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  • Top Tips to Build and Sustain the Best Possible Security Operations Center

    Published: Apr 1, 2020  |   | 
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    A wide array of sophisticated detection and prevention technologies, 24/7 access to talented security professionals, and cutting-edge tools- today’s Security Operations Center (SOC) needs all these together. Modern enterprises need to ensure the confidentiality and availability of critical confidential data in the most effective way, and therefore, SOC as a service has become one of the most popular trends in the corporate world.

    Apart from managing cybersecurity operations, the security operations center incorporates tasks like system engineering and CM (Configuration Management). It is highly effective against ransomware attacks, data breaches, and other cybersecurity-related issues. These days, ransomware attacks and other cyber attacks are so advanced that they can force SMEs and even large enterprises out of business. Therefore, you need to build a top-notch SOC by taking the help of an SOC service provider.

    What does a Top-notch SOC Include?

    An effective and top-performing SOC has a team of expert security executives who have hands-on experience of using advanced security technologies to perform various functions. When you take SOC-as-a-service, these executives monitor the company’s network proactively for threats, classify and analyze them to develop responses, and actively hunt for new threats before they attack. The SOC needs the right people, right technologies, and well-documented processes to perform these tasks efficiently.

    A top-notch SOC can benefit your company the most. Let’s go through the top ten tips for building and running a top-notch security operations center.

    Top Ten Tips for Establishing a Top-performing SOC

    A well-equipped team of expert security professionals works relentlessly to find threats and give responses promptly to any cyber attack. This is a picture of an efficient and top-notch security operations center. SOC-as-a-service provides the best defense against all types of cyber threats. Here are the top ten tips to consider for building and sustaining such an SOC.

    1. IT Staff is not for Security- Many SMEs mistakenly consider the IT staff as cybersecurity professionals. They can update software and make an attempt to maintain the firewall settings. But, cybersecurity is way beyond such basic steps and needs a separate budget. A security operations center is dedicated to cyber security and acts as a center to perform key security functions for your company.

    2. Hire right people in SOC- The SOC service provider assists you to hire the right people with excellent analytical skills. Energetic self-learners who have a passion for cybersecurity and who are ethical hackers can help your organization a lot to prevent any attempt of cyber attacks. Your SOC staff monitors cyber threats and analyze them proactively to keep your organization away from any threats.

    hire right people

    3. Tools and Technologies- It is of utmost importance that your SOC team is equipped with the latest tools and technologies. You need to integrate the advanced technologies into the system and buy tools from a vendor with a proven track record. All these requirements are fulfilled effectively when you take SOC-as-a-service.

    4. Give all necessary Data- Security analysts need all sorts of data to work efficiently. Be it a company network or firewalls, and data related to endpoint security tools, you need to provide all the necessary data to cybersecurity experts. The SOC can maintain and update security settings based on this data, and as a result, it can respond well in case of any attack. Quick and effective response needs good preparation in advance.

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    5. Maintenance of Security Playbooks- The right SOC needs security playbooks that act as a reference for the security staff. They can check what they should do for different kinds of threats they likely to encounter. These playbooks keep on changing with the changing threat landscape and risk profile of your business. You can also take the help of an SOC services provider to build and maintain security playbooks.

    6. Proactive Stance on Security- Successful SOCs proactively monitor threats and continuously check the network as well as endpoint devices. They want to identify potential vulnerabilities and threats in advance. Active threat hunting is a way of life for the SOC. A top-notch SOC relies on threat intelligence and security technologies to do extensive research on threats.

    7. Bring Automation in Processes- SOAR and SIEM technologies have automation capabilities that enable security experts to get rid of performing repetitive tasks. It can save time and enable them to focus on alerts to come up with a quick response. Automation can also enable the SOC to reduce the response time, and the team can give response more efficiently to any threats.

    8. Keep Processes Updated- Cybersecurity is an ongoing and ever-evolving process. It is necessary for the SOC services provider to keep people and technology updated with the latest security trends and advancements. As the cyberattacks get advanced with time, the processes and security playbooks should be changed to respond quickly and effectively. Also, the processes should be changed according to the company’s risk profile and threat environment.

    9. Promote Teamwork- The security operations center is built by dedicated and self-starter experts. Every member of the team has a unique skill set, experience level, and role to play. In such a scenario, it is necessary to motivate them and assist them to collaborate well with each other. Teamwork can make the SOC truly successful.


    10. Opt for SOC as a Service- Let’s face it! It may not possible for your company to meet all the requirements and spend a lot of bucks to build a top-notch SOC. Many SMEs and even large enterprises also lack resources to build and maintain the SOC. As per an official survey, over 60% of SMEs encounter data breaches, and therefore, they need a security operations center. If you are unable to create an internal SOC, you should go for SOC as a service.

    Concluding Lines

    A strong and effective cybersecurity program is a must-have in today’s turbulent times. The way cyberattacks grow in the number, variety, and complexity, it is difficult to defend your company without having a top-performing SOC at place. You need to contact a reliable and reputed SOC service provider to establish a robust security operations center that has a great combination of the right people, technologies, and processes.

    Silver Touch Technologies is a leading SOC-as-a-service provider. We are one of the pioneers in offering fully-managed, co-managed, and hybrid or custom Security Operations Center as a service. If you want to safeguard your company against any possible threats and data breaches, simply drop us a line at We ensure complete protection of your confidential corporate data through robust SOC solutions.

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