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  • Top 5 Robotic Process Automation Trends to Rule in 2020

    Published: Jan 30, 2020  |   | 
    robotic process automation services

    What makes modern enterprises more special? Well, diversity and more capability to adopt changes can be one of our answers. Robotic process automation services can make it possible by transforming business processes into more convenient and user-centric ones. The year 2019 has seen remarkable growth in the popularity of RPA in the corporate sector. Forrester has predicted that the market of the RPA services will grow to $12 billion by 2023.

    What does it mean? The concept of RPA is here to stay and the upcoming year 2020 is not different when it comes to the growing prevalence of RPA services. Be it process automation or handling legacy processes, RPA can give an effective solution to many business processes that are repetitive in nature. Let’s quickly go through what lies ahead for the RPA technology in the year 2020 and beyond. We will start with IA (Intelligence Automation) because it has a direct connection with the RPA strategy.

    1. Intelligence Automation will prevail

    We know IA (Intelligence Automation) since a long time, of course, with different perspectives. Here we mean of IA as the pairing of process automation with machine learning, a cognitive discipline of AI (Artificial Intelligence). We can expect that in 2020, the corporate sector will opt for a fully integrated IA approach to find values in both workforce capacity and overall efficiency. We will also witness excellent collaboration between digital workforce and human talent thanks to the digital workforce management.

    Simply put, Intelligent Automation is ready to take a giant leap in 2020 with an aim to deliver optimum results. AI-powered automation and rules-based RPA services will also contribute to spread IA.

    2. AI and Analytics will be Mainstreamed

    As mentioned above, AI will start taking charge of RPA services in the year 2020. The AI technology enables robotic process automation to address ever-changing business demands and client expectations. AI and programming bots are expected to remain the key driver for 30% CAGR growth of RPA and related services. The convergence of AI and RPA will take automation to the next level in the near future.

    We will see various RPA use cases consist of AI and analytics. In 2020 and beyond, various departments like IT, Contact Centers, and Service Desk will remain the big beneficiaries of RPA solutions.

    Customized RPA solutions cannot take out the need for enterprise applications completely. In fact, the RPA solutions will promote complicated and integrated frameworks to ensure smooth operations. There, analytics come into the picture. The RPA software developer can build RPA software based on the available corporate insights.

    3. Data Security will Have More Focus

    Data Security

    The RPA solution is usually considered as a tool to increase productivity and efficiency. To an extent, this is true because RPA solutions can handle tedious procedures to enhance the overall efficiency. But, the year 2020 will change this notion. As RPA services rely more on AI and analytics to develop advanced solutions, their focus will remain on data security methodologies. As robotic bots always remain vulnerable to threats, any human mistake can increase the risk of data breach remarkably.

    In today’s fast-paced working environment, plenty of sensitive corporate data keeps on transmitting across dissimilar groups, devices, sellers, customers, etc. Humans are not capable enough to handle this stream of data, and this situation leads to the mistake. RPA bots will assist the enterprises to alleviate human mistakes. The reason is simple. The RPA bots are designed to deal with data-oriented tasks more effectively and without any mistake.

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    4. Reality Checks will be Followed

    reality check

    As more enterprises will opt for digital transformation, entrepreneurs will certainly consider its impact on daily operations and productivity. It will lead the RPA industry to a reality check. Today, various automation tools are available in the market and awareness for using the right tool for specific business processes is increased in the corporate world. For example, RPA can work wonders in computer-based processes that do not need or fit for API. But, complex business processes that can be handled through an API are better managed by enterprise applications as compared to bots.

    What’s more, a proper configuration of the bot is necessary to handle business operations. If the bot is not ready for unexpected circumstances, it can affect the workflow and break the pattern of automated tasks. Therefore, RPA service providers have to consider every possible scenario while developing a bot to ensure the successful flow of automation. With this, it will be necessary to understand the difference between RPA and machine learning.

    5. Adoption will Grow

    Robotic Process Automation is all set to perform many manual repetitive actions in the year 2020. Various industry sectors will consider deployment of robotic bots to bring automation in tedious and repetitive tasks. It will increase the adoption rate of RPA. We can get the hint of the same in forecasted spending on RPA software will exceed billion dollars in 2020.

    It is fair to mention that robotic bots will replace human resources in various tasks. But then, these resources can be better utilized in more productive processes. There is no point in believing that the growing adoption of RPA will create a problem of unemployment worldwide. Let’s see how these trends will come into action in the year 2020.

    Concluding Lines

    At Silver Touch, our experienced developers can assist you to integrate a digital workforce at your workplace. We offer the best-in-class RPA services in a cost-effective way to the global corporate clientele. If you want to know more about the benefits of RPA and its scope for your enterprise, simply drop us a line at You can also get in touch to have a FREE Online Demo from our expert business consultants.

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