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  • Significant Impact and Benefits of Big Data for Your Business

    Published: Nov 22, 2019  |   | 

    Big Data is here to stay. A robust big data solution can help you identify your target audience, understand the needs and expectations of customers, and improve business processes. The real-time data can work wonders to take your business to the next level and therefore, it is one of the major priorities of the corporate world these days.

    How Big Data Services can Give an Edge over Peers

    Every day, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are generated in the world. As per the estimation, 1.7MB of data will be created every second for every person by 2020.In such a scenario, every company, irrespective of their size and business model, has to store, access, and analyze the data to thrive amid growing competition. Whether you own a manufacturing unit or a retail business, the Big Data concept can change the shape of your company forever.

    The big data services enable you to utilize the data gathered by connected devices. In other words, we can consider that big data and IoT are two sides of the same coin. You can also integrate big data concept with AI and ML to bring automation and making various business processes more ‘intelligent’. Here we mention seven big benefits of big data that can give you an edge over your peers.

    1. Improved Targeted Marketing

    Targeted Marketing

    You must have heard the term ‘Data manipulation’. This is an obvious and beneficial outcome of data analytics. The big data allows you to run target marketing campaigns to achieve long-term goals with some sort of predefined results. Companies can more effectively meet the demands and expectations of the target audience and implement more effective marketing strategies with high accuracy.

    Thanks to big data, you can find out what your targeted customers want and bring the products based on their needs. It can also take your marketing to the next level as you can increase the satisfaction of customers.

    2. More Business Intelligence

    Business Intelligence is a necessity for modern companies. It is designed to help the company analyze various metrics by using a set of tools. Both BI and Big Data can complement each other to manage various analysis and business operations. The big data solution can provide business insights that can be further measured by set metrics of BI (Business Intelligence). It is fair to mention that big data can widen the scope of BI and your business can leverage the advantage of both these concepts to increase productivity with a customer-centric approach.

    3. Increased Efficiency and Productivity

    Analysis of the data gathered by big data can assist you to improve the internal processes. The company can drive efficiency while garnering momentum within its core processes and activities. Ultimately, you can have an enterprise with increased efficiency and a higher success rate in daily endeavors. It translates into maximizing profit by addressing the customer’s demands efficiently.

    The big data services aim at providing solutions to make business operations more effective without compromising on the performance. You can readily manage a subtle balance between the process and demands to drive your business toward success.

    4. Higher Customer Satisfaction

    Customer Satisfaction

    As mentioned above, when your company can meet the customer’s demands more effectively, you can have a loyal customer base that can grow your business. The big data approach lets you preempt the customer’s needs in advance and helps you provide enhanced customer service. There is no exaggeration in mentioning that better customer services can win their trust and increase the level of their satisfaction. As a result, your company can get the benefits of mouth-to-mouth publicity.

    5. Cost Reduction

    A customized big data solution can provide the necessary information in real-time to enable your business to save big on overheads and other costs. You can utilize trend monitoring, predictive analytics, and event predictions to come up with a more effective strategy that needs limited resources. It results in cost reduction over the period. You can easily plan your corporate activities based on past and present trending factors as well as future occurrences.

    In brief, you can make cost reduction a routine practice by implementing big data properly at your workplace.

    6. Risk Analysis and Data Safety

    Big data analytics enable companies to perform a risk analysis to ensure that financial and process management-related factors are in good shape. Big data leads to predictive analytics, which is a useful tool for AI (Artificial Intelligence) as well; you can easily analyze every aspect ranging from social media feeds to account details. All you get is a competitive edge and stay ahead of the curve.

    What’s more, big data integrates with the cloud computing technology to provide you safe storage and data access facility. It facilitates the company management to store the confidential data on cloud-based servers and get rid of all kinds of internal as well as external threats. Data safety is one of the major advantages of big data, and a prime reason why more companies tend to embrace this concept.

    7. New Revenue Streams

    Revenue Streams

    It is necessary for any business to generate new revenue streams to sustain growth and expand footprints across the world. Big data can provide real-time information on market trends and consumer expectations. You can readily grab the opportunity on the basis of this analysis and come up with a solution that can boost the revenue.

    Summing up, the big data will remain among the top technology trends in the coming years because it can play a crucial role in achieving success through higher efficiency and productivity while keeping the customers in the core. You can reap the benefits of this futuristic concept with the help of reliable big data services.

    At Silver Touch, we ensure that your enterprise can leverage all the benefits of big data. Our big data services are designed to unleash the real potential of this revolutionary concept and offer you capabilities to identify opportunities and actionable insights to make informed decisions. We optimize your business operations from the data perspective and assist you to provide great benefits to your customers more effectively.

    Do you want to know what a big data solution can do for your business in detail? Just send us an email at Our experienced big data consultants are happy to help you out.

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