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  • Essential Tips for Selecting the Right Software Development Company

    Published: Feb 22, 2019  |   | 

    This is one of the highly asked questions when looking for a perfect software development company. The answer to this question depends on certain things like the type of software you want to develop and how much want to invest. In this blog, I will try to share knowledge that will help you choose the reputed software Development Company. We will also see how to make a better choice when working with a leading IT company in the market.

    The First Step: Make a list of the requirements

    Make the list of requirements so you can share with multiple IT companies and get their quotation. This will help to know to narrow down some of the companies based on their charges and working model. Another advantage of this is that it helps IT companies to prepare a software development plan and complete your work faster.

    The Second Step: Choose the best software development company from the list

    Choosing the services or development model on earlier stage for software development makes it a lot better for business, marketing and budget planning. It has become a trend between IT companies to provide flexible software development model so that you can have the best results and also save money. Now, there are not many companies who can offer you these options, but this a plus point because only experienced and reputed companies provide this type of flexibility. This is going to narrow down your search for a software development company.

    Some of the highly opted software development models

    • Dedicated Team for complete software development - Highly Recommended
    • Offshore Development Centre (ODC) - For application development, continuous support and maintenance for the software. (Advisable for a large application or big project) – Highly Recommended
    • Hourly Based Model - For customized application development – Recommended
    • Project-Based for fixed feature software development (available with all the IT companies) - Not recommended because you will have to pay more if you want to deploy extra features into the application.

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    The Third Step: Identify the right software development company

    Don’t go for words, look for results and portfolio. Many organizations will say that we can accomplish your work at a certain time and price, believe me not every IT company can complete your project on time. To identify the right company check their case studies, clients list, portfolios and most importantly ask them the plan for software Development Company. This will help you to choose a company that can be trusted with work and information.

    The Fourth Step: Check the company’s strength and availability of resources for new technology

    It’s time for you to choose the technology stack for software development. This is important if you want your application to compete for other application in the market. Technology stack will add advance and new functionalities and features to the application. If you can find a company that can offer you resources for AI, ML, big data, Node.js, Angular.js and etc. These are the trending technologies and chosen for enterprise applications. Benefits of these technologies can directly impact on marketing and the company’s performance.

    The Fifth step: Select an IT company

    This is the last step but important of all if you have followed all the above steps mentioned in the blog. In this step, we will see the characteristics of a good IT company. This can narrow on down your list or finally, you will able to select the one company.

    Characteristics of software development Company

    • 20+years of experience in providing IT services
    • IT company that can sign NDA and do all the paperwork
    • No language barrier
    • Business analyzing
    • Availability of resources at flexible time zone
    • 24/7 support and maintenance
    • Ability to add extra resources any time
    • Daily project updates and timesheet of the resources
    • Accept intermediate changes in the application
    • Creative designers
    • Cost-effective solutions

    If you have come across an IT company that can offer all of the above services, then you should go for it and sign the good contract.

    Silver Touch Development Company

    To ease your search for a perfect software Development Company ends here. Silver Touch Technologies Inc. is a CMMI-DEV Level 5, certified with ISO and work with 1500+ resources all over the world. To know more about us visit


    Selecting one IT company from the market is becoming tougher every day because of the emerging of new technologies and services. Always remember that a good IT company always share analyzed plan for your business with software development and a quotation. This tells how the company operates and how a systemic approach is given to your project. The above steps are just outlined for you to choose one company out of many. At last, be sure of the company, make sure that they are meeting all your requirements at all your conditions. The perfect software development company never tells no for clients’ conditions and requirements so never forget to demand yours. To know more about our services and technology visit us at

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