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  • 2017 Cloud Computing Trends


    There are cloud providers who are always trying to come with innovation and improvement to stay updated in this cut-throat competitive market. Many companies have already shifted, where they only need to ensure that the right service is provided to them. Moreover, cloud computing has also helped many enterprises to transform their IT practices using public, private and hybrid cloud services. Let’s quickly check how trends have shape cloud computing in 2017.

    Server less Computing

    Server less doesn’t mean you don’t use servers, and it’s just you don’t have to use too many machines. With using the server less computing, you can save lots of operational and infrastructural cost. Ex: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, IBM and Lambda platform.

    Long-term customer success

    As new technology emerges, cloud providers have to face challenges to a great extent. The providers mainly focus on collaboration, promoting workflow and in maximizing productivity. Here security measures are enhanced more to have transparent and reliable services.

    Cloud Monitoring as a Service

    CMaS is a service that helps enterprises to manage the infrastructure and monitor resources. It helps in delivering optimal performance for IT infrastructure and identifying its issues with detecting using the cloud administrators.

    Companies run majority of workloads in Cloud

    Cloud users mainly run on average 1.8(41%) public clouds and 2.3(38%) private clouds. While the enterprises respondent runs 32% of a workload in public and 43% in private cloud.

    Dynamic moving workloads

    As we know that there are not many enterprises are moving their workloads, but it is going to begin to move at an accelerated pace. Here the providers are forced to use the better services at competitive rates.

    Auditing and securing services

    We do need extra security if we are moving all the essential data online as people might think of hacking instances. But the fact is that Cloud computing comes with unifying and strengthening data protection.

    Ability to move data quickly

    Initially, it is costly to drive all the data to the cloud. But with AWS and Microsoft enterprises a dedicated transfer of data can be made using IP-layer connectivity. A quick transmission of data is possible in cloud and customers to have to pay for its interconnected bandwidth.

    Cloud has become an indispensable tool for most of the enterprises that are looking for better opportunity. To stand in this competitive market, more companies are about to migrate to the cloud.

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