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  • Top Working from Home Tips for Enterprises to Combat Coronavirus

    Published: Apr 17, 2020  |   | 
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    The coronavirus pandemic has crippled enterprises worldwide. Irrespective of the size and business nature, every company has taken the brunt of COVID-19. Entrepreneurs focus on maintaining the subtle balance between the employee’s health and productivity. Work-from-home setup services can help them achieve both these objectives effectively.

    Amid the growing fear of spreading coronavirus, many companies have either implemented or planned to adopt work-from-home policies. But, working from home full-time itself is full of challenges, and if you want to implement this concept in the full swing, you need customized work-from-home setup solutions.

    What is Work-from-Home Concept?

    As the name suggests, this concept is about working from your home office. You just cannot socialize in person outside of the work in an emergency like lockdown. Your entire company is involved in this concept. You can remain in touch with your colleagues and seniors through communication apps like Skype or Slack. Working from home concept is convenient, secure, and productive during the turbulent time.

    Here we see the top six working from home tips to remain efficient and free from stress or anxiety.

    1. Clothing is the First Sign


    You may find this step easy and simple, but it is fair to mention that this is the first step to get ready for working from home. It does not mean that you wear formal clothes at home, but when you change clothes before starting your office work, it can have a psychological impact on you. You will have the feeling that you are getting ready for the office.

    Putting on clothes can make you more confident and you can easily draw the line between the office and home. It is necessary because you already battle with a kind of loneliness and anxiety while working from home.

    2. Convert Your Home into the Office

    One of the biggest challenges of working from a home office is to differentiate the work and home lives. If you get failed in overcoming this challenge then your productivity will be reduced and your life will be affected badly. Work from home service providers will emphasize on building the workspace as separate as possible from the rest of your house. You can choose a corner or outer part of your house.

    Here, you need to keep in mind that the part you selected should be comfortable sitting for eight hours a day. It is better to find an area with natural lighting. You need to make sure that entering your home office should turn you ‘on’ at the beginning.

    3. Define Working Hours and Time for Relaxation

    You need to define the working hours and relaxation time clearly. You can accomplish all your tasks with ease by sticking with your regular timing. What’s more, if your work needs collaboration, you can make everything easy simply by remaining on the same schedule with your colleagues. The work from home concept offers flexibility to start and stop work at your will but you need to manage the work-life balance carefully while staying at home and working.

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    4. Build Transitions Carefully

    The work-from-home setup solutions can enable you to get rid of daily commuting. But then, you may miss your morning commuting the most because it prepares you for work while getting you to office. Well, you can do the same at home. Instead of commuting, you can do any activity at home as an option. For example, you can spend some time with a pet or love one. You can even add physical exercise or a workout. However, you need to choose any health-related activity by keeping the COVID -19 pandemic in mind.

    5. Stay Away From Distractions

    Distractions can be one of the biggest hurdles of work-from-home setup solutions. People who are not used to work from home need to know the way of tackling distractions effectively. It’s human to get distracted when you work from home because everything you want to do after office hours is right in front of you! You can take a few breaks at home as you did at the office. But you should not spend this time into any other activity that needs your continuous focus.


    Also, you should stay away from rumors while working from home. These days, the world is battling against the dreaded coronavirus. Frequent checking of COVID-19 can easily disturb and distract you. Therefore, it is better to stay away from any news or rumors. You can also set timers for breaks to remain more organized and focused on your work.

    6. Communicate Frequently

    Communication is the key to success. This statement holds at the home office as well. You need to stay connected with the manager and direct reports. It is better to inform your manager for every single task other than official ones. You should also communicate about the daily tasks and your planning to accomplish them at the end of the day. You should also remain connected with your colleagues and subordinates for better collaboration and more efficiency. It is also okay and at times, advisable to communicate through calls or video calls rather than sending text messages every time.

    Real-time and proper communication can help you avoid miscommunication with your boss and co-workers.

    Concluding Remarks

    Coronavirus outbreak has brought drastic changes in the way we work and live. In this troubled time, it is necessary for your company to maintain a subtle balance between the employee’s health and productivity. The work-from-home concept is the most viable solution to achieve both these objectives effectively. Worldwide, many companies have successfully adopted this strategy. We hope that these effective work-from-home tips will assist you to implement this concept.

    At Silver Touch, we have implemented the work-from-home concept successfully. Our experienced professionals are also ready to help you implement the same by providing excellent work from home setup services. We offer you the technical expertise and enable your company to use advanced tools for establishing a work-from-home concept. Just drop us a line at, and our executives will get back to you soon. Stay home. Stay safe. Stay productive.

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