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  • Full Stack vs MEAN Stack- Key Differences from Developer’s Perspectives

    Published: Dec 17, 2020  |   | 
    Mean Stack Development

    Full Stack development and MEAN Stack development have proven their importance in the domain of custom software development. Though both these stacks are highly popular among developers, some aspects make them different from each other. It is necessary to understand the points of differences to select the right tech stack for your upcoming software development project.

    Let’s start from scratch and get an introduction to Full Stack and MEAN Stack development.

    What is Full Stack Development?

    Full Stack development involves both front-end and back-end parts of web application development. Full Stack is an umbrella term and it is not restricted to any particular software or tool.

    What is MEAN Stack Development?

    MEAN Stack development is a process to build advanced and dynamic web applications using JavaScript (JS)-based technologies. The full form of MEAN is MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, and Node.js.

    Simply put, MEAN Stack is one of the most popular Full Stack frameworks. Unlike MEAN Stack developers, all the Full Stack developers have a good knowledge of all technologies used for frontend and backend development. Let’s go through the key differences between Full Stack development and MEAN Stack development from the developer’s perspective.

    How Full Stack is Different than MEAN Stack

    • Technology- Full Stack development needs knowledge of several web technologies for frontend and backend development. It also demands insight for deployment, design, optimization, and automation of web applications. It is necessary for Full Stack developers to work on a diverse range of tools and technologies for developing complex web apps.

    In contrast to this, MEAN Stack demands knowledge of only 4 JavaScript-based frameworks and a database to build a feature-rich web application.

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    • Development Process- Full Stack development is highly versatile and developers can work on client-side and server-side alike. This process also ensures seamless performance and regular customization of the website or web apps.

    MEAN Stack development, on the other hand, needs expertise in JavaScript-based frameworks as it involves JavaScript in both frontend and backend development.

    • Frameworks- As mentioned above, Full-Stack developers have knowledge of multiple web technologies and frameworks. They can work on a diverse range of projects. What’s more, database knowledge is not restricted to MongoDB like in MEAN Stack development.

    MEAN Stack development requires the insight of MERN, which stands for MongoDB, Express, React, and Node.js. MEAN Stack developers are proficient in any JS-based frameworks including React and Node. They can also learn to work on tools and frameworks similar to React and Express.js.

    • Tools- Full Stack developers can use any tools from various web development technologies and frameworks including PHP, C++, Java, and Python. They need to know at least one framework for the backend and frontend development of modern web apps.

    In MEAN Stack development, Mongo DB database, Express.js, and Node.js frameworks, and Angular are involved to build responsive and user-friendly, real-time web applications. This process does not involve any other technologies.

    As per the development process demands, the roles and responsibilities of Full Stack and MEAN Stack developers are also different. It is better to approach a reputed IT consulting company to select the right development approach for your web or web application project. Before concluding this article, let’s go through a quick comparison between both these development approaches.

    Quick Table of Comparison

    Full Stack DevelopmentMEAN Stack Development
    It is useful for building robust web applications It focuses on 4 frameworks – MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, and Node.js
    It is not limited to JS (JavaScript). It is restricted to JS-based tools and technologies
    It enables developers to work on multiple client-side and server-side frameworks MEAN Stack developers are proficient in 4 frameworks
    It needs mastery in different programming languages It needs expertise in JavaScript along with frontend and backend development
    Full Stack development is high in demand because of its ability to deal with diverse tools When a JS-based web app is required, MEAN Stack is an ideal choice
    Full Stack developers must possess analytical, management, and architectural skills MEAN Stack developers are a kind of Full Stack developers
    Full Stack development can earn more money for developers MEAN Stack developers are paid less than Full Stack developers

    Concluding Lines

    In a nutshell, there is no place for the question- Which is better- MEAN Stack development or Full Stack Development? It is because choosing the right approach or technology depends on various factors like budget, timeline, and resource availability. Full Stack development swiftly gains ground because of its versatility whereas MEAN Stack development is ideal for complex processes that need frequent customization.

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