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  • Why Investing in RPA in Pandemic Age is Beneficial for Your Business?

    Published: Sep 23, 2020  |   | 

    Globally, companies are reorganizing processes to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. The coronavirus outbreak has disrupted the way we work, and now, we need to adapt to this changed situation with a medium to long-term strategy. Simply put, we need to make our workplace ready for this troubled time as well as a challenging future. Technology lends a helping hand by bringing automation in the processes when we are struggling to maintain productivity with limited resources.

    RPA or Robotic Process Automation is an advanced technological concept that brings automation to enable companies to achieve a new level of efficiency with reduced risks associated with human intervention. As a result, companies can improve their services and delight customers with an excellent experience.

    A recent survey on the impact of the pandemic on the future of work and automation, conducted by Forrester Consulting has revealed that more digital transformation has implemented in the first half of 2020 than the previous five years. What’s more, 82% of decision-makers expect to accelerate their digitization efforts. It paves the way for RPA implementation.

    RPA Solutions offer Recession-proof, Pandemic-proof Operations

    Recession is imminent after such a devastating pandemic, but RPA technology can lend a helping hand for companies to survive through this phase. Process automation solutions enable enterprises to tackle challenges related to this crisis and creating a recession-proof working approach.

    Three major reasons why RPA is necessary in this period are-

    1. Reduce Costs

    save money
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    Most companies are struggling against budget constraints and increasing operational costs in this pandemic age. Startups, SMEs, and even established enterprises also look for reducing various costs as their primary objective. There, RPA implementation services lend a helping hand. These services are aimed at saving time and money while achieving a higher accuracy through automation. As a result, entrepreneurs can significantly improve their services while decreasing operational costs and overheads.

    Automation also decreases dependence on human resources, which further contributes to reducing the chances of human errors in various business processes. In a way, enterprises can reduce costs associated with such errors like legal fees.

    2. Increased Efficiency

    On one hand, customized RPA solutions can increase accuracy, and on the other hand, they facilitate various teams to work in sync with more efficiency. You can increase productivity without increasing the number of employees with the help of RPA. When it comes to working continuously for a 24/7 basis, RPA-based solutions know no competition! There is no need to spend time and effort in training employees for particular tasks and you can achieve higher productivity with a minimum chance of errors with RPA solutions.

    A reputed RPA consulting solutions provider can explain how you can increase efficiency at your workplace with the help of RPA technology.

    3. Meet Regulations

    Custom RPA solutions can enable enterprises to meet prevalent regulations and comply with all standards imposed by local authorities. RPA approach also simplifies various processes and streamlines daily operations by bringing automation and digitization. When it comes to following the industry standards, automated solutions are proven more accurate as compared to human efforts.

    As per The Harris Poll, 92% of business decision-makers believe that digitization and process automation are critical for achieving short-term and long-term organizational success. Let’s see what the future holds for RPA solutions.

    Future Scope of RPA

    Though RPA solutions gain ground rapidly across the corporate world, still 85% of the RPA market is unexplored. In the coming years, RPA and IA (Intelligent Automation) will play a significant role in meeting business goals and complex issues effectively. Many companies consider RPA solutions necessary for thriving amid challenges and showing resilience.

    IDC, a well-known research firm, has predicted that some of the key activities including ticket generation, document processing, order processing, data allocation, customer support management, and contact center operations will be driven by RPA solutions in the post-COVID-19 era. Companies will invest significantly in the RPA technology and automation to achieve excellent performance and high scalability in these troubled times.

    Concluding Lines

    The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a surge in automation investment, but it is better to approach a reputed RPA implementation services provider. If you want to make your organization advanced, modern, agile, digitally enabled, and most importantly, pandemic resistant, then you should opt for RPA consulting services for proper consultancy and execution.

    Silver Touch is a renowned IT solutions provider. Apart from offering advanced RPA solutions, we assist companies to bring digital transformation by building enterprise-grade software. We integrate advanced features of emerging technologies like AI, ML, Big Data, IoT, and Blockchain. We are a 360-degree IT solutions provider in the domains of mobile app development, eCommerce development, and CMS development, and website development. Simply send us project requirements at and our business consultants will get back to you soon!

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