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  • “Shaasak’ to ‘Stakeholder’s” Governance


    British Raaj and India post-independence typically had the spirit of ‘Shaasak and People’ for more than one reasons. Post-Independence, India was systematically an ‘Evolving Nation’ pretty much in all facets of lives, i.e. Politically, Economically, Socially, Internationally,…


    For anything and everything, everyone used to look at Government. The supremacy, dominance, and dependence on Government Systems and Bureaucracy was natural. It remained for longer times, still holds good, however a change is happening over years.

    Over years, systems and people have changed. There is a greater say & deeper involvement of ecosystem# players, however we still have a long way to go with much little time in hand.

    Now in fast moving & disruptive times, let’s say from 2030 perspective, the change is expected to be far more and significantly Transformational. It is hardly a matter of choice.

    What is this phenomenon and WHY so?

    It won’t be overnight affair, but as well won’t have another 70-75 years for next round & level of Transformational Change.

    For now, it shall be interesting and significant to observe & understand from two perspectives, i.e.

    1. What has happened over years in “more of Governance and little bit in Economic perspective”
    2. What will it take us to “Transformational 2030 Journey”!

    As broadly shared above, the journey since independence can be possibly best understood in four era(s), i.e.

    shaasak to stakeholder 2

    It may be interesting to briefly observe key highlights of the journey travelled & road ahead.


    • This was the backbone of system with Political Leadership and Bureaucrats @ the helm for all-round natural reasons.
    • License Raj was like a felt-necessity and lived the concept for quite a while.
    • Planning Commission-led Economy
    • India in War situations with neighbor Nations.

    • Economy liberalization of India with opening up of sectors like Aviation, Banking, Telecom, … to Private Sector and inviting Global players in India’s development story.
    • IT and Telecom evolution for first round of e-Governance
    • Few more like

      • Stock Market in new gears
      • Never-felt with little noise, opening up of sectors like Auto.
      • Emergence of Regional Political parties.
      • Election Commission Reforms beginning.

    GST governance economy

    • India becoming the 6th largest Economy in the World and aspiring further. Global pressures and compulsions, like Easy of Doing Business, Ease of Living, India in Global Indexes, and India matters in Global Socio-Economic-Political matters.
    • Government is NOT in business. Growing role of Industry in Governance with focus on various PPP (Public Private Partnership) business model, Government-Industry Consultations, …
    • GST

      • One Indirect tax
      • GSTN a use case, Parliament powers to GST Council

        • Need for more sectors like Education, Healthcare, Agriculture & Irrigation, Water, …
      • Evolving role and focus on Data
      • Technology as among biggest enabler

        • Change in Bureaucracy over years
        • Administrative, Legislative Electoral, and all-round Reforms

    Judiciary Reform continues to be area for attention.

    shaasak to stakeholder 6

    • Gen ‘z’: More than 50% people under the age of 25 and more than 65% population under the age of 35.
    • Technology-led all-round disruptions as never before.
    • Data is new Oil, Data is new Currency, Data is new mantra.
    • Few Others, esp being Aspiring India in Global arena:

      • Environment
      • New Aspiring Middle Class
      • Urbanisation of Rural
      • Reskilling of workforce
      • Employment opportunities and Employable Education
      • Assisted Governance would remain critical in ‘Reach the Unreach’.

    shaasak to stakeholder 7

    License Raj à Compliance based à built-in Compliance & Regulatory (RegTech) like Quality journey

    Data & Technology led connecting the dots to build predictive & Intelligent Governance. It is about Data-led Horizontal and Vertical, inter & intra, all-round disruptive Governance Transformation.

    Growing pressure on Political and Bureaucratic System for all-round Legislative, Administrative, Judiciary, Electoral, all other reforms. The only mantra “Reform Reform Reform”. In parallel, there is an ever-growing as never before pressure on stakeholders for absolute compliance.

    Key areas of extreme urgent focus by stakeholders in modern day’s Society & Ecosystem:

    shaasak to stakeholder 8

    Minimum Government, Maximum Governance:

    shaasak to stakeholder 9

    Some of the concepts to evolve and support the Transformational Change.

    shaasak to stakeholder 10

    shaasak to stakeholder 11

    1 Economic liberalisation in India

    * SLA: Service Level Agreements, where all stakeholders are expected to perform their roles & responsibilities within given timeframe and mutually agreed delivery norms with organisation & personal level penalties.

    # Stakeholders: Political system, Bureaucracy, Academia, Industry, Trade bodies, Citizens, International stakeholders, …

    @ Emerging Technologies and Platforms: Social Media, Mobility, Intuitive Analytics, Cloud, Internet of Everything, Blockchain, RPA & BOT (Robotic Process Automation & Ro(Bot)), and new innovations.

    & Global players through FDI (Foreign Direct Investments), FII (Foreign Institutional Investors), Global players arriving and operating in India as market, …

    $ Areas under scrutiny and focus: inefficiencies, insensitivity, and unaccountability across people & processes in Government, duplication of work, redundant age-old out-lived processes, ambiguity in system, … leading to extreme delays, corruption, stakeholder’s harassment, high cost of doing business, … impacting Growth. Focus on Ease of Doing Business, Co-operative & competitive federalism, Enhanced Transparency & Productivity, …

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