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  • Frontend Developer vs. Backend Developer- Who is Better for Your Project?

    Published: May 2, 2022  |   | 

    Frontend Developer vs. Backend Developer - Who is Better for Your Project?

    The importance of a seamless and user-friendly website is essential to growing your business in this digital age. An enterprise-level website can be useful in attracting new customers, driving sales, and running marketing campaigns. Today, websites can play a vital role in giving an edge over competitors and boosting revenue, but then, it is necessary to know about its two components-front-end and back-end from the perspective of a software development company. 

    As a CEO or a business owner, you have gone through many websites to date. Be it a competitor’s website or any other website of a different company, some websites may attract you with an appealing interface and smooth experience. On the other hand, you may have closed some websites quickly that have a poor look and feel. Here, frontend development and backend development come into the picture. Let’s understand these concepts in this post. 

    Interesting Website Development-related Stats

    • 57 percent of Internet users say they will not recommend a business if their website looks poorly designed on mobile
    • 38 percent of people will stop engaging with a website if the layout or content are not attractive
    • 88 percent of online consumers are less likely to come back to the website after having a bad UX (User Experience)
    • 39 percent of people will stop engaging with a website if images take too long to load on desktops or smartphones

    Front-end Web Development- It’s about Appearance
    Front-end developers implement visual components on your website. They also take care of other tasks including adding buttons, navigation, etc. to enhance the overall visibility of the website. Talking about the technologies, front-end web development requires HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to ensure better visibility. Users or visitors can interact with the website freely and comfortably with the help of front-end development. 

    Before moving to the back-end development, let’s go through the list of roles and responsibilities of front-end web developers. 
    Roles and Responsibilities - Frontend Developers

    • Define page components with HTML
    • Make components look pleasing using CSS
    • Make websites interactive with JavaScript
    • Increase productivity of the website using frameworks
    • Perform jobs like version control, automation, etc. 
    • Analyze the client-side performance to ensure a better user experience

    Back-end Web Development- When Performance Matters
    Backend developers work on server-side web development. They mainly focus on scripting, databases, and website architecture. They also monitor how the website works and make the necessary changes to ensure a seamless performance. Also, backend developers are responsible for updating all the behind-the-scenes functionalities. It is fair to mention that backend web development is about the website’s performance. 

    Backend development uses the following technologies-

    • Programming languages like PHP, C++, Python, Node.js, and Java
    • Cache and Databases like MySQL, MongoDB, and Oracle
    • Servers including Apache, Nginx, Microsoft IIS, etc. 
    • API-REST & SOAP services

    Here are the key roles and responsibilities of backend web developers. 

    Roles and Responsibilities- Backend Developers

    • Create page components and content dynamically on the server
    • Generate different web pages by programming in any particular language
    • Help the web development team to achieve a faster response time
    • Manage API resources to ensure a seamless experience across various devices
    • Organize the logic of the system that runs across different devices
    • Build a web framework or architecture to develop a website

    When you hire dedicated programmers for your website development project, chances are high that you have both front-end and back-end developers in your team. However, if you want to think upon the answer to the question- What should you select for your upcoming website project- front-end or back-end developers, then we need to go through the difference between front-end and back-end developers from skillsets, goals, and other aspects.   

    Difference FactorFront-end Web DevelopersBack-end Web Developers
    ImportanceFor implementing visual componentsFor ensuring seamless performance
    Development SideClient-sideServer-side
    SkillsetsHTML, CSS, and JavaScript to make an appealing and interactive UI (User Interface)Programming languages including JVA, PHP. .Net, and knowledge of databases, servers, APIs, etc. 
    GoalsEnsure accessibility and responsiveness of the websiteEnsure faster response time and proper functioning of the website
    Must Have SkillsThey need to understand how to work on the web design and UI/UD of a websiteThey should be capable of implementing algorithms and solving various system-based issues.

    Front-end web development is not an independent service. However, the software development company can offer back-end development as an independent service in BaaS (Back-end as a Service). Also, the backend team can make an application around the front-end web development process to support it. 

    Simply put, when it comes to the appearance and aesthetics of the website, front-end development is necessary, but if you think of running this website seamlessly, you need to count upon back-end developers. They can write a clean code to ensure that your feature-rich and user-focused business website runs smoothly every time. Backend developers also make reliable algorithms and bring excellent solutions to various difficult problems. 

    With different responsibilities and skillsets, both front-end web development and backend development are necessary for your building your business website. In other words, there are no superior or preferred ones between front-end and back-end developers because both have different duties to perform. You can consult a reputed software development company to know more about their differences and roles in your upcoming web project.    
    Concluding Lines
    It is not possible to build a robust and feature-rich business website with either front-end or back-end web developers. All you need to hire dedicated developers for your upcoming web project who can take care of both frontend and backend development. Even a visually appealing website can fail to retain visitors or customers if its backend does not work properly, and a seamlessly-performing website can attract visitors if the website’s appearance is ordinary. 

    At Silver Touch Technologies, we have in-house teams of experienced front-end and back-end web developers. You can hire dedicated developers for your upcoming web project in a cost-effective way using our flexible and scalable engagement models. If you want to know more about our advanced web development services, simply drop up a line at and our expert business consultants will get back to you soon.

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