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  • AI Technologies That will Rule 2018

    Published: Oct 12, 2017  |   | 

    We know that technologies are changing at its high speed. Whenever the new technology arises, we would wonder what will be next, what will happen tomorrow. Your predictions will never have an end, so as in AI. Artificial Intelligence today includes varieties of new technologies and tools. You’ll find something hot every time you check for the latest trends in AI Technology.

    Top Technology Trends

    Generation of Natural Language

    Natural Language generation is to produce text from the computer data used by customer services in report generation and in summarizing it. Samples are Digital Reasoning, Narrative Science and more.

    Virtual Agents

    Virtual Agents is to evolve in the relationship from simple chatbots to an advanced system. Currently used in customer services and support of the smart home manager. Few samples are Amazon, Apple, IBM, Google, Assist AI, Microsoft and more.

    Speech Recognition

    It transforms human speech into the format that is useful for the computer application. Currently, the speech recognition is used in interactive voice response system and mobile app. Samples are OpenText, NICE, Verint System, etc.

    AI Optimized Hardware

    GPU (Graphics Processing Units) and appliances are designed efficiently and run on AI-oriented computational jobs. Samples are Google, IBM, and Intel, etc.

    Machine Learning Platforms

    Machine Learning technologies include deep learning, natural-language and another advanced system that operate autonomously. The system can learn and can also change the future behavior. Samples are Google, Microsoft, and Amazon, etc.

    Deep Learning Platforms

    A particular type of machine learning is all set for artificial neural network along with abstraction layers. This pattern is currently recognized as the classification application supported by large data sets. Samples are MathWorks, Saffron Technology, and Fluid AI, etc.

    Robotic Process Automation

    With using scripts and other methods automate human action is done to support a business process. It becomes too expensive for the human to execute a task or a process. Samples are Automation system, WorkFusion, Advanced System and more.


    The more natural interaction between human and machine is carried out. It does not limit to image, speech or body language. Samples are Sensory, Agnitio and more.

    Decision Management

    There are engines in which rules and logic are inserted into AI system. They are mainly used for initial setup and other wide variety of enterprise applications. Samples are Advanced System Concepts, Maana, UiPath, etc.

    You’ll find many other business benefits that have gained from AI technology. So what are you waiting as we know that early adopters will only be able to achieve a jump start on the market in 2017?

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