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  • How AI and RPA Convergence Taking Automation to Next Level

    Published: Jul 19, 2019  |   | 
    AI will take RPA to next level

    Automation becomes a new norm at the workplace to cope with a fast-paced economy and growing challenges for modern business. The necessity of bringing automation has given a boost to Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions. But, as entrepreneurs craving for more assistance from robotic process automation, AI (Artificial Intelligence) comes into the picture. Soon, it would be hard to imagine the RPA solution without AI integration.

    As per Forrester 2019 predictions, RPA and AI are becoming a strategic investment in the corporate world. In other words, AI and RPA combination can contribute to the tremendous growth of businesses because as emerging automation technologies, both of them have a huge potential. Integration of AI in RPA services can help enterprises make the most from the automated process. The reason is simple- RPA has no capability of cognitive awareness and AI brings it in the customized solution.

    Difference between RPA and AI

    Yes, RPA and AI may look identical, but in reality, both of them are entirely different concepts. On one hand, RPA is designed to perform mundane and repetitive manual tasks thereby enabling humans to focus on important activities. RPA services bring automation in paper-based and non-core processes like entering data in the right field or rectify the repetitive errors in a particular activity. RPA becomes so prevalent in the corporate world that TMR (Transparency Market Research) has predicted its market to reach up to $16 billion by 2024. On the other hand, AI is based on imparting intelligence in the machines and connected devices through speech recognition, decision making, and predictive analysis. AI is gaining ground swiftly across the world as it can be integrated with other emerging technologies like IoT and Blockchain to realize the futuristic concepts of smart city and secure transactions respectively. McKinsey foresees AI to deliver around $3.5 to $5.8 trillion value in the world per annum.

    How AI Enhances RPA Services

    AI and RPA combination enables modern enterprises to leverage the benefits of both these technologies in accomplishing incomparable tasks with higher efficiency. It is something beyond the range of a customized RPA solution because it is developed to perform the same and repetitive type of work.

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    When AI is integrated into Robotic Process Automation solutions, it brings the capability of gathering and sharing useful information with different systems and makes better decisions. Customized RPA solution can utilize information fetched by AI and performs the complex task with ease. Summing up, AI, together with cognitive technologies and ML (Machine Learning), empowers robotic process automation by introducing a human response in the workflow.

    Advent of IPA (Intelligent Process Automation)

    Combination of RPA and ML is known as IPA or CRPA (Cognitive Robotic Process Automation). The AI-based feature collects and aggregates complex data from various sources like text, natural language, etc. and analyzes the same to convert it into standard data. This combination can also perform advanced tasks through refined software mechanisms and algorithms.

    In a way, RPA goes beyond the task automation and accomplishment of repetitive processes by leveraging the capabilities of AI. It can open the doors of new opportunities and possibilities while improving productivity.

    Challenges in the way of RPA and AI synergy

    RPA services become more advanced and sophisticated because of AI, but then, software engineers have to deal with several issues while developing a combined solution.

    • Good coordination between two separate teams that handle RPA and AI respectively
    • Proper planning and real-time communication between teams
    • Accurate record of actions, progress, problems, and milestones
    • Manage the network to convey requirements and possible solutions effectively
    • More attention to every single detail and business aspects
    • Need to apply ‘Zero defects’ approach because even the slightest error in the combination can damage the entire system

    When you get an amalgamation of RPA and AI technologies after overcoming these challenges, it will lead your company to new heights of success. It is easy to manage customer interactions and establish better relations with customers through improved services. You can also utilize the RPA and AI combination in operating complex development cycles and explore new horizons for bringing intelligent automation at your workplace.

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    Concluding Lines

    The convergence of AI with RPA has a huge hidden potential for the futuristic business. As an advanced solution, it can perform even complex and unique business actions like humans. However, there is no point in believing that this combination will replace humans as they remain the controller of RPA +AI combination by building the rules and manage the operation. RPA and AI combination is aimed at bringing a digital transformation in the companies and adding more value over the period.

    Silver Touch Technologies is your robust and reliable RPA solutions provider. With a vast experience in the IT domain and a partnership with Automation Anywhere, we are all set to simulate human behavior with the next-gen software to bring automation in your business. Do you want to know more about the role of AI in making Robotic Process Automation more efficient? Do you wish to leverage the benefits of AI and RPA convergence for your company? We’re here to help! Simply send us an email at and we’ll get back to you soon.

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