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  • How Digital Transformation Shapes the Future of Modern Industries

    Published: Sep 12, 2019  |   | 
    Importance of Digital Transformation

    Digital transformation is a buzzword in the corporate sector these days; still, many companies are yet to get its benefits. Though companies claim to implement digital transformation in their system, they simply do not serve all the objectives. There, digital transformation consulting plays a crucial role in making entrepreneurs understand the key areas to be focused on the effective digital transformation of their business.

    How to make the most of Digital Transformation

    From marketing to day-to-day activities, digital transformation needs to be integrated into every business process to get an optimal outcome. Let us go through the ways you can implement digital transformation in your business from the perspective of a digital transformation services provider. We will also see the scope of digital transformation in modern business.

    Digital Marketing

    digital marketing

    Yes, it is necessary to replace traditional marketing methods with digital marketing channels. It can give your company a competitive edge over peers who have not switched to digital marketing techniques. Here are the key points to avail the advantage of digital marketing methods.

    • TV ads should be replaced by YouTube and Instagram ads. You can also utilize Facebook to reach a vast audience.
    • Instead of taking advantage of print media, you can opt for blogging and other online content marketing campaigns.
    • You can go for downloadable brochures and portfolios instead of printed material. You can also leverage the benefits of a thriving mobile platform by developing a feature-rich business app.

    Marketing leads to sales. Therefore, it is necessary to transform your marketing methods from traditional to digital to stay ahead of the curve.

    Digital Workplace


    When it comes to increasing efficiency and productivity of your company, a digital transformation services provider will suggest you bring automation in repetitive processes and improve the stock management system. Digital transformation can also help you improve relationships with customers by offering them better services.

    In today’s technology-driven age, people tend to embrace digitization and automation for increased convenience. Your employees will also welcome automation at the workplace and their efficiency will certainly increase because of the digital system.

    After seeing the importance of digital transformation at your workplace, let’s have a glimpse on a few scopes of digital transformation in today’s competitive environment. In other words, we will now see how digital transformation assists you to boost your business.

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    How Digital Transformation Helps You Boost Business

    Digital transformation consulting aims at providing entrepreneurs information regarding digital transformation and discussing every aspect. For example, as compared to the past, customers have different expectations and requirements today. Digital transformation can help you meet them with ease. Uber is a classic example of fulfilling people’s private transportation requirements. It analyzed the expectations and experience of people while using a cab. Then, they transform the entire taxi-hailing process digitally. It shows that digital can improve the user experience while meeting their requirements effectively.

    The mobile app development company can integrate advanced features of emerging technologies to promote digital transformation. Here, companies seek digital transformation consulting to address the user’s pain points. When pain points are removed, it can enhance the customer’s experience and the brand value increases. HP Tango is an example of addressing the user’s pain point of running out of ink and giving an order. HP has made its printer HP Tango in a way that it automatically checks ink levels and order for a new ink when it is running low.

    It shows the potential of digital transformation to open up new revenue streams and enhances customer satisfaction. The digital transformation services provider can offer a blend of services to solve the user’s problems and make your business ready to meet ever-changing expectations. It is fair to mention that digital transformation is a need of the hour and future of modern business. If you want to thrive amid growing competition, this is a powerful weapon in your hand.

    Wrapping Up

    The year 2020 is going to be a milestone year for digital transformation services because many companies are either planning or in process of implementing digital transformation at the workplace. In the corporate world, the paradigm shift from boosting efficiency to promoting innovation is visible for digital transformation. It means that more companies will embrace it in the coming years to remain competitive and address challenges.

    Almost 85% of decision-makers feel that they have only two years to integrate digital transformation in the system. In such a scenario, we can expect the prevalence of digitally transformed enterprises across various industry sectors in the near future.

    At Silver Touch, we integrate technological advancements in our enterprise software solutions to transform your business digitally. As a leading digital transformation services provider, we assist you to defy odds by connecting every dot and give your customers a rich experience. Our digital transformation program consists of 4Ps- People, Process, Portfolio, and Platform. Connect with us at to know more about the role and business benefits of digital transformation.

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