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  • Tools That Build Augmented Reality in Mobile Apps


    We know that the technologies are changing constantly and are becoming a part of latest market trends. Augmented Reality is one among them that is growing widely in mobile technology and is still a disruptive force for sectors such as fashion, finance, and travel. Check some of the tools that help in achieving AR in mobile application development.


    LayAR is a tool that supports mapping of extra items on user’s location and images. For example, if you’re using app LayAR app, then it’s possible to make an order from the printed catalog or listen to the songs from the magazine. Isn’t it great? Most of its work takes place on the server, where additional elements are recognizable into the account.


    It’s a combination of the software tool designed by AR mobile app. This tool supports Windows, Android, iOS, Linux and more. Moreover, you’ll get the open-source code free so that you can access to the library.


    This tool mainly works on Android and iOS platforms. Additionally, it supports unity programming languages with supporting real objects for 2D and 3D model rendering platforms. You can track the software design kit with SLAM markerless tracking.


    Vuforia is a complete package of software design tool that is used for AR mobile app development. It supports 2D, 3D, target tracking and other virtual buttons. This tool comes with the TerrainTM feature that can quickly design terrain in real time. Moreover, you can use this tool for detecting targets such as objects, text and other images.

    Kudan AR

    Kudan AR main functionality mainly comprises of markerless tracking. It maps the extra elements located at the base of the image. It is one of the fastest framework libraries that assist mobile AR apps. Also, the framework doesn’t require a lot of memory to store the files in the system. Application developers use the standard structure that is short and detailed.

    So if you want a powerful app, then now it’s time to reveal to build your augmented reality app that suits your budget with the features you provide. Feel free to share your feedback, if you have used one of them or you want to generate the AR effects for your app today.

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