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  • What CEOs and CFOs should know about Digital Transformation?

    Published: Oct 28, 2020  |   | 
    Digital Transformation information

    Digital transformation is one of the most discussed topics in the corridors of the corporate sector. In the recent pandemic time when all the industries struggle to maintain efficiency and productivity amid social distancing and other norms, digital transformation solutions can lend a helping hand toward entrepreneurs. There is no exaggeration in mentioning that the COVID age is the right time to implement digital transformation in the business processes.

    Digital transformation is an ongoing process that involves many technologies to improve processes, increase efficiency, and enhance the customer experience. It is like embracing a new lifestyle driven by advancing technology. With mobile internet everywhere and Google Assistant is available on smartphones, the digital world is ready to transform business processes for more productivity and increasing ROI.

    Let’s understand the factors CEOs and CFOs should know while implementing digital transformation at their workplaces. We will start with technology implications and end with the success parameters.

    Implications of Digital Transformation

    Technically speaking, humans have a digital interface these days. Without sending an email to prospective customers or hiring a salesperson to meet business objectives, you can come up with a user-friendly mobile app that gets you an immediate response. What’s more, the company’s app and the website are managed by the software bot for answering questions and resolving customer issues. Indeed, it enables us to make a huge leap in productivity because bots can manage all tedious and repetitive tasks efficiently.

    Talking about smart mobile apps, they not only communicate with humans but also utilize the power of sensors like accelerometers and pulse meters to give an instant response. Whether it is driving or scheduling, ordering, or invoicing, all activities can be managed with the assistance of a custom software development company.

    Big data and AI (Artificial Intelligence) can pave the way for innovation in digital transformation solutions. For example, the retail company can get data related to their customers through IoT devices and even Facebook visits. Big data analytics can analyze the data and provide actionable insights to the firm. As a result, management can make informed decisions. Though here privacy issues need to be addressed. You can consult a reputed software development company to meet this challenge effectively and enhance the trust of customers in your business.

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    What are Digital ‘Things’ in Digital Transformation Solutions?

    Your car, home, equipment, and machines are getting smarter thanks to evolving IoT technology. The advancement of IoT also reflects in the rise of IIoT (Industrial IoT) that brings new business models for enhancing the customer experience. It is like your new employees serving your consumers in a different way in a new environment. Today, companies cannot limit themselves to websites and mobile apps, it is imperative for modern enterprises to show their presence across various devices and social media networks.

    Simply put, your company needs to implement technological changes from manufacturing and marketing perspectives. The digital wave has also disrupted industries like hospitality, transportation, and banking. When it comes to providing a rich customer experience with enhanced services, digital transformation can take your company to a new level.

    Now, comes the real question- what is your company’s position in the wave of digital transformation? Other questions you may ask are- how fast you can implement digital transformation in your workplace? What are the success factors for digital transformation solutions? Let’s attempt to find the answers to these questions.

    Success Factors for Digital Transformation

    Analysts are of opinion that over a couple of years, digital transformation could disrupt the way businesses interact with their customers, services, and products. Digital transformation solutions can give more stimuli for change, and no entrepreneurs can ignore it. This is the right time to become a digital pioneer than become digital immigrants. The success factor for digital transformation lies in getting mature before the digital wave comes into your sector in a full swing. How about consulting a robust and reputed IT consultant company to know more?

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