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  • Emerging Technologies To Lookout in 2023

    Published: Jan 4, 2019  |   | 
    Emerging Technologies and it's Implementation

    Emerging Technologies, the advantages, reach out, vision are the talk of the hour. Application of Intelligence let it be the way of doing things smartly or achieving the result in a more simple and easy manner, or storing data in digital form on a virtual platform, is nothing but traces of emerging technologies. When we speak about Emerging technologies, they are primarily unique, quick, consistent, effective, uncertain and ambiguous. Fuel Cell Vehicles, NextGen Robotics, Digital Genome, Artificial Intelligence, Addictive Manufacturing are few examples of Emerging Technologies. The Modern world is unknowingly associated with technology and believably the technology itself is the reason for a modern world. Risks and technological breakthroughs are part and parcel of innovations. Zero emission cars to chips mapping human brain are few examples of emerging technologies. Undoubtedly the emerging technologies transform the industries to the next level.

    Development of Emerging Technologies

    Innovations and economic growth are directly proportionate to each other. Sometimes the economic revolutions are the result of great innovation. Economic growth can invest more and more into emerging technologies.  Greater resources are to be invested to yield the best results.

    Research & Development plays an important and influencing role in the progress of Emerging Technologies.

    A Systematic inquiry involving the practical application of science in the form of applied research. Applied research involves and uses partial or complete information from functional areas such as academic theories. Technological innovations mostly are of global interest. The purpose should match the national goals and acceptable globally. Applied research in the areas of defence support system, health care, information technology, environmental science advances towards the innovations of emerging technologies. Need identification, usage, impact, outcome and socio-economic status may directly affect the growth and acceptance of emerging technologies.

    Areas like the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial intelligence & Machine learning /Robotics, Virtual reality (VR) /3D Printing, Touch commerce, Gene Therapy, Nanotechnology, Stem cell therapy, Distributed ledger technology and Blockchain Technology mark the Impact immensely.

    Businesses and Professionals embrace emerging new technologies as they boost efficiency since they are more effective. New technologies significantly cut the cost and research development areas invest more on innovators as the demand is high.


    The concept of the Internet of Things explains the idea of physical objects being connected to the internet and are identified as devices. RFID communication technology or noted sensor technologies or QR codes make it possible to turn objects into useful devices. IoT is a broad phenomenon happening in the data transformation and technology revolution.

    IoT trends emerge rapidly along-side with various IoT components, it has added an essential role in the business world as an organization to enhance their competitive edge.”

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) enables machines to think, work as instructed and behave like humans. On the other hand, Machine Learning applied AI procedures to achieve data analysis, forecast, infrastructure, Cybersecurity, process automation, intelligent conversational interfaces, and vulnerability prediction etc.

    “RPA automates your day-to-day workflow, office administration, and infrastructure. Quick interaction of this bots with various applications and websites eases the work. A simple software program that runs on backend manages the commands executed by Bots in line with your business goals.”

    Gene Therapy is one of the emerging technological inventions in the medical arena as it involves the assimilation of corrective genes that are synthesized in the laboratory to cure genetic disorders.

    In a broad view Distributed Ledgers and Blockchain Technology proves as a conceptual breakthrough in managing information and sooner may be implemented in almost all economic sectors.

    Advantages of Emerging Technologies

    The Augmented reality you can find real-world visuals dominating in the mainstream. This type of technological development help the medicos with 3D visualization. Personalised medicine, AI led molecular designs are on top of the talk. You can expect more digital helpers such as Siri and Alexa. With AI led technological advancements to make humans more machine-friendly with less training.

    Moreover, in the Information Technology sector the trend to experience the miracles in search function with voice search. Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality are the most challenging areas where we can expect a prominent change. Few more benefits of emerging technologies include telemedicine, usage of Drones, driver-less cars etc.


    Technology is always innovative and can be used for constructive development of mankind like detection of natural catastrophes, medicine exclusively an invention of vaccines for life-threatening diseases, and in space science. Being leaders in Information Technology, we look forward to provide world-class solutions in the software development and services by leveraging the latest proven technologies and demonstrating flexibility to evolving prospects in order to deliver innovative products and services. Let it be the solutions in RIFD, ERP, Data mining or a Blockchain technology implementation, we are always a foot forward to deliver the best in the industry.

    "We look forward to provide, world-class solutions in ITeS, AI & Blockchain technologies blending our expertise, foresight and enable the business giants to concentrate on their core operations."


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