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  • Five Major Steps of Green Data Center Management for Your Business

    green data center

    Energy saving and environment protection are hot potatoes in the corporate world. Both these aspects have given rise to the concept of a green data center. When it comes to using less power and get more efficiency, the green data center has no alternative. Enterprises consider the migration to the green data center as an initiative to reduce carbon footprints and curb increasing energy costs. This is one of the major reasons why the global green IT services market is predicted to cross $7 billion by 2020.

    Data center management aims at saving cost by improving efficiency and reducing the hazardous impact on the environment. It considers various aspects including material, design, waste recycling, and alternative energy options.

    Here are five steps of data center management to maximize the efficiency of the green data center and increase ROI over the period.

    Steps to keep in mind while opting for Green Data Center

    Energy Audit

    First things first- if you want to go for a green data center, you need to do a baseline energy audit. It provides real-time data of usage and efficiency. You can prepare a roadmap on the basis of this assessment.

    As data center management involves several interconnected systems, it is necessary to find out the inefficiencies in infrastructure before opting for a green data center. It can help you meet these inefficiencies through a tangible action plan.

    Focus on Environment Protection

    The very objective behind a green data center is environment protection through reducing carbon footprints. Therefore, the focus remains on environment-friendly material and practices while establishing a green data center. Some changes including paper shredding, up gradation of air compressors, and renewable energy sources for power are made to have a positive impact over the long term. Naturally cold locations are also selected to set up a data center without spending much on cooling. We will be able to save 620 billion kWh in this decade by implementing various eco-friendly practices.

    Power Usage Reduction

    Gartner has predicted that in the corporate sector, the ongoing power costs are rising at 10% on YoY basis due to an increase in cost per kWh and high demand of energy from high power density servers. There, the data center management works on decreasing the high energy demand of servers. It is possible through virtualization of workloads and data. Also, it is advisable to replace the old servers with new ones and remove dormant servers that consume a lot of energy.

    You can readily reduce the power usage by migrating to the green data center.

    Cooling Optimization

    As mentioned above, selection of a naturally cold place for establishing a green data center is a smart move. It saves a lot of energy spent on cooling and thereby reducing the OpEx (Operational Expenses). The data center managers can utilize the cold atmosphere by installing air economizers outside. Also, air conditioners should be set as per the outer temperature while meeting the real-time cooling requirements. Elimination of excessive heat is also necessary for cooling optimization.

    Modular Design

    Prefabricated data center solutions can facilitate you to serve various objectives with the help of modular packages. These solutions target particular aspects like deployment speed, reliability, and performance to reduce cost.

    A modular designed green data center can also provide more flexibility to meet growing computation demands. It can save resources and needs less space as compared to traditional data centers. The pre-configured solutions also take less deployment time. You can start using the green data center in 3 to 4 months after purchase.

    From addressing structural inefficiencies to following eco-friendly practices- green data center remains a smart choice for modern business. You can save a lot by reducing power usage in the data center and decrease carbon footprints significantly. These data center management steps will remain handy for you to initiate green practices in storing and accessing your valuable corporate data. However, it is always better to consult a reliable green data center services provider to implement these steps.

    Business Scenarios in which Virtual or Green Data Center can HelpImplementation of a green data center can assist you to achieve the following objectives.

    • Consolidation of data and business processes
    • Continuity and Disaster restoration
    • Test and Development of processes
    • Security and easy access to data

    It is fair to mention that the sooner you start using the green data center, the sooner you leverage its benefits.

    Concluding Lines

    We are committed to protecting the environment as a certified partner for server visualization solutions from VMware. Our experienced IT professionals use their skills and cutting-edge technologies to develop eco-friendly solutions for global corporate clients. Let’s join hands to save our Mother Earth from pollution and hazardous material.

    If you want to implement virtualization in saving your valuable data, we will be happy to help! Just connect with us by dropping a line at

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