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We develop advanced, customized applications using the latest technology to optimize your workflow, provide valuable insights, and boost your business operations.

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Dynamic desktop applications, customized to your needs

Trust Silver Touch, a leading software development company, to create custom desktop applications that cater to your business and leisure needs. Our unique ‘best of both’ approach utilizes web technologies to seamlessly deliver applications to target desktops. Get reliable and effective software solutions tailored to your requirements.

Silver Touch Approach

Working with you we will establish what you would like your desktop application to do. We then produce a full functional specification mapping out how every feature and function will operate.

Budding businesses can increase their profits and revenues

At Silver Touch, we design and develop web apps that truly reflect business identity of our clients. Our designers and developers focus more on innovative concepts and deliver an app that can bring for you innumerable benefits or in short, “success” you desire in your business.

We Do Things Differently

We do the research, we analyse the results and we develop ideas into reality. Our experts always think about user attraction, experience and business transaction – all at the same time.

Why choose us for your software development needs?

At Silver Touch, our highly skilled software developers work to deliver customized solutions that align perfectly with your business requirements. With our software development services, we bring your ideas to life and provide efficient and effective solutions. Trust our software development company to help you succeed in the ever-evolving digital world.

  • Tailor-made Software Development Services
  • Enhanced Security & Protection
  • Flexible & Scalable
  • Compatible and Tested
  • Maintenance & Support
Desktop Applications

Supports download and previewSupports download and preview

Desktop apps can support download and preview much better than its counterpart. Another small but critical thing is the ability to copy things to the clipboard, allows for easy access to the notification system. These are the things that get more attention.

People spend 34% more timePeople spend 34% more time

Desktop apps run on a stand-alone basis on a personal computer. They are most reliable and trustworthy among all. These applications don’t rely on an Internet connection in most instances. It certainly offers users a securer software experience.

Users Feel a Greater Sense of Ownership

Because storing important and confidential information is quite secure.

Web Applications

No need to develop and test it on all OS versions and configurations.

Users access the system via a uniform environment the browser. While the user interaction with the app needs to be thoroughly tested on different web browsers, the application itself needs only be developed for a single operating system.

  • 2518 Projects Delivered
  • 169+ Overseas Clients

Software Development Portfolio

Let’s discuss your next web app idea; we’ll help you make your next web app a massive success!
  • 1000+Clients Served
  • 750+Overseas Clients
Integrated Software Solution - iTUFS
  • Technology: ASP .NET, .NET MVC, SQL

Integrated Software Solution - iTUFS

Project Description
  • The online web based system will help to automate and manage the various schemes offered by the Ministry of Textiles to the textile and jute industry.
  • Provides access to beneficiaries to submit new applications for availing subsidy under prevailing scheme.
  • Provides access to TxC/Ministry to track new applications & claim under prevailing scheme.
  • Provide common platform for maintaining all schemes (MTUF,RTUF,RRTUF) under Department.
  • Provide query based reports for The Textile Commissioner Office and the Ministry of Textile Users.
  • SMS and Email notifications for Beneficiary at every stages.
  • User Dashboards.
Integrated Treasury and Financial Management System
  • Technology: ASP .NET

Integrated Treasury and Financial Management System

Project Description

Integrated Treasury and Financial Management System.

  • DDO login for budget management - Collection, consolidation, submission and its approval.
  • Fund Management - Receipt of Funds, bifurcation, sanction and re-appropriation for DDO level.
  • Bill Processing - Submission, Receiving, Cancellation, Re-submission, Passing, Disbursement.
  • HRMS - Complete Process right from Recruitment, Attendance, Leaves, Disciplinary Action, LTC Loan & advances to employee, Payroll, Super Annulations, Gratuity, Generation of various schedules of deduction made, Pensions, New Pension Scheme & GPF.
  • Online Receipt & Payments.
  • Financial Accounting - Abstract & Expense Register.
  • Treasury - Purchase, Strong Room Operations (Receipt & Sale of various Denomination value of judicial & non judicial stamp papers), eStamping, Auditing Module and Other Fringe Modules.
Labour Market Information System
  • Technology: ASP .NET

Labour Market Information System

Project Description
  • LMIS - A Labour Market Information System (LMIS) is a labour market policy instrument to improve the information flow in the labour market. Labour Market Information (LMI) refers to all the data, quantitative and qualitative which describes the labour market. Increasingly the LMIS also provides tools and resources to help people decide on careers and find work.
  • One stop platform for providing information on skill Development for entrusted stakeholders.
  • Training Provider Registration.
  • Candidate Skill Registration.
  • Central Database for Skilled Labour, Unskilled Labour training Providers, Training Centres, Courses, Candidates, Jobs, Employers, Assessors, Trainers National Qualification Register (NQR)- Searchable web repository of qualification files supplied by NSDA.
  • Search Courses & Location-wise Training Centers.
  • Data-sources Integration – From 10 major data sources like NCVT, SDIS, SDMS, MSME etc.

Software Testing

Lower costs, improve quality, deploy with confidence.

With our comprehensive range of testing services you reduce costs, give users a better experience, minimize disruption of IT deployments and deploy systems with a complete understanding of the risks.

Desktop Applications

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  • We will not reveal any of your info.
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