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  • How to Hire the Best Front-end Developer for Your Web Project

    Published: Oct 2, 2020  |   | 

    What is the most important factor to consider attracting people toward your web application or a website? Of course, it’s look and feel that matters the most because it can make the first impression on the users. Companies hire front-end developers to attract and engage people with excellent look and feel of their web applications and websites.

    In this mobile-driven age, can you afford to have a website or an app with an outdated and lackluster user interface (UI)? As an entrepreneur, you always want to offer an excellent user experience (UX) to your customers, right? There, front-end development can help you with making an appealing and interactive UI compatible with mobile, wearables, and even cars.

    Front-end Developers- Specialization and Importance

    Front-end developers are master in three major web technologies- CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Today, JavaScript is evolved to make highly interactive and complex web applications with many user-friendly features. JavaScript can be used in multiple programming paradigms to meet diverse business needs. Frameworks like AngularJS, Vue.js, Node.js, etc. are highly capable of leveraging the benefits of JavaScript while making feature-rich web solutions.

    When you hire front-end developers, they can evaluate the scope and define the strategy to make interactive and engaging web applications with desired features. Most of the front-end developers are specialized in various JavaScript frameworks and having a broad skill set for using different technologies across these frameworks. But then, it is important to hire the best front-end developers from a reputed software development company. Here we give you an idea of how to hire best front-end developers for your next web project.

    Types of Front-end Developers

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    Usually, we have freshers and experienced front-end developers available for hire. It all depends on the project requirements and other related aspects including budget. Let’s go through the essential skills for fresher and experienced front-end developers you should look for while hiring them.

    Necessary Skills for Fresher Front-end Developer

    HTML/CSS- It all starts with HTML and CSS in the front-end development. HTML is the most basic block necessary to develop websites and web apps. CSS can stylize the fonts, layouts, and colors of the pages made by using HTML.

    JavaScript/jQuery- JavaScript gives functionality to your webpage. Whether you want to include games or animation, scrolling, or audio/video, JavaScript can enable front-end developers to add any of them. Apart from JavaScript, these days, front-end developers should also know jQuery, a library consists of plugins and extensions.

    CSS Preprocessors- Freshers must have knowledge of CSS preprocessors because CSS is incomplete without them. Sass, LESS, and other preprocessors make CSS more advanced for integrating different functionality.

    Version Control- The front-end developers need to know version controlling that allows them to record the changes done to various files. With this, it is necessary to have sufficient knowledge of responsive web design. It can help them build a mobile-friendly website to make the most of a mobile-first approach.

    Testing/Debugging- Software application developers should have adequate knowledge of testing and debugging. It helps them write error-free code.

    Along with these essential skills, fresher developers should have an idea of different browsers and their page rendering processes. Also, they should able to use the browser development tools comprises an inspector and JavaScript console.

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    After going through the required skill set for freshers, let’s dig deep into the skill set of experienced front-end developers.

    Necessary Skillset for Experienced Front-end Developers

    Experienced front-end developers must have the skill set necessary for freshers. Also, they should know the ES6 (ECMA Script Programming Language-version 6). It is useful for large-scale software development solutions because it has more features than JavaScript.

    Also, experienced front-end developers need to know Test Driven Development aka TDD. It is a programming and agile design technique in which the front-end developer writes a test before creating the code. If the code fails the test, the developer has to rectify it and make it pass the test.

    Apart from these technical skills, experienced front-end developers should have basic soft skills like effective communication and teamwork. Also, they should be self-starters and capable of handling the web project on their own.

    Concluding Lines

    Front-end web development is thriving with the advent of new technologies. Out of many front-end developers, choosing the right one for your web project is quite a task. However, the skillset mentioned here for fresher and experienced front-end developers will certainly assist you to hire best front-end developers. You can also contact a reliable and reputed web development company to get more insights of front-end development.

    Silver Touch Technologies is a leading software development company. With over 1400 qualified IT professionals and state-of-the-art infrastructure, we provide the best-in-class software development solutions. You can hire software application developers for your upcoming web project in AngularJS, React, Node.js, or Vue.js from Silver Touch in a cost-effective way. Simply drop us a line at and our expert consultants will get back to you soon.

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