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  • Smart City Services using Digital Technology to Improve Quality of Lifestyle

    Published: Jun 13, 2019  |   | 
    smart cities digital solutions for better quality of lifestyle

    After so many years of efforts put in, infrastructure leaders now comprehend that smart-city strategies start with people and not the technology used. Further, with an increase in urban population, it has turned crucial to have adequate technology resources in most of the cities.

    In the past technology was the main driver of economic growth and enhanced quality of life. However, now that has changed. Today, consistently capturing decisive data to enhance the quality of life has turned significant. With the use of smart technologies, better visibility within the cities can be obtained, which help in identifying solutions and services that are requisite by people in different cities.

    Multiple applications address these sorts of realistic and human disquiet. It finds that cities can utilize smart city solutions with modernized technologies to get better on the essential quality of life indicators by 10 percent to 30 percent that transforms into lives saved, easy to reach healthcare services and control in chemical emissions.

    What Transforms a City to Smart City?

    Smart city services blend digital technology and real-time data to make healthier decisions and perk up the quality of life. Many cities are even conducting green technology campaigns to promote smart urban improvements. These technologies comprise of quick air quality notifications and alert systems, advanced solar-powered equipment, and energy-conscious projects.

    The usage of digital technology by people and organizations also matter. Smart cities can be powered for financial growth just as digital solutions have altered businesses and consumer way of life.

    Many applications thrive only if they are extensively accepted and are able to alter behavior. For instance, they persuade people to rapidly transform healthcare, education and telecom domains by actual use of such applications which are closely related to them. This indirectly covers utilities such as transit while off-hours, adjusting routes and using limited energy as well as water resources.

    The Prospective to Advance the Urban Quality of Life

    Smart-city services applications have the potential to affect multiple dimensions of quality-of-life such as health, safety, environment, time, social connectivity, jobs and the overall cost of living. The results vary with cities like in some cities swift accessibility to low-cost sensors as well as networking technologies has enabled advanced technology phenomenon which works well for the urban population.

    Smart City applications can assist in improving elements of public safety

    Deploying an assortment of applications to their utmost effect could substantially lessen losses through homicide, fires as well as accidents on roads by 8 percent to 10 percent. In a city with more crimes, this can be a better means to save lives. Incidents of stabbing, theft, robbery, and stealing could be trimmed down by 30 percent to 40 percent. With these statistics and metrics, there are even other benefits of providing the resident’s free movement and harmony.

    • Smart City applications can assist in making daily travel swifter and lesser frustrating

    For really turning to a smart city, a city needs its travel and transportation resources to be within reach. Doing this really needs a smart travel planning and support process. Having said that they must be able to locate or find out when the subsequent bus or cab is arriving and flawlessly plan their daily travels. Also, in actually smart space, citizens must be enabled to park their private vehicles and pay for it right from their mobile phones.

    • Smart Cities can provide a better Sustainable Environment

    Applications enabling automation systems in buildings, dynamic electricity costing, and mobility solutions could merge to cut emissions by 10 percent to 15 percent. Processes like water consumption monitoring, with modernized metering combined with digital feedback messages, can take people towards conservation of around 15 percent in cities where housing flow usage is more. In developing countries, the prime source of water misuse is the leakage of water from pipes. Having sensors, alerts, and analytics can cut losses by around 25 percent. Applications like pay-as-you-throw digital monitoring can trim down the volume of solid waste per capita around 20 percent.

    Smart Cities Alter the Economics of Infrastructure and Introduce new Business Partnerships

    Infrastructure investment these days can be less money-intensive and executed as short-term plans. By utilizing the precise combinations of customary construction, smart-city technologies and solutions, they can take action more dynamically to how demand is varying or altering with time. For instance, if the population in a city is growing on a rapid pace constructing a new bus set-up will take more time as compared to starting a minibus travel service which can be an on-demand solution developed by a privately held company in partnership to the related administration. This will promote the economics of infrastructure and bring in new business partnership opportunities in that city.

    Moving Forward

    Many countries are piloting a selection of smart-technology projects all the way through the cities to set free a series of real-time services to their citizens. On the other hand at the city levels, instead of taking a master-plan to advancements, some cities place them as ecosystems, building associations and also physical spaces for collaboration. Amongst them, the advanced thinking communities have by now sketched out their smart city blueprints with pilot projects in hand. Even many urban centers have already partnered with leading organizations to take smart city solutions a step further.

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