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  • Big Data and IoT are Two Sides of the Same Coin

    Published: Jan 18, 2019  |   | 
    Big Data and IOT

    Big Data and IoT have a very close relationship with each other whereas the main question that caters in everyone’s mind is that are Big Data and IoT are two sides of the same coin?

    Nowadays, using data for the analytic purpose is not a new thing but the volume of data available to us and this large volume of data is available due to IoT. When more and more devices are connected with each other you’ll get a big data pool. But, we know this explanation won’t help you to clear the doubt of how Big data and IoT are two sides of same coin and how they actually differ from each other. Whatever the future it may bring, but the current reality will remain the same as it’s all about doing business at the end. Let’s begin with studying some of the scenarios that determine Big Data and IoT.

    With the rise of Big Data and IoT, numbers of devices are connected to the Internet which will rise to 50 million by 2020. 

    • In 2011, more than 12 million Radio Frequency identification tags were sold and are expected to increase by 200+ billion by 2020. This figure might increase as per Big Data and IoT takes off.
    • On an average, we send 204 million emails, generate 1.8 million Facebook likes, send 278 thousand tweets, and upload 200 thousand photos to Facebook every minute.
    • It is expected that the industry will grow from the US $10 billion to approx. The US $ 80 billion by 2020.

    How IoT and Big Data enhance each other?

    Big Data is used in IoT with making an extremely important business field. It happens with using Big Data that IoT works well. Few of the intelligent devices communicate with each other through embedded sensors to transmit, analyze and make predictions. It is really imperative to distinguish between IoT and Big Data as it helps companies to revamp their data storage by providing big facilities. People are nowadays moving to cloud to handle the heavy load of heterogeneous data. They are mainly prompted to invest in Cloud-based solutions.

    Big Data Excited before the Internet of Things

    Before we look forward, we can say that the first thing that came into existence is Big Data before the Internet of things. It was the year 2007, that analysts have been kept tracking the size of the digital data with creating a replicated and consumed data annually. It’s said that the IoT has changed the prediction with believing that the amount of data would double every two years with reaching the 40 Zettabyte by 2020. This number is surely going to increase as the impact of IoT will change.

    Do you think IoT is changing Big Data?

    Do you really think that IoT and Big Data are connected with each other as IoT is the only source for Big Data? We can say that IoT and cloud storage are the best options to make it easier for users to store a vast amount of data that flows into companies every day. The IoT is also a source of data generation that connects devices and make up the growing IoT for collecting data with increasing Big Data analysts. With this, it’s clear the connected devices and sensors will make up collecting the data and other joints to grow the amount of big data available to assist them in making decisions.

    Are Big Data and IoT are two sides of the same coin?

    Regardless of the connection, they both work with different purpose where Big Data possibly comes with most malleable usage. It can be used for loT ranging from marketing to the Internet of Things. Whereas, IoT is outlined to bring Internet enable device to your home. This makes your home connected to internet by using advanced development in this techy world.


    However, in the later time, the biggest challenge of IoT will help in data collection with minimizing the benefits of data that tries to assist you by providing tools to sort. In the end, it means that the data is going to continue flowing into companies with using extensive and enduring impact.

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