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  • How RPA Services Integrate Chatbots in Robotic Process Automation Solutions

    Published: Mar 26, 2020  |   | 
    RPA Solutions

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) has started changing the way we work and accomplish the tasks. The latest trends in enterprise AI include chatbots and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). As per the Gartner CIO Survey, many CIOs have embraced chatbots as the main AI-based application in their enterprises. How about integrating chatbots in robotic process automation solutions? Do you know that this integration can work wonders in your company?

    Let’s explore the possibility of integrating chatbots in RPA solutions and discuss the benefits of this dynamic combination of two AI-based technologies for modern businesses. These days, the integration of a chatbot with RPA is one of the most interesting and important trends in the enterprise AI domain. Chatbots have already started solving many challenges related to customer services, employee services, etc. while giving them more scalability.

    As we know, RPA services are aimed at bringing automation in the processes. The integration of chatbots in the robotic process automation solutions can take the entire automated process to the next level. Chatbots work on cognitive intelligence, and their integration in existing RPA solutions can make the processes more intelligent to increase productivity. What’s more, you can provide an automated and end-to-end experience to customers and employees alike.

    When chatbots perform a range of tasks across different domains, RPA robots can quickly find the relevant information and perform transactions on behalf of users in the back office. In a way, this integration can make automated processes smarter and more user-friendly. As per the estimate, total spending on RPA software will reach $2.4 billion in 2022. One of the major reasons for the growing popularity of RPA solutions is they do not require to change the existing infrastructure and networks.

    Integration of Chatbots in RPA Solutions

    Integration of RPA Chatbots

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    RPA services can integrate RPA technology with your existing system. After integration, the RPA software can manipulate data, initiate new actions, and trigger responses automatically. The chatbots or front-office bots are primarily used for communicating with customers and employees. They can share information, complete tasks, and receive various requests. Now, let’s see how chatbot integration in RPA solutions can enhance all the processes.

    Integration with RPA solutions helps chatbots navigate through traditional enterprise systems that have no modern APIs. You may wonder, what is the role of APIs? APIs are specifically important to enable chatbots to access the necessary information with ease. The absence of APIs makes it difficult for chatbots to integrate and retrieve any information. Simply put, RPA-chatbot integration can be a game-changer for your enterprises. Here we mention two reasons why it is a productive combination.

    1. This integration enables chatbots to get information from disparate and multiple back-end systems. As a result, the RPA-powered chatbot can handle highly complex and real-time requests of customers or employees on a large scale.

    2. Similarly, chatbots can trigger RPA to perform specific trivial tasks upon a user’s request without any human intervention. In a way, there is no need for humans in performing mundane tasks upon the user’s request.

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    It is fair to mention that the integration of chatbots with RPA solutions can help modern enterprises meet the growing customer expectations in a cost-effective way. By combining the automation with self-service features, RPA services can offer the benefits of both RPA and chatbots at once to address common challenges. It also results in increased productivity of agents as they do not need to spend time on routine activities like gathering data and completing paperwork.

    Also, the integration with RPA makes chatbots more proactive to provide personalized customer experience. Thanks to leveraging the benefits of machine learning, RPA-powered chatbots can analyze large volumes of data to send meaningful offers to customers. Let’s see the key business benefits of chatbot-RPA integration.

    Major Business Benefits of Chatbot-RPA Integration

    RPA bots can

    • Improve customer and employee experiences

    • Reduce time for completing mundane tasks

    • Reduce the cost of processes

    • Increase productivity and efficiency of employees

    • Offer a competitive edge over peers

    All you need to find the right RPA services provider to avail of the advantage of chatbot-RPA integration.

    Concluding Lines

    RPA and chatbot technologies are still in nascent stages. As both approaches will evolve, companies will create a more intelligent and human-like conversational experience for customers and employees alike. The integration of chatbots in robotic process automation solutions can reduce the cost and increase productivity as both RPA and chatbots complement each other. On one hand, RPA will get the conversational interface of chatbots, and on the other hand, chatbots will get the power of RPA to complete complex yet non-critical tasks.

    Silver Touch Technologies provides robust robotic process automation solutions to global corporate clients. We understand the business model, project requirements, and market trends thoroughly before developing customized RPA solutions. Let’s connect through to transform your business digitally by introducing a digital workforce in your enterprise.

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