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  • Role of Green Data Centers in Promoting Green Technology

    Published: Sep 4, 2019  |   | 

    ‘Go Green’ initiative has grown up to a big revolutionary movement in the corporate world from Asia-Pacific to Europe. Green data centers can play a pivotal role in promoting green technology. A Global Market Insights report has predicted that the green data center market will witness strong growth of over 30% in the Asia Pacific region thanks to the trend of adopting cloud technology in India and China. European companies also participate in the green energy movement by embracing green data centers.

    A green data center can give the enterprises an edge by increasing energy efficiency and enhancing performance. Startups, SMEs, and large companies can get the benefits of a green data center in a cost-effective way. What’s more, these data centers can minimize the adverse impact on the environment. Green data centers consist of low-emission material to build sustainable ecosystems based on recycling of waste material.

    How US and Europe are taking advantages of Green Data Centers?

    Service providers have found that following green practices can be a USP (Unique Selling Point) to sell services in the European market. The reason is simple- Europeans care for environment conservation. A study has revealed that eight in ten EU citizens consider the environmental impact while purchasing products. Here, the green data centers lend a helping hand. They can harness everything from arctic winds to the Baltic Sea while reducing energy usage and thereby reducing the carbon footprints.

    US companies that want to enter the European market can collocate data centers for utilizing green technology while finding new efficiency measures for remaining competitive in the market.

    In a way, the European and American companies leverage the benefits of green data centers.

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    It is necessary to keep the equipment cool to ensure a smooth and seamless running of the corporate client’s applications. The green data center services provider chiefly focuses on this as it is one of the major daily activities. The data center service providers have implemented more energy-efficient cooling technologies to serve this objective. For example, free air cooling can reduce the use of electricity that is chiefly generated by using conventional fuels. Green data centers contribute to conserving the environment for their clients.

    Some of the European data centers have initiated the use of sustainable or renewable energy sources like solar, wind power, and water. In Stockholm, the green data centers are built in a way that excess heat can be reused to warm households. One Denmark-based green data center services provider has developed groundwater cooling technology as an energy-saving measure. Such innovations make green data centers energy-efficient and eco-friendly.

    The entire Nordic region along with Denmark is a leading place for establishing sustainable data centers. They have a cold climate and sustainable sources like wind power and hydropower have made it possible to build highly energy-efficient data centers. Another notable example is of Ireland-based data centers. They are also setting new milestones in energy efficiency by bringing new approaches to data center infrastructure.

    There is no exaggeration in mentioning that the Europe-based data centers are significant contributors to conserve the environment with eco-friendly and energy-efficient practices.

    lady in data center

    In a nutshell, green data centers have brought radical changes in the concept of data centers by promoting green technology. Energy-efficiency combined with sustainable energy sources for daily operations have put green data centers in the core of eco-friendly practices. Enterprises can boost their business while remaining environment-friendly with the help of such data centers. Environment, as well as local communities, can remain large beneficiaries of green data centers.

    Concluding Lines

    Building green data centers is a costly affair, but in a long-term, it is proven as a cost-saving strategy. Once the data center is operational, the service provider and companies can avail its advantages. The consistent growth in the market size of green data centers across the world highlights its growing adoption in the corporate world. Be it renewable energy or conserving the environment, we simply cannot neglect the vital role of the green data centers.

    At Silver Touch, we are committed to protecting our environment by promoting green data center. If you want to know more about the eco-friendly data center or strengthen the movement to conserve our environment through technology, send us an email at All you get is enterprise-grade data center solutions from a leading green data center services provider.

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