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  • Eight Compelling Business Benefits of DevOps for Your Enterprise

    Published: Aug 17, 2020  |   | 

    IT modernization is the need of the hour for enterprises to survive and thrive amid intensifying competition and challenges. Unfortunately, only 26% of the companies across the world have completed their initial stages of IT modernization as per the recent IDG survey. Whether your organization is for-profit, educational, or not-for-profit, you need to modernize operations to deliver value over the period. There, DevOps comes into the picture. Implementation of DevOps approach can make your organization more flexible, scalable, and adaptable. It directly reflects improved quality, better customer experience, cost savings, and the creation of new opportunities.

    Let’s understand first- what is DevOps and why is it important?

    What and Why DevOps?

    Simply put, DevOps is a cross-functional approach to the business processes. It combines two completely different parts of the software development process- Development and Operations. DevOps, thus related to infrastructure management. DevOps can streamline the processes to make them more dynamic, flexible, and effective. In a way, it can stimulate the growth of the organization and enable you to focus more on using resources more efficiently.

    Talking about the importance of DevOps, it is necessary to bring mobility and flexibility. It assists entrepreneurs to keep their iteration cycle shore and scale up the overall capability without increasing the team size. Proper implementation of DevOps also enables your company to implement changes in real-time and with more efficiency. After seeing the importance of DevOps, we will make a list of its obvious benefits for the organization.

    How DevOps is Beneficial for Modern Businesses?

    Let’s go through the top eight benefits of DevOps for your business-

    1. Higher Scalability

    Be it technical scalability or team scalability, DevOps enables companies to get more scalability in every operation. Here, technical scalability is a broad term that involves the scalability of server, network, and tools. However, it is necessary for the company to configure the entire system in a way that provides flexibility in resource consumption. For example, when the workload is more, more resources can be allotted and when the load is lesser, the resources can be scaled down.

    DevOps also facilitates companies to leap forward in team scalability. The DevOps approach implementation (WE CAN PUT LINK HERE) can reduce the time for people to get acquainted with the project and the workflow maintains properly.

    2. Improved Communication


    The DevOps approach is based on collaboration and communication. Its proper implementation can establish a much more creative environment that ultimately brings a high-quality product. Real-time communication can bring and keep the team on the same page. Also, onboarding of new members is easy with streamlined communication. What’s more, DevOps automates specific elements of the development process while allowing developers to emphasize on other critical elements.

    3. More Continuity

    Continuity is one of the biggest benefits of DevOps. Better reorganization and proper restructuring of the workflow can make the processes more dynamic. It reduces the iteration while making it more responsive while enabling the company to get rid of the risks associated with the product damage. The CI/CD (Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery) approach further facilitates the faster moving of products without increasing steps.

    4. Enhanced process automation

    Repetitive and mundane tasks can slow down the development process. It affects the employee’s motivation and takes significant time to be accomplished. DevOps can bring automation to enable companies to manage such tasks effectively. It can increase the workflow efficiency and your team can easily monitor every task. Also, a decrease in manual actions brings a reduction in human errors. Altogether, DevOps can enhance process automation.

    5. Better Documentation

    The project documentation is a crucial task for every organization, but some businesses still neglect it. DevOps brings transparency and an organized structure of code to reduce the dependence on the documentation. It is easy to understand everything through the code. It makes tech documentation more effective and productive.

    6. More Transparency

    DevOps brings more transparency in the code infrastructure. It unifies the code and cleans it up while making it easier to operate. It also helps companies resolve emerging issues related to the legacy elements. A simplified process with the utmost transparency is one of the top benefits of DevOps. Even a new member can easily understand the process and involve in a short time. It further contributes to enhancing the company’s capability.

    7. Higher Security

    Transparency and well-built code can increase the overall security while enabling the company to maintain the safety of the code. Security is the most important element for any company’s reputation and credibility. When the process starts from scratch and gradually develops, it is necessary to implement the security measures at every stage. DevOps can assist companies to implement them.

    8. Robust Infrastructure

    The infrastructure comprises numerous components like virtual machines, networks, load balancers, and the like. Now, the DevOps deals with all these elements and contributes to building a robust infrastructure. It also saves time and resources to maintain the infrastructure. Also, version control and integration processes are easy with a proper DevOps implementation.

    Concluding Lines

    In a highly competitive business scenario, DevOps can empower your teams to grab opportunities and withstand challenges. In the faster-paced future, organizations have to break down their silos to achieve excellence. There, DevOps helps organizations. Though companies need to work from scratch for effective DevOps implementation, it can be a game-changer in the coming years.

    At Silver Touch, we help companies make the most of DevOps by effective implementation. We also integrate automated testing with the DevOps to increase TTM (Time to Market) and save your money. Let’s connect to discuss how we can assist you to realize the benefits of DevOps with our robust automation capabilities.

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