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  • What is RPA & How It’s Changing the Way We Work

    Published: Dec 5, 2019  |   | 
    ways rpa is changing the way of work

    Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has remained a buzzword in the corporate world for a long time. This emerging technology streamlines rapidly across various industry sectors to automate various processes and reduce overheads. By automating repetitive business tasks, a reliable and reputed RPA services provider can enable the business users to focus on core activities. Here is a brief discussion on how RPA services change the way you accomplish business tasks.

    But before moving further, let’s have a brief introduction of Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

    What is RPA?


    RPA is a technological boon that aimed at bringing automation in the business processes by the means of business logic and predefined, structured inputs. Robotic process automation services assist the company to configure a ‘robot’ or software that captures and interprets various applications for accomplishing various tasks and communicating with other connected devices. The robot can process transactions, trigger responses, and utilize data for performing various business tasks.

    Robotic process automation services involve various tasks ranging from automated response to the deployment of bots for ERP system. RPA adoption is gaining ground across various industry verticals for its wide scope and ease of use structure. RPA services enable companies to simplify business processes without spending a huge amount. Various industry sectors including healthcare, financial services, retail, and the like have started leveraging the benefits of RPA.

    Here are the major types of Robotic Process Automation.

    • Attended:

    This type of automation needs human intervention. The user launches a bot to perform specific tasks based on predefined circumstances and conditions. If any complication occurs, the bot can ask the user for providing assistance.

    • Unattended:

    This type of automation works well in the background. These bots get activated when new data is entered into the business system and requires processing for various reasons. These bots are highly useful for back-office employees.

    • Hybrid:

    Both the attended and unattended automation are combined for the front and back-office operations. RPA services can provide end-to-end automation by using hybrid automation approach.

    How Robotic Process Automation Services Help Your Company

    As mentioned above, RPA services are designed to bring automation to your workplace. If you implement RPA in the organization, you can automate specific tasks to free up resources for more productive and creative tasks.

    Here are the scope and importance of RPA for modern enterprises.

    • Task Automation-
    Task Automations

    RPA services provider assists you to automate various tasks especially that are of repetitive nature or having a mundane nature. For example, RPA can monitor the customer’s activities to find opportunities for upselling and prepare the customer’s data. Be it about subscription or warranty renewals, RPA can easily handle such tasks. Also, RPA assists you to manage the marketing campaign by capturing and analyzing the data.

    • Identification-

    Bots can monitor the client’s policy status, and identify loopholes as well as opportunities for promoting sales and offering discounts. You can send personalized and highly segmented emails to prospective customers and maximize the conversion rate on the basis of such data.

    • Proactive Approach-

    Isn’t it better to identify issues in advance than resolve them as they arise? RPA services enable you to find out issues related to bulk shipments. It is possible to reduce overall delivery time by automating the packaging process of the promotional material. You can provide real-time status of the shipment of such material to your customers as well.

    • Compliance-

    RPA services provider can help you comply with prevalent regulations because RPA solutions can reduce the paperwork and administrative burden for complying with global regulatory policies. RPA has a wide scope in following regulatory compliance thanks to the bot’s capability of capturing the real-time data and maintaining an audit trail.

    It is possible for your company to establish a portal for data storage and analysis based on the robotic process automation system. You can keep the critical corporate data safe by minimizing human intervention and grow your business in a challenging scenario. But then, you need to prepare a proper strategy and ensure effective implementation. Poor execution of RPA can lead you to missed opportunities and your business may fail to get the advantage of this futuristic approach.

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    RPA offers many business benefits for modern enterprises. They can bring radical change in the way humans work. John Maynard has predicted that humans will work an average of 15 hours every week by 2030. This prediction is done by considering the growing popularity of robotics in the corporate sector globally. Let’s go through some more interesting stats of RPA services.

    A bank has redesigned its claims process with the help of RPA services. As a result, it is capable of handling around 1.5 million requests of claims every year with the help of just 85 bots. What’s more, the bank has saved the cost of approximately 200 full-time employees and significantly reduced the chances of human errors simply by introducing RPA services.

    Bots do not require any software or third-party integration, and therefore, they are easy to implement in your business network. When your company is headed toward growth, bots can assist you by simplifying complexities and bringing automation in repetitive processes. As a result, you can serve your customers in a better way and manage resources more efficiently.

    Another big benefit of Robotic Process Automation services is you can make the automation process more powerful and innovative by integrating the RPA system into other intelligent systems like ML and speech recognition. It paves the way for intelligent automation where we can expect more benefits and human-like capabilities in the future.

    Finally, Gartner has predicted that automation and AI (Artificial Intelligence) will significantly reduce the requirement of human intervention in business by 65% in 2020. Gartner also expects the RPA market to reach $ 1 billion by 2020 as around 40% of large enterprises will have integrated RPA software in their system by that time.

    Concluding Lines

    In a nutshell, robotic process automation is all set to play a vital role in taking enterprises to the next level by transforming them digitally. Big companies and SMEs are ready to leverage the benefits of RPA and provide improved services to their customers. In the coming years, we can certainly expect that RPA will be mainstreamed in the corporate sector and become a necessity for companies of all sizes and scale.

    SilverTouch Technologies is your reliable RPA services provider. We strive to automate business processes to enhance efficiency and reduce operational costs by implementing robotic process automation at your workplace. Our client-centric approach is initiated with evaluation and ends with expansion. Do you want to know how RPA services can bring digital transformation in your business? We will be glad to assist you in RPA implementation. Just send us an email at

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