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  • AI and Automation Trends to Watch for Improving Customer Services in 2021

    Published: Mar 18, 2021  |   | 
    AI and Automation Trends

    We live in the age of business process automation, artificial intelligence (AI), and virtual assistants. Enterprises tend to adopt advancements in AI and automation technologies to bring radical change in customer services. Artificial intelligence solutions assist customer service automation and enable you to bring digital transformation in customer care and other related segments like agent productivity and contact center operations.

    Here we are going to see the AI and automation trends in 202 for customer service technology. But before moving forward, let’s make a list of objectives that we want to achieve by changing the shape of customer services in the year 2021 and beyond.

    Key Objectives of Customer Service Technology for 2021

    Customer service technology is a combination of all tools, systems, and strategies together with technologies to deliver improved customer services. Simply put, customer service technology aims at making the entire business process works for your customers and designing communication strategies to offer a pleasant customer experience.

    We can consider three basic objectives of customer service technology for years to come-

    • Anytime and anywhere customer service with the help of various channels and devices
    • Streamline multiple support channels under one platform using automation
    • Simplify automated customer service processes in terms of identifying issues and fix them

    Let’s go through the top automation trends that can help us achieve these objectives in 2021.

    Top Five Customer Service Trends to Rule in 2021

    1. Real-time Assistance

    Advancing robotic process automation technology and AI can offer many ways to connect to your customers for providing real-time assistance. It is possible to resolve the customer’s queries almost instantly, and that too, on a 24/7 basis through the live chat feature. You can save a lot of time for employees and customers and increase the chances of conversion through real-time assistance. It is fair to mention that this trend is capable of retaining customers to your business for a long time.

    2. Automation in Self-service

    Automation consulting can shed more light on automating the customer service domain. It is possible to maximize the efficiency and accuracy of the customer support team while reducing the response time. Altogether, automated self-service can lead your business toward a customer-centric model.

    Automation in the customer self-service domain not only improves the customer’s experience but also saves a lot of time and effort for your employees to focus more on other core activities. Your enterprise can build a good rapport in the market by offering automated self-services.

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    3. AI Chatbots for Automation

    This is one of the most anticipated trends for improving customer services in 2021 and beyond. AI-based bots can take customer support to a new level without taking the help of representatives. Automated replies and 24/7 assistance to resolve the customer’s issues can give enterprises an edge over peers.

    Combined with RPA solutions and automated workflows, AI-based chatbots can enhance customer services by offering round a clock self-service facility to your customers. A CNBC report has predicted that AI chatbots will reduce business costs by $8 billion by 2022 through bringing automation in the customer support and service domain.

    4. Machine Learning for Improved Customer Experience

    Machine Learning (ML) is an emerging trend for improving customer experience (CX) in 2021. AI-powered chat applications are in vogue and large enterprises, as well as startups, tend to leverage these applications to offer excellent support to their customers at a reduced cost. AI solutions enable companies to assist customers on a 24//7 basis without any human interaction.

    Be it attending queries, answer questions, or provide special instructions, machine learning technology can lend a helping hand to modern enterprises for offering personalized and enhanced customer experience. It can further boost the growth of the business and increase ROI over the period.

    Personalized Experience

    Most organizations have started adopting this trend to entice customers for purchasing their products or services. Personalized care can bring loyalty to your customers by adding value to their overall experience. Although one-on-one customer interaction is not possible in today’s competitive age, you can count upon digital transformation solutions for improving customer support services and customer experience.

    AI-powered customer service solutions or chatbots can learn customer interests and understand their requirements thoroughly using data analytics for engaging them by giving a personal touch. A bot can converse with your customers using their name that can offer a personalized experience. What’s more, AI solutions can assist you to send real-time notifications and marketing messages to your customers to enhance customization.

    Concluding Lines

    All these trends will help you make your business more customer-centric by improving services and enhancing customer experience. It is fair to mention that the aforementioned trends in the customer service domain will remain a game-changer in the future. You can make the most of these trends by taking assistance from a reliable automation consulting partner.

    Silver Touch Technologies is a leading technology partner for bringing digital transformation. We promote automation through customized RPA solutions and assist you to take businesses to a new level by providing artificial intelligence solutions. Do you want to know more about our services and advanced solutions? Simply send us an email at Our expert consultants will contact you with a complete strategy for your project requirements soon.

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