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IT Infrastructure Services
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IT Infrastructure
Services & Management

We offer IT infrastructure services to boost your technology requirements. This will help you in achieving strategic goals and cost efficiency in your business.

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IT Infrastructure Services

With the emergence of cloud computing, virtualization, and mobility, we are well aligned with market trends and demands.

For forward thinking businesses to squash friction factors

Whether you are setting up a new IT infrastructure management, replacing an aging system or expanding network services capacity. You can rely on Silver Touch to provide the design and delivery skills from initial briefing through to final handover. We strike a balance over which solutions will work best for information technology infrastructure.

Upgrade to meet Future Needs

We discard overhaul; thus streamlining your path to success.
We’ve Installed Numerous
Complex IT Configurations

24 x 7 x 365 NOC Support

At Silver Touch, we provide our customers with 24x7x365 Support and IT infrastructure Management services from our Network Operation Centre. With many of our customers running round the clock operations, it is essential that we are present when they need us. We have trained and experienced technicians available to help users to get best Cloud Solutions in real time.

  • 4000+ Projects Delivered
  • 1000+ Clients Served

Disaster Recovery

Just seconds of downtime can have a significant impact on your business.

With an ever increasing dependence on IT systems for your business operations, it’s vital you have a disaster recovery solution. Our Disaster recovery solutions ensure to have rapid recovery and continuity of your business with developing a recovery plan for the future.. Businesses that don’t opt for a disaster recovery solution often experience huge losses in their finances and reputation.

Disaster Recovery

Expect Nothing but Only Excellence

As your IT infrastructure management becomes complex, you can work harder or work smarter. We recommend going the more intelligent way, allow us to deliver you peace of mind.

  • <5MIN

    to Failover to Silver Cloud

    Our team of experts will guarantee that your server hosting solution is configured to your requirements.

  • 95.50%

    Backups in Less Than 8 Hrs

    Backup management needn’t take up your time; work with Silver Touch Technologies for efficient backups of your data.

  • 100%


    We ensure your lost/deleted data gets completely recovered as we have a good utilization of resources and smooth recovery plan.

Cloud Computing

Our cloud computing solutions ensures seamless integration into public and private cloud environments. The cloud infrastructure is secure, scalable, and flexible. This existence operation accelerate systems management across enterprises. It provides customized enterprise solutions that have made Silver Touch’s cloud computing the hybrid cloud market leader.

  • 500+ Projects Delivered
  • 100+ Clients Served

Explore Cloud Computing
Services with Silver Touch

Enterprise Mail Messaging service

A mail is read faster, reacted to more quickly and can be molded into personalized communication.

Enterprise Mail Messaging lets you send high volumes of mails to your customers or employees. You can inform about a special offer or a change in shift patterns. Sending mails is time consuming task. So with using this operation management web services one can send a number of mails, from one to one million with the right system in place.

Enterprise Mail Messageing service
Data Centers

Data Centers

The notion of virtualization is simplistic. It can convert physical instances to virtual instances, treat multiple virtual instances on less physical machines, and decrease power consumption. In computing, virtualization is a wide term that applies to the abstraction of computer resources. Virtualization lets a single computer do the task of multiple computers.

Abundant Savings in Power, Energy, and Management Expenses

The most prevalent implementation of virtualization to date supports the several business situations. Which includes consolidation (chief objective); business continuance/disaster restoration; test and development; and security. Nonetheless, virtualization is much more than only consolidating physical servers.


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