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  • How Tech Firm Benefits Businesses in the COVID-19 Era

    Published: Dec 8, 2020  |   | 
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    Prior to the pandemic, the corporate world has started witnessing a paradigm shift toward digitization. However, the COVID-19 outbreak has made this process faster than even by bringing mandated shutdowns and restricted activity. It is like go digital or go dark for any sort of business in this pandemic age. From healthcare to real estate and manufacturing to retail- every sector looks at technology for sailing through troubled water.

    Talking about the impact of coronavirus on businesses, we can easily find out three key concerns-

    1. Though established businesses have continuity planning, it is not capable of meeting the uncertainty brought by the evolving pandemic

    2. Many national and international events are canceled due to the pandemic that reduced business opportunities across the world

    3. Minimal or no business travel results in fewer client interactions and reduced scope for expansion

    Here, technology lends a helping hand and IT solutions can help business houses survive this pandemic phase. The role of technology is significant for reestablishing brand value and enhancing productivity in the COVID-19 and post-COVID-19 era. Advancing technology can enable businesspersons to reshape business models to meet the changing needs of consumers effectively.

    With lockdown and social distancing measures, the world has slowed down and the market conditions are completely changed amid limited business activities. The need for change is, therefore, more profound than before, and business houses strive to meet this need. Even if the lockdown is released, people have to follow a new norm consists of social distancing.

    Here, it is fair to mention that the businesses that are more in tune with the changes can emerge more strongly than others after the end of the pandemic. It is because such businesses are in better condition of making big decisions to transform their business models in line with a new era of agility and post COVID-19 crisis. While remaining closer to the community, they can deal with the pandemic period in a better way than startups or small-scale businesses.

    But, technology can help startups and SMBs to achieve these objectives through custom application development. On one hand, such business apps act as a bridge between the customers and the business, and on the other hand, these apps make the process of digital transformation smooth and seamless. Many companies have opted for custom software development to bring automation and digitization in their process.

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    In this pandemic age when companies are forced to work either with remote staff or reduced resources, customized software development can be a technological boon. Custom software can help enterprises to recalibrate their operations and thereby maintaining productivity. By making their business technology-driven, entrepreneurs can focus on making their customers’ lives better through improved services.

    Businesses, irrespective of their size and model, need to embrace technology to bring the change, which is necessary to survive and thrive in this critical period. Let’s take the example of Robotic Process Automation (RPA). The RPA service is designed to bring automation in the business processes by handling mundane tasks through software bots. These bots can work relentlessly for a 24/7/365 period, and make the employee’s job easy by managing repetitive tasks. RPA services can increase the efficiency and productivity of employees and businesses can manage with limited resources with the RPA system in this pandemic age.

    Another example of the tech firm’s assistance is enterprise software development. Think of simplifying the complexities of your business processes, and feature-rich enterprise-grade software can assist you. Customized enterprise software can promote innovation and digitization in your enterprise.

    Customers’ changing behavior and expectations can be fulfilled in a better way by introducing on-demand apps. An advanced and reliable mobile app development services provider can build a user-friendly on-demand app to make the ordering and delivery processes easy and convenient for customers. Even startups can come up with an on-demand app to promote their business effectively. Let’s understand this by taking an example.

    Amid lockdown-like situations and restricted movements, people prefer to giving orders online to get necessities delivered at their doorstep. Startups and SMBs can leverage the benefits of this trend by developing on-demand delivery apps. It is a powerful way to promote services and products while reaching a huge audience across the world.

    Finally, technology has a significant role to play in establishing seamless connectivity and real-time communication. Be it a work-from-home solution or a video conferencing app, technology never lets businesses down by enabling them to communicate and coordinate with remote employees. Companies can opt for offshore software development to get the apps with desired features to meet these objectives in a cost-effective way.

    Concluding Lines

    In a nutshell, advancements in emerging technologies like AR, VR, IoT, and AI enable businesspersons to minimize the impact of the pandemic while making them prepared for thriving in a post COVID era. If you want to keep your business away from the recent crisis, this is the right time to integrate IT solutions into your business system.

    Silver Touch Technologies is a leading IT solutions company. Apart from the best-in-class custom application development services, the company offers advanced enterprise software services, e-Governance solutions, digital transformation services, ERP solutions, and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) services. Do you want to know more about our array of services or wish to give your business a Midas touch of advancing technology? Simply send us an email at Our expert consultants will get back to you soon.

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