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  • How E-Governance Solution Assists Government to Ensure Welfare of Citizens

    Published: Mar 5, 2020  |   | 
    e-Governance solution

    The world has witnessed revolutionary changes because of an evolution of the information technology. Real-time connectivity, seamless data sharing, and instant retrieval of information have empowered people, enterprises, and the government like never before. E-Governance solutions are designed to facilitate decision-making in the public administration. Simply put, advancing technology is now at the doorstep of the government.

    Increasing population and growing burden on socio-economic infrastructure demand digital transformation in civic amenities and government sectors. There, e-governance services lend a helping hand and become an integral part of the administration. Taking the example of India, it was the time when e-Governance had to confront with dual challenges of automation of processes and taking government schemes to the common man while increasing their participation.

    Role of E-Governance Solutions

    Today, e-Governance solutions provide a platform to integrate various services and schemes through different ways like G2C (Government-to-Citizens), G2B (Government-to-Business), and G2G (Government-to-Government). These solutions are designed to empower citizens and the government by enabling them to connect with each other as and when necessary.

    As per the finding of McKinsey, an Indian mobile user consumes more data than digitally advanced countries like China and South Korea. It is also expected that there will be over 800 million Internet users in India by the year 2023. The Digital India initiative of the Government of India capitalizes on this expectation. This initiative is aimed at bringing Internet access to 250,000 village councils. As a result, millions of citizens can be connected online with the government. A new era of empowerment has begun with the Digital India initiative.

    Socio-economic Growth Driven by E-Governance Solutions

    The next phase of growth will be driven by growing economic value and citizen empowerment. Today, all the government sectors use digital applications. Currently, India is a $200 billion digital economy, but we can expect that the value will reach up to $1 trillion in 2025 with growing digitization. What’s more, improved trust between the government and citizens will boost good governance and empowerment. E-Governance solutions bring transparency and openness in every process.

    These days, e-Governance services are not limited to the core government sectors. It is possible to integrate various digital solutions like e-Transportation, e-Education, and e-Taxation with robust e-Governance solutions. The government can work in sync with stakeholders and citizens to come up with more integrated and dynamic solutions. Such solutions are capable of creating a huge value in the country’s economy while empowering millions of people across various aspects.

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    The major role of e-Governance solutions is to take the government schemes to the common man. A unique identification number can help various sectors and banks to generate data of citizens to give them the benefits of various welfare schemes. Ambitious government projects and schemes are of no use if the common man does not get any benefit from them. Be it a public health scheme, insurance scheme, or a pension scheme, the e-Governance solutions can make every scheme successful by involving citizens.

    E-Governance can transform government services into citizen-friendly initiatives by providing a real-time access to information and integration of services between the government and citizens. In a way, e-Governance solutions can enhance the socio-economic value of every citizen. Social transformation and economic inclusiveness look achievable with the help of e-Governance. We can expect the advent of Industry 4.0 with the growing use of futuristic technologies like AI, Robotics, and IoT (Internet of Things).

    Government authorities and policymakers can think of innovative ways to send the benefits of welfare schemes by involving the private sector. It can increase the social and economical inclusiveness with a more professional approach in spreading awareness and empowering citizens. The e-Governance solutions can act as a bridge between the government, the private sector, and citizens. By collaborating with the private sector, the government can increase the effectiveness of its schemes.

    The central and state governments can also work seamlessly thanks to advanced e-Governance solutions. Various sectors like agriculture, education, energy, and healthcare need collaborative efforts from both central and state governments to get the maximum benefits for citizens. These sectors have a lot of scope in digital transformation and unlike the manufacturing and finance sector; they are yet to come up with digitized solutions for the government and citizens alike.

    In the coming years, countries like India will take more measures and undertake many initiatives at the state and central levels to promote e-Governance in a way that maximum people can leverage the benefits of government schemes. E-Governance services strive to come up with solutions to improve the lifestyle of a common man who lives in the remotest of villages. With this, we can expect that solutions will also help to realize the vision of a smart city with more security and comfort for every citizen.

    Concluding Lines

    Public-private partnerships and people’s participation will make the e-Governance concept successful over the period. High-end e-Governance solutions will empower more citizens and assist the government to ensure inclusive socio-economic growth.

    Silver Touch Technologies has provided E-Governance services for empowering citizens and the government. We strive to integrate technological advancements to make the interaction between the government and citizens more efficient and smooth in a secure environment. We use emerging technologies to explore new ways of connecting people with the government. We are serving the nation by providing high-quality E-Governance solutions.

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