 2% of all electricity use. There, the green data center can be a useful solution for enterprises. It can bring sustainability in operations while impacting positively on the environment. Let’s go through three major factors the green data center helps enterprises.

    1. More ROI, More Efficiency

    AFCOM’s 2018 State of the Data Center Industry report has revealed that as many as 42% of respondents have either deployed or planning to deploy renewable energy in recent years. As per the survey, more than half of respondents have revealed that the green data center has helped them increase efficiency while achieving green initiatives. The green data center contributes to reducing overall utility costs associated with non-renewable resources.

    Also, the green data center is fast and secure enough to store corporate data and enables companies to increase efficiency. There is no exaggeration in mentioning that implementing green practices can not only benefit the environment but also increase ROI over the period.

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    2. Reduced Costs, Consistency in Performance

    The green data center uses renewable energy. However, there is no compromising in power efficiency because of renewable energy sources. Sustainable or renewable energy is a rich and reliable source of power that significantly reduces the Power Usage Efficiency (PUE). A reduced PUE enables the enterprise to use power more efficiently. Ultimately, it reduces operational costs.

    The most ideal PUE in the data center is 1, and green data center services are aimed at facilitating enterprises to achieve this PUE.

    Simply put, there is no lack of performance for the green data center as compared to the traditional data center. But, 100% renewable energy makes it possible to keep the overall costs low.

    3. Improved Branding, Better Customer Services

    These days, users have become more interested in resolving environmental issues. The green data center services assist enterprises to resolve these issues quickly without affecting their performance. Today, many customers consider responsible business practices as a value proposition. In the US alone, around 80% of consumers care about the usage of renewable energy in a survey conducted by NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory).

    When it comes to branding, sustainability or renewable energy consumption is seen as one of the mainstays of a successful enterprise. In today’s competitive scenario, the green data center can be useful for gaining the customer’s trust and you can have a loyal customer base.

    Talking about the innovations, the data center will be evolved to hyper-scale data centers. These data centers enable entrepreneurs to store and process zillions of megabytes of data in a more energy-efficient way. These data centers can easily accommodate and scale up to hundreds of thousands of servers at once. What’s more, such data centers have no redundant features like certain lighting and cooling equipment that consume more energy. As a result, the PUEs are reduced in the long run.

    Another advancement is the integration of AI and ML in the data center. Google has already implemented these futuristic systems in the data center for cooling management. This new system has saved energy by up to 40%. Here, the integrated AI system in the data center can learn through ML. It fetches data related to temperature, power, and pump speed to predict future temperatures and pressures over the period. It can significantly reduce the overuse of energy.

    Concluding Lines

    World’s largest software companies like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft keep on investing in high-efficiency green data centers. The green data center can help your company to make the most of a data center without affecting the environment and save big on energy consumption. It is fair to mention that in the coming days, such green data centers will replace the traditional data centers and make your business ready to face data-related challenges.

    Silver Touch is a VMware and Microsoft-Gold certified company for server virtualization solutions. With over 22 years of extensive experience, Silver Touch is in a position to establish and maintain the Green Data Center that helps you increase energy efficiency, productivity, and scalability. Let’s connect at and switch all your servers to the green data center with high security.

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