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  • Significant Role of Artificial Intelligence in Mobile App Development

    Published: Mar 5, 2021  |   | 
    mobile app development

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) has gained a lot of traction in the corporate world. Many enterprises across different industry verticals have streamlined their processes in line with AI and ML (Machine Learning). These days, technology evolves to combine AI with other domains like Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and even mobile apps development. The expanding scope of AI technology impacts app development and adds more value to enterprise apps.

    Custom software development or mobile app development is thriving at a rapid pace while promoting innovation and creativity. On one hand, enterprise software can simplify complexities, and on the other hand, it can fulfill the end-user’s requirements while taking user experience to the next level. Here, AI technology lends a helping hand. It not only enhances the user experience but also increases productivity and efficiency while integrating into the enterprise-level software.

    Entrepreneurs or business persons want to leverage Artificial Intelligence services to boost the app’s experience and make it more personalized. Be it healthcare or retail, gaming or logistics, all the major industry sectors can get benefits from AI-powered mobile apps. Let’s dig deep into the impact of AI on the mobile app development landscape.

    How AI Assists Mobile App Development in Bringing Transformation?

    When it comes to innovation and creativity, AI plays a vital role in building customized, enterprise-grade apps. Let’s see how AI can transform the mobile app development domain.

    1. Data-centric Content

    Data is the driving force for Artificial Intelligence technology. It analyzes the data and projects the desired actions based on the outcome of analytics. It makes content creation easier, relevant, and reader-friendly. These days, content can play a significant role in the mobile app development process because the UI remains incomplete without compelling content. AI offers optical character recognition for image conversion and translating content in different languages. In a way, entrepreneurs can address a huge audience consists of knowing different languages worldwide.

    The data-centric content can in a way bring digitization to the app while assisting users to accomplish their tasks in their own languages.

    2. Intelligent Search Engines

    Artificial intelligence services are useful for making smarter search engines. It is possible to display content based on the preferences and expectations of the users through intelligent search engines. AI and ML technologies can give app users a chance to search using their voice or even images. For example, if the app user sees something new or strange, they can simply click its picture and upload it to the image search tab to know its origin.

    The mobile app development company can add voice recognition and image recognition features in the enterprise-level app to give smart search results using AI technology.

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    3. Powerful Problem-solving

    The main objective of Artificial Intelligence services is problem-solving. When the custom software development company integrates AI into the enterprise apps, these apps will have higher problem-solving rates. Because of high problem-solving rates, these applications become more powerful and efficient. Algorithms based on AI technology can analyze human behavior and implement the outcome of data analysis in improving decision making.

    Customized mobile apps powered by Artificial Intelligence can offer an interactive user experience in navigation, finding nearby places or landmarks, and the like.

    4. More Personalized Experience

    Customized mobile apps become highly user-centric with the help of artificial intelligence. Apps, especially in the retail and eCommerce sectors, can provide personalized recommendations based on the user’s behaviors and searching patterns. When the apps adjust as per the user’s needs or choices, they can give users a personalized experience, which eventually makes them loyal to the business.

    Chatbots, notifications, and customized emails can further boost personalization as they can give instant answers to the user’s queries. These AI-supported features are a win-win for users and developers alike. On one hand, users can easily resolve their queries in real-time, and on the other hand, developers can simplify the process using AI technology.

    5. Face Recognition

    Many Android and iOS devices have face recognition feature these days. This feature has many use cases in the mobile app development domain including camera applications, social media applications, and selfie applications. In line with this feature, customized mobile apps can bring face identification. Advancements in AI technology can take this feature to a new level in eCommerce apps, security apps, and other B2C applications. Snapchat is one such example of a social media application that uses an AI-powered facial recognition feature.

    In the coming years, the face recognition feature will become more prevalent as additional security and interactive aspect in the tailored business apps.

    6. Improved App Security

    This is one of the most important aspects of Artificial Intelligence. Mobile apps are considered as the soft target for hackers or cybercriminals. AI, with various algorithms and authentication points, can fight effectively against increasing threats and vulnerability of the app user’s data and other sensitive information. Security algorithms depend on the user’s behaviors and searching or data-storing patterns. It will be possible for the app users to get notifications if anyone attempts to steal their data or hack their mobile app. What’s more, artificial intelligence services can integrate fingerprint recognition feature to ensure high security. In a way, with improved app security, AI will transform the mobile app development process.

    This is not all. There are several other aspects through which AI can bring transformation to app development. AI consulting services can highlight all such aspects.

    Concluding Lines

    Gone are the days when we used customized mobile apps for accomplishing daily activities at the home or office. Artificial intelligence has changed the entire landscape of mobile app development by creating intelligent apps. What we get are highly automated and intuitive mobile apps with the power of AI technology. These apps can offer a personalized experience and address the user’s needs in a smarter way.

    As a reputed offshore software development company, Silver Touch Technologies combines advancements of AI and ML in enterprise-grade mobility solutions. We assist our esteemed corporate clientele to excel amid intensifying competition by providing cost-effective business solutions and transforming processes. Do you want to know more about our AI and ML-based services? Just send us an email at and we will get back to you shortly.

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