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Robotic Process Automation
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Robotic Process

RPA is a technology in which bots (robots) replicate the manual work done by humans.

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Transforming Business Digitally

After 20 years of automation technologies, the majority of business processes are still manual. Why?

Simulate human behaviour with cognitive bots.


Disrupt human redundancy and empower digital enterprise.

There are multiple automation technologies in market which can help you mange various business processes easily & without manual intervention but still more than 80% of various repeated business tasks are done manually in any organization

Silver Touch Technologies Ltd is happy to partner with Automation Anywhere to simulate human behavior with intelligent software and help to perform repeated business tasks smoothly and without any manual intervention.

What is a Digital Workforce?

Robotic Process AutomationDo tasks like a person
  • Rules based Robotics
  • Time Free Automation
  • Multi System Integration
  • Structured Data
  • Enterprise Scale
CognitiveThink like a person
  • Algorithm-based Decision Making
  • Self Learning Ability
  • Subject Matter Expert BotsVision, NLP etc
  • Semi-structured Data
AnalyticsAnalyze like a person
  • Provides Real-time Business Insights
  • Bot Analytics
  • Derive Business Value
  • Analytic Dashboard

Why Leverage a Digital Workforce?

    Human Workforce

  • ActAct
  • Think & AskThink & Ask
  • PerformPerform
  • CoffeeCoffee

    Digital Workforce

  • ActRPA+
  • Think & AskCognitive+
  • PerformSmart
  • CoffeeDigital

RPA Implementation Journey

  • 1

    Data Capture

    Collect & synthesize your data

  • 2

    Data Enrichment

    Modify, rationalize normalize your data

  • 3

    Data Validation

    Validate, authenticate your data

  • 4


    Perform the process actions

  • 5


    Ensure consistency and accuracy

  • 6

    Analyze & Report

    Reliable, accurate, timely analysis & reporting

Cognitive Robotic Automation Process Real Time Analytics Artificial Intelligence


Benefits of Digital

  • Optimize Labour Cost, Increase Production Capacity
  • Increase Agility, Accuracy and Availability 365 Days, 24*7
  • Improve Compliance, Controls and Auditability
  • Deliver Business Intelligence
  • Enable Digital Transformation
  • Enhance Employee Morale

What Makes RPA Different?

Class One

Cost Saving

10% – 20%

Type of RPA
Primary Automation

Macros, screen scraping and business workflow technologies in the presentation layer: not integrated into the IT system.

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Class Two

Cost Saving

35% – 50%

Type of RPA
Enhanced & Intelligent Process Automation

Technologies using natural language processing; able to understand unstructured data and apply it to process automation.

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Class Three

Cost Saving


Type of RPA
Cognitive & IQ Bots Platforms

Cognitive computing systems that essentially attempt to solve problems in the same way as humans, by learning from experience and acting on that learning.

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Industry Agnostic

HR & PayrollHR & Payroll
Supply ChainSupply Chain
Finance & AccountingFinance & Accounting
Network & ITNetwork & IT

* These are the Possibilities which has been done using RPA. Simmilar case we can work out based on needs.


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