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  • Top Trends to Dominate Digital Transformation Services in 2020

    Published: Jan 17, 2020  |   | 
    Top Trends of Digital Transformation

    Digital transformation is a buzzword in the corporate sector. As technology evolves to bring automation and enhance convenience in complex business processes, digital transformation solutions become more advanced than ever. It is expected that with the roll out of 5G and mainstreaming of IoT, the digital transformation process will get a new boost worldwide. In such a scenario, it is interesting to jot down key digital transformation trends that are going to change the shape of business operations in 2020.

    Though many companies are yet to implement digital transformation, we are certain that this concept will spread like wildfire in the coming years thanks to growing challenges and rapidly changing requirements of customers. Digital transformation solutions can promote innovation and creativity to enable companies to compete and excel in increasing competition.

    Let’s make a list of the top ten digital transformation trends in 2020.

    Top Ten Digital Transformation Trends Set to Rule in 2020

    1. Welcome, 5G


    Perhaps the biggest event of the technology domain in the year 2020 will be the advent of 5G. All the big players like Qualcomm, Verizon, Nokia, and Samsung are putting their best efforts to make 5G implementation a reality. The advent of 5G will become a game-changer for multiple domains ranging from smart city to AI and IoT. As the next generation of wireless, 5G is ready to change the way we share data with a whopping speed and powerful performance.

    2. Big Data and Analytics will prevail

    Microsoft is creating its Power Platform and Google is relying more on its algorithms. What is common between them? Well, both these facts show the importance of big data and analytics. There is no exaggeration in mentioning that companies that will fail to implement analytics by 2020 will be out of business in 2021. The digital transformation of your company can remain incomplete without big data and analytics. Real-time data access and processing will remain a key to success in 2020 and beyond.

    3. AI and ML will grow

    The advent of 5G is a big blessing for AI and ML technologies. They can make an impact in the ever-growing mobility domain by offering the best analytics of complex, sophisticated and inter-related data. You can get great help in improving customer services and providing your customers with a rich and personalized experience thanks to AI and ML technologies. Digital transformation solutions are of no use if they do not have the features of these futuristic technologies.

    4. Privacy protection rocks

    EU has already taken a giant step in the direction of privacy renaissance by bringing the General Data Protection Regulation in Europe. In the year 2020, we can expect that more companies will give priority to privacy protection for addressing various security threats. However, before jumping on the privacy bandwagon, it is necessary to do extensive research on available tools for preventing the customer’s confidential data. Today, giant companies like Amazon, Google, and Facebook are driven by the huge amount of customer data. We can certainly expect that data protection regulations will play a crucial role in the future.

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    5. Blockchain will become huge


    Gone are the days wherein Blockchain technology was used to manage cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Today, the BFSI and retail sectors can see a great potential for providing the safest and fastest online transactions across the world. We will actually see some meaningful use cases for blockchain from the year 2020 onward. AWS and Alibaba are working hard to implement Blockchain in their processes, and in the coming years, more companies will follow suit.

    6. XaaS will gain momentum

    XaaS or Everything as a Service is tomorrow’s technology. It will certainly gain more momentum in the year 2020 by combining other futuristic technologies like AI, Big Data, analytics, blockchain, and the like. Also, the multi-cloud concept will gain ground in the digital transformation services as companies will face off-side, onsite, hybrid, and other requirements for storing and accessing the corporate data over the period. XaaS will meet their ever-changing needs by offering customized and robust solutions.

    7. RPA will get mainstreamed

    Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is already getting mainstreamed for accomplishing repetitive tasks in the corporate sector. Though RPA is considered as the most basic form of AI, it will continue to grow because RPA can revolutionize enterprises irrespective of their size and business model. We will witness that attended RPA will lead the way but unattended RPA will also start picking up in the year 2020. Even Cisco takes its help to improve the skills of its existing workforce.

    8. Conversational AI will grow

    Yes, we cannot use voice-to-text to write a chat message. But, every cloud has a silver lining. We can expect to witness at least some form of conversational AI in 2020. Microsoft has achieved a milestone in its Conversational AI as it can follow complex conversations and understand the variations of emotion. It’s interesting to see how it will shape the future of AI and digital transformation.

    9. PC will remain always connected

    We indeed live in a mobile-driven world. But, PCs are here to stay! We will need PCs that are always connected with built-in 5G and LTE. Your workforce can get constant direction and guidelines from such PCs. In other words, enterprises will still rely on desktops and PCs on the premises.

    10. Era of driverless cars and smart cities will come

    smart city

    Google, Tesla, and other tech giants strive to make a driverless car. As edge computing evolves and 5G will come, we will finally get smart cars, drones, and even cities. The digital transformation trends for 2020 will remain incomplete without including these concepts.

    IT changes at a rapid pace and today’s innovative product becomes obsolete tomorrow. These top ten digital transformation trends for 2020 are therefore changeable throughout the next year. However, it is fair to mention that digital transformation service providers will follow most of these trends to develop innovative and customized solutions for modern enterprises.

    Concluding Lines

    At SilverTouch, our experienced professionals combine emerging technologies and advanced features to develop customized digital transformation solutions. We utilize AI and ML, IoT, and Multi-cloud concepts to nurture the data-driven culture and enhance the value of your business. Just send us an email at to leverage the benefits of the customized applications in your ecosystem.

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