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  • Work From Home – Indian IT Companies Coming Back to Work?

    Published: May 21, 2020  |   | 
    Indian IT Companies Coming Back to Work

    Today we are in a situation that no one would have even dreamed of. Life has been changed a lot. The situation is almost like third world war. COVID-19, pandemic has really ruling our minds in almost all walks of like. The world is like never before. It cannot be worse than this. In this COVID Era, many businesses are facing problems in operating as always. Things have changed dramatically and industries are facing problems in managing organization, employees, customers and mainly the finances. When we talk about the IT SMEs, the case is not different. Pandemic situation has changed the life of IT SMEs, from employee front, business front and finance front.

    How the businesses are managed post COVID-19?

    Can every one work from home?

    Does the infrastructure support all?

    When the Pandemic situation is there, and everyone was getting news, communicating with dear ones, posting views on social media, getting minute piece of information on time and it is due to the advanced technologies that we have progressed and adapted. Though many industries were shut, the only industry that are working hard to enable the systems work round the clock was IT sector. Indeed IT SMEs, have put efforts to keep the things working even during the lockdown. Thanks to our infrastructure management and the technical manpower that kept the show go on.

    Now the question is that after lockdown, how the industries are going to work.

    Can the economy be brought back to normal?

    Is it possible for all industries to support work from home?

    Are the IT SME, adapt total work from home model?

    These are few questions that are rising round the corner. Life will not be same as it was, at least for next couple of years. We need to live with the VIRUS till the vaccine or antidote is invented. So, we need to learn to live with the situation. We have survived many epidemics and pandemics in the past too. But COVID-19’s intensity is high. We need to learn to cope with the situation in such a manner to keep the show on and at the same time achieve the business targets.

    The New Normal is the Mantra Now!

    Living with COVID-19, Work from Home and managing the work after lockdown are the major topics we are discussing now a days.

    Are IT SMEs going to come back to work after lockdown? How are they going to cope with managing manpower?

    Technical manpower working in IT SMEs can work from home, even after lockdown. If the organizations are going for Work from Home as the New Normal, then they need to take care of the few aspects like Infrastructure with preferred bandwidth, security measures with digital copyright. And the SMEs may think of operations with a percentage of staff working in various non-technical departments such as HR, Sales, Marketing, Administration, Support and Finance.

    What are the precautions to be taken at this time of pre-opening the businesses?

    • Keeping the secured infrastructure for work from home and managing the operations from office location is going to be challenging for the management.

    • Maintaining hygiene, social distancing at elevators, at workplace and revisiting policies to make Post COVID-19 policies is going to be the New Normal.

    Young woman in face mask

    Now the question is the New Normal is going to be the Normal.

    Are the industries and organizations, especially the IT going to cope with it or are they going to work with new zeal and energy?

    Now, with many thoughts around, let us see how the IT SMEs are going to work in this worst Pandemic situations to add to the economy of the country. Let it be Work from Home or embracing New working Models, we are sure, the quality and the output and revenue generations are not suffered. We leave to see the results in coming months how we are going to operate to our level best to emerge as winners.


    In this Digital Era, IT SMEs can adapt the New Normal, Work from Home or Remote working, helping non- IT companies to embrace the changes with grace. By adapting digital transformation technologies and upgrading business processes to next level, the industries can beat this global slowdown and achieve the goals with less efforts. The show should go on! We cannot simply wait for the miracles to happen. Everyone should learn to adapt the new way of doing business and winning. Keep hygiene at home and work front, maintain social distancing while commuting or at workplace, stay healthy and safe.

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