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  • How Big Data Analytics Solutions Help Us Develop Smart Cities

    Published: Feb 28, 2020  |   | 
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    Emerging technologies like AI, IoT, and Big data analytics have made smart city solutions more advanced and feasible. As per the UN estimate, around 68% of the total population will reside in the urban areas by the year 2050. In such a situation, the concept of the smart city will gain traction in the coming years. The core focus will remain on making cities more connected and citizen-friendly with the use of smart technologies. There, big data analytics can play a vital role.

    Big data analytics solutions will remain at the core of innovations. For example, the authority can make informed decisions in real-time with the help of actionable insights gathered from connected devices and other data sources. Big data solutions can enable the city administration to make and manage changes more efficiently. Here are the key big data benefits for smart cities.

    Big Benefits of Big Data in Smart City Solutions

    Traffic Management

    Increasing population and number of vehicles will give rise to traffic issues. The smart city solutions can harness the real-time data for delivering improved mobility and resolving traffic-related problems. In the coming years, traffic management will become more significant. As per an estimate, the revenue of traffic-focused technology for the smart city will be valued at $4.4 billion by 2023.

    The smarter traffic system is based on big data analytics solutions. These solutions assist the administration to fetch and share the information across various departments to take prompt action. Big data solutions are designed to gather all sorts of information using sensors for ensuring real-time traffic control. Also, these solutions can predict traffic trends based on mathematical models and current scenario.

    It will be easy to determine the reasons for traffic congestion and the planners of the smart city will design the roads and other infrastructure after referring to the data. In the future, city planners will also determine the parking patterns provided by big data solutions to make parking facilities more effective.

    Public Safety

    In any big or small city, public safety is highly important. Data insights can be used to identify the most possible reasons for crime and find vulnerable areas in the city. Data-driven smart cities can readily unfold any criminal offenses and the administration can implement safety-related measures more effectively. Once the high-crime prone zones are defined, it is easy for the low enforcement agencies to act in a ‘smarter’ way to prevent crimes before they occur.

    Emergency services will also get a boost from real-time data. For example, it is possible for police, fire, and ambulance to rush at the spot immediately with the help of real-time data about any unwanted incident. Different data sets can handle the crisis situations during the natural or manmade calamities.

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    Public Spending

    A lot of investment from the government is necessary for transforming any city. In the smart city, the city planner can spend money either for renovation or redesigning the city. Before spending money and allocating the budget for a smart city, it is better to go through the collected data. The data can suggest the major areas that need upgrade or revamping. Also, big data analytics solutions can predict the situation of particular areas in the future. It can give the city planners a clear idea of how they can invest in such areas to get the maximum value for money.

    City Planning

    city planning

    Smart city solutions can easily provide infrastructure requirements and necessary measures when accurate data is available. Big data can highlight developing and developed areas with ease and contribute to city planning. A robust data strategy holds a key to a smart city. Rich data collected from the cities that are on the way to become smart cities can be used to streamline the operations and simplify the complexities.

    Growth and Development

    Big data solutions aim at providing continuous updates about the necessary change. In a way, these solutions ascertain the growth of a smart city. It is necessary for the smart city to implement desired features and infrastructure-based facilities to attract and retain more people. In other words, sustainability can be achieved by proper monitoring and control over the city’s infrastructure. Big data analytics can play a big role in achieving this objective by collecting real-time information.

    Concluding Lines

    It is fair to mention that big data analytics solutions enable the authorities to take concrete steps toward making the city smarter and well connected. Data collected from various sources can help the administration recognize the pattern and needs of a smart city. With this, reputed IT solutions providers can play a significant role in implementing the concept of a smart city with the help of futuristic technologies.

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