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  • How Enterprises can Respond to COVID-19 Pandemic- Resilient Planning

    Published: Jun 11, 2020  |   | 
    Enterprises responds to covid19

    When we write this, over four million people across the world are struggling against the dreaded coronavirus. The COVID-19 pandemic has not only affected our lives badly but also impacted the corporate world. On one hand, it has sent us on the verge of recession, and on the other hand, the supply chain-related concerns loom large that further result in the loss of revenue for businesses. It is fair to mention that global economies are now dependent on the enterprise response to COVID-19.

    Let’s start this blog with enterprise response to COVID-19. We will also see some of the effective ways to deal with the global crisis in the latter part of this blog.

    Enterprise Response to COVID-19

    During such pandemics, the priority needs to be given to the employee’s health. While safeguarding employees, enterprises either suspend their operations or reduce operational resources. Many countries have imposed nationwide lockdown to curb the spread of coronavirus, and as per a survey, a third of the global population is on lockdown. Travel restrictions and mandatory social distancing have compelled enterprises to adopt the work-from-home or remote working concept.

    However, it becomes more challenging for businesses to deal with global crisis today due to the challenging environment and other risks. Simply put, traditional resilience planning is not sufficient to combat the pandemic. Modern enterprises run on a diverse and complex model, and they need to invest heavily in pandemic management to minimize the adverse impact of COVID-19. Let’s understand the importance of a resilience plan with an example.

    These days, cybercriminals actively search for vulnerable companies in the affected region. They may target the security operations center (SOC) as well if they find the absence of online safety measures. In such a situation, companies need to think of developing a secure crisis management plan. In other words, the enterprise response to COVID-19 must include cybersecurity and advanced features while keeping the employees and overall productivity at the core.

    Let’s go through such a resilient plan in detail that can help companies deal with global crisis.

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    How to deal with global crisis?

    response to COVID-19

    Many factors can cause business disruptions. These factors can be natural, manmade, technology-related, or pandemic-related, and the enterprise response to such factors is significantly different. Companies need to consider the aspects of scale, period, and severity in the case of pandemic events. The advent of the COVID-19 pandemic has forced entrepreneurs to think beyond traditional resilience planning. Existing resilience management should include a comprehensive response to global crisis and maintain continuity of product manufacturing processes.

    Also, enterprise response to COVID-19 must include pandemic-specific policies, compliance with regulations, employee communications, and a proper schedule for accomplishing tasks. Also, the global impact of pandemics should be considered while defining deadlines. Distractions or disturbances of the work-from-home concept should also be taken into account while assigning tasks to employees. COVID-19 has a global impact, and therefore, it is necessary to consider international aspects while planning a strategy to deal with it.

    Employees cannot focus on their work when their well-being is in peril. Therefore, every industry should give priority to the safety and well-being of all employees. Also, companies need to monitor the situation and stay in touch with the government sources to provide a safe workplace with all necessary support to their workforce.

    How IT Solutions Provider can Help Enterprises Combat COVID-19 Pandemic?

    A reputed IT solutions provider can assist entrepreneurs to combat against the pandemic situation more effectively through establishing a remote workforce or implementing a result-oriented work-from-home concept. In such a troubled time when work-from-home has become a new norm globally, the IT solutions provider company can offer solutions in five different layers.

    1. End-user technology- This is a basic user-oriented solution layer that enables your employees to work from home or remote places. This technology also includes UEM (Unified Endpoint Management).

    2. EDGE Network- This next-gen technology enables your company to monitor the network and secure connectivity. It also offers Firewall for enhanced security.

    3. Data Security- It combines the cloud-based servers, endpoints, and other data-driven devices to ensure complete security of data sharing when you implement remote work concept.

    data security

    4. Infrastructure Support- The IT solutions provider helps you deal with global crisis by offering robust communication solutions. Employees can work in collaboration through mailing and video conferencing solutions.

    5. Deployment and Migration Services- A range of core IT services like BaaS (Backup as a Service), cloud migration and consulting, data center setup, etc. are included in these services.

    migration services

    The resilient model based on these layers can help enterprises manage business operations during the COVID-19 pandemic without affecting productivity.

    Concluding Lines

    Pandemics like COVID-19 compel enterprises to keep their employees at home to limit exposure and curb the spread of the disease. But then, it is important to come up with an effective response because,’ in such a situation, companies may have to implement the work-from-home concept for an extended period. There, technology lends a helping hand. A reputed and reliable IT solutions provider can help companies design effective response technologies.

    At Silver Touch, we can quickly set up a remote workforce while focusing on four aspects- end-user technology, edge network, security, and core infrastructure. Our resilient services and enterprise-grade solutions can help you implement the concept of working from home or remote places. We integrate advancements at every layer to ensure your company can maintain productivity without putting your employees’ health at risk.

    Simply send us an email at and our consultants will contact you soon.

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