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  • Major Roadblocks in the Way of Digital Transformation of Enterprises

    Published: Nov 14, 2019  |   | 
    Digital Transformation Services

    Implementation of digital transformation solutions remains a hot potato in the corporate sector. Though all companies want to incorporate digital features at some level, many entrepreneurs find it challenging to revamp the services and business activities. Since 2013, digital transformation services have started gaining popularity and as we move to 2020, these services become more customer-centric and result-oriented than ever.

    These days, almost all industry sectors ranging from manufacturing to aviation and retail to healthcare, find it necessary to transform their operations digitally to increase efficiency and productivity. Apart from these competitive advantages, we can mention a number of business benefits of digital transformation solutions. Therefore, startups, SMEs, and large enterprises have made digital transformation a top strategic priority.

    Here comes the twist in the tale. Implementing digital transformation solutions at the workplace is not as easy as it might appear. A survey has revealed that as many as 84% of enterprises fail to transform their business digitally at some level. Here we mention some of the key reasons why companies fail to transform digitally.

    Major Challenges of Implementing Digital Transformation

    • Management Mindset

    Surprisingly, some of the leaders and C-suite executives are skeptical about integrating digital transformation solutions. Wipro Digital study has revealed a shocking truth that 1 in 5 senior executives are of opinion that digital transformation in their company is just a waste of time. Though digital transformation is the only option to survive and thrive in the age of growing competition, the management mindset remains a big obstacle in the way of transforming companies digitally.

    • Lack of communication and awareness

    Poor CommunicationImage Source

    Digital transformation services involve every aspect of business processes. Therefore, it is necessary to convey the vision of a digital transformation project effectively among employees, stakeholders, and customers alike. CEOs and COOs need to wok upon spreading awareness about the digital transformation at the workplace and convince their staff to get ready for the digital transformation process while fulfilling other necessities. Lack of communication can be a major reason for the failure of transformation.

    • Defensive approach

    What is more important today is to remain competitive while dealing with ever-changing challenges. As an entrepreneur, you need to evaluate whether your company needs to implement digital technologies and up to what extent. Many CEOs and directors take a defensive approach by mentioning the data security risks in the digital transformation process. The fear of data breach is unnecessary because digital transformation services address security concerns effectively.

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    • Cultural and behavioral obstacles

    We tend to oppose anything new at first, right? This is true for digital transformation solutions also. Employees’ behavior and the company’s culture may not enable the transformation process to run in the full swing. If the enterprise has a hierarchy pattern in a siloed way then employees cannot make a decision on their own, and as a result, they cannot give a hundred percent to the company. Also, unwillingness to learn new technologies and adopt them can remain a big hurdle.

    • Absence of internal capabilities

    From the company’s perspective, many enterprises still lack basic digital capabilities. At times, some of these companies do not trust digital transformation solutions developed by the other company. This old-school mindset remains a big hindrance to change and growth. For example, such companies neither want to co-develop the digital product nor outsource the digital transformation project. If there is a lack of internal capabilities, companies need to keep a balanced approach.

    • Inability to go with the flow

    During the Industrial Age, companies were used to working in ‘execution mode’ to get the desired results. Today, we witness a paradigm shift with tech-savvy customers and advanced solutions for almost every process. If the company fails to read the customer’s mind and stays in dark for ongoing rapid change, then it cannot address the challenges effectively by implementing digital transformation solutions.

    There is no exaggeration in mentioning that from leaders to employees, everyone needs to adapt to disruption caused by digital transformation at the workplace. Digital transformation is a need of the hour for modern businesses and enterprises that fail to implement it properly may have to pay the price in terms of slow growth and inability to face the competition. Digital transformation solutions can bring positive results rapidly if you are ready to give them enough space.

    Wrapping Up

    It is fair to mention that many entrepreneurs still sit on the fence while remained indecisive about transforming their workplace digitally. Those who have either lost their way or no idea about where to start should contact a reliable digital transformation services provider. Though you may find it a daunting task to work in synergy with partners, agencies, and vendors to bring a digital perspective for your business processes, it is going to be a game-changer in the coming years.

    We provide comprehensive digital transformation solutions by smartly implementing the advancements of emerging technologies like Blockchain, Big Data, IoT, AI, and AR. At Silver Touch, We ensure the secure transformation of your business operations while bringing automation and simplifying complexities. If you want to make the most of digital transformation for your enterprise, just drop us a line at Also, you can go through some of the case studies that reflect our domain expertise and experience.

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