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  • How Digital Transformation can lead Your Business toward Success in 2021

    Published: Sep 1, 2020  |   | 
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    The concept of digital transformation is a hot potato in the corporate world. It is viewed as an essential strategy to make businesses more efficient and profitable in today’s competitive business scenario. On one hand, advancing technology simplifies processes and provides new ways to address customer requirements, and on the other hand, it makes companies enable to adapt to market trends. Digital transformation consulting can work wonders in realizing all these benefits.

    However, things are not that easy. It is imperative to implement the digital transformation processes in the business system properly. As per Harvard Business Review, companies spent over $1.3 trillion on digital transformation of their business but almost 70% of the amount was wasted. Here we are going to see how you can implement digital transformation successfully in your workplace. We will start from scratch and get brief information about the elements of digital transformation.

    Digital Transformation- Brief Information

    Digital transformation is a way to bring a massive change in business processes. It is a cultural shift from traditional to digital and impacts your interactions with customers. Companies integrate digital technology into every aspect of the process. Emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain development contribute to bringing transformational changes in various operations. Digital transformation promotes innovation and change in your enterprise.

    Automation and flexibility are the two major characteristics of digital transformation. For example, PoS (Point of Sale) systems bring automation in managing cash transactions and replace manually handled cash registers. Altogether, digital transformation aims to improve relationships with customers through enhancing services. It is fair to mention that every modern business is a digital business in the year 2021.

    Importance and Benefits of Digital Transformation in Your Enterprise

    Advancing technology needs the agility to adapt to changes. Digital transformation in business processes is, therefore, a continuous process and needs a focused approach. CIOs and IT teams of your enterprise should evaluate and test various advancements to see what is the best solution for your diverse business needs and adds value to your company. Here, you can take the help of a reputed digital transformation consulting agency.

    What is the most important advantage of digital transformation? The answer is- it gives your enterprise an edge over competitors. However, in this troubled time, many companies strive to survive. Be it a retail sector or manufacturing sector, the companies fail to adapt changes cannot stay longer in today’s market. Customers want digital processes, and no entrepreneur can avoid digitization in various business processes. Some of the retail giants like Walmart and Amazon have written their success stories based on a successful digital transformation.

    Talking about the major benefits of digital transformation, the first and foremost to mention is improved customer experience with ease of doing business. You can integrate chatbots and CRMs to assist customers on a 24/7 basis. Another benefit is related to your employees. Digital transformation increases the employee’s efficiency by improving engagement and focus on critical tasks. You can get an advantage of lower employee turnover and better resource management through CRM and ERP solutions.

    Simply put, digital transformation can drive the growth of your business if implemented properly. Poorly defined goals and improper roadmap with a denial to change can fail the objectives of digital transformation. Here are the top tips to make a strong digital transformation strategy that can lead your business toward success.

    How to Make Strong Digital Transformation Strategy?

    Sense of Urgency- It all starts with explaining the importance of digital transformation to your managers and employees. While making a strategy for transformation, you need to consider various pain points and objectives that you want to address. Also, it is necessary to explain why digital transformation is necessary for your company now.

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    Increased Participation- You can build a team that makes the transformation as smooth as possible across various departments. Remember, apart from your IT department, you need to involve other departments like accounts, HR, and sales to implement digital transformation solutions effectively.

    Strategic Vision- It is of the utmost importance to have a strategic vision to realize the benefits of digital transformation. The vision should be in line with your business model and thoughts regarding the future of your company. For example, if your company provides online payment facility, its vision includes cryptocurrency-based transactions, and you need the blockchain development to meet this goal.

    Real-time Communication- Once your vision is clear and goals are set, you need to communicate the same through various channels and keep your employees motivated. Real-time communication with various departments also enables you to make informed decisions on time and you can keep your employees updated about the progress of digital transformation.

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    Think of Milestones- As mentioned above, the digital transformation is an ongoing process, and therefore, you need to break the entire transformation process into smaller milestones. You can also celebrate each milestone with your employees, which will help you build a platform to implement the change in the company’s culture.

    Change and Change- Finally, it is necessary to maintain momentum while monitoring the transformation process at every level. From managers to technology specialists to front-line employees, everyone should adapt to the change and contribute to finding out the digital solution for every process that works in the best possible way. As an entrepreneur, you can motivate various teams to create a culture of change and learning to make the most of digital transformation.

    Strong leadership and proper implementation of digital transformation can bring a radical change in the corporate culture. Many companies tend to leave the transformation process halfway because they cannot see the benefits of it in a short time. You need to make digital transformation a part of your company’s culture to make it more productive.

    Wrapping Up

    Change is necessary to remain competitive and withstand challenges. Your competitors may have either implemented or plan to implement digital transformation solutions in their business system. In such a scenario, you need a reliable and advanced digital transformation consulting. However, digital transformation is an ongoing process and it assists you to make a strategy to achieve the ultimate goal and excellent growth. Finally, after implementing the digital solution, it is necessary to measure the progress through big data analytics to transform your business more effectively.

    At SilverTouch, we focus on providing highly customized digital transformation services for gaining more efficiencies and inclusive growth of your business. Our 4P methodology consists of people, process, portfolio, and platform, which involves 360-degree solutions for complex processes of your enterprise. Just send us an email at to discuss how digital transformation can change the shape of your business.

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