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Big Data and Analytics

Digital Intelligence is the foundation of everything we do, and the inspiration for our ideas and research

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Harness big data to drive better business decisions

We bring an industry domain, customer experience and digitization capabilities to drive industry, function and process transformation.

We use Smart Big Data Technology to Build a Smarter Application

By measuring the effectiveness of data management capabilities, identifying high-value opportunities and finding agile, lean and actionable recommendations, companies are one step closer to unlocking the power of their data.

We help in understanding the potential of the Big Data and how to make your organization works faster. We optimize your business operations impressively with offering competitive benefits to our clients.

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Our Portfolio

Customer Experience Customer Experience

We provide consistent, personalized, omnichannel customer experience.

Value Creation Value Creation

We provide a converged and balanced architecture in a dense and efficient chassis.

OCMS - Online Computerized Monitoring System
  • Technology: BigData

OCMS - Online Computerized Monitoring System

Project Description
  • MoSPI (Ministry of Statistics & Programme Implementation) monitors all central projects having cost of 150 Crores & above and analyse data.
  • System will generate more than 200 types of reports for different purpose.
  • Reporting to PMO, PMG and Parliament Questions based on data analysis.
  • Summary Report of all Projects.
  • Analysis for Time Over Run in Projects.
  • Analysis for Cost Over Run in Projects Report for both Time and Cost Over Run in Projects.
  • Sector-wise and Agency-wise Analysis on all above.
  • Incomplete/Data not provided by Sector/Agency.
  • Project Category-wise Analysis.
  • Analysis of Problem occurred in Project.

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Labour Market Information System
  • Technology: ASP .NET

Labour Market Information System

Project Description
  • LMIS - A Labour Market Information System (LMIS) is a labour market policy instrument to improve the information flow in the labour market. Labour Market Information (LMI) refers to all the data, quantitative and qualitative which describes the labour market. Increasingly the LMIS also provides tools and resources to help people decide on careers and find work.
  • One stop platform for providing information on skill Development for entrusted stakeholders.
  • Training Provider Registration.
  • Candidate Skill Registration.
  • Central Database for Skilled Labour, Unskilled Labour training Providers, Training Centres, Courses, Candidates, Jobs, Employers, Assessors, Trainers National Qualification Register (NQR)- Searchable web repository of qualification files supplied by NSDA.
  • Search Courses & Location-wise Training Centers.
  • Data-sources Integration – From 10 major data sources like NCVT, SDIS, SDMS, MSME etc.

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Software Solution for Technical Examination Board, Gujarat
  • Technology: ASP .NET, .NET MVC

Software Solution for Technical Examination Board, Gujarat

Project Description

An Integrated Solution developed to help better management of activities and functions performed by various locations of TEB.

We have given integrated hardware & software solution which covers and integrates functionality of different polytechnics & branches of TEB which includes Head Office, various Polytechnics , Govt. Institutes running tailoring & other courses located in various districts of Gujarat. These branches will connected by Gujarat State Wide Area Network (GSWAN).

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Citus data
Apache Hbase
Apache Sparck

Why choose Big Data ?

Actionable Data

Rapidly turn structured and unstructured data into business critical knowledge.

Empower Business

Empower Business

Enable management and your team to make better informed decisions, faster.

Secure and Reliable

Secure and Reliable

Get large-scale integrated sets of reliable, secure and affordable data.

Draw Revenue

Draw Revenue

With analysis backed decisions pinpoint sources of revenue and reduce missed opportunities.

Quick Output

Quick Output

Process bulk data with automation leading to a quick yet minimal configuration.


Our Proposition

  • Build Meaningful Relationships
  • Deliver a Path to Run Smarter
  • Intelligent Technology Solutions
  • Enable Progressive Change and Innovation

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