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System Integration
System Integration

System Integration

Interconnecting Systems

To accelerate tasks and best run your business

True Integration is Critical to Accommodate Digitization

Silver Touch understands that system integration is crucial to enable the business to support today’s digital agenda. It demands solutions that securely interface and connect from a mobile office into the enterprise, enabling you to categorize and manage the real-time flow of information that’s so essential to flexible business operations. We work with our clients to enable business change, thus evolution.

Partnership Culture and Local Global Delivery Model

At Silver Touch, we believe that suppliers support, but partners empower; we strive to become your partner. Our strategy is to partner with best of breed technology companies from across the marketplace. Central to this strategy, is our vendor autonomy, ensuring that we are able to provide impartial and appropriate advice to our clients from across the technical landscape.

System Integration with Silver Touch

Enable business change and evolution to unlock your full potential

01 Storage & Clustering Solutions

Achieve near-zero RTO and RPO

It is the perfect solution when disaster and downtime avoidance is a key requirement. This VMware-based configuration allows you to operate stretched storage clusters across data centers, meaning you can effectively extend your local storage and network.

02 Virtualization & Consolidation

Allows running with fewer physical servers

Virtualizing your IT resources increases scalability, optimizes performance, improves security, and significantly reduces costs. You can quickly and easily virtualize servers with the best performance while managing all resources from a single, easy-to-use console.

03 Networking Solutions

Make effective use of IT

With the emergence of cloud computing, data and applications that may no longer be within the physical data center and an increasing demand to deliver network access, having the right network, is core to enabling the IT infrastructure.

04 DC & DR Solutions

Easily replicate between DC’s and business sites

We provide robust and cost-effective disaster recovery solutions for your business so it can replicate its production applications to our own enterprise-grade Cloud platform, safely and securely. Our replication solution is built to work in the hypervisor.
Thin Client Solutions

Thin Client Solutions

Save costs and speed up your IT operations

Centrally manage your desktop environment from your data center

Otherwise known as terminal services, server based computing or thin computing, thin client solutions are a type of application virtualization based on Microsoft Windows® Remote Desktop Services. It removes the processing from desktop devices to the centrally managed server.

Ensure performance, security, and manageability

Thin Clients deliver a lower TCO due to their long product lifecycle. A small footprint combined with a fanless design ensures quiet operation and ergonomics for maximum user comfort, save costs and speed up IT operations.
Then Client Varients

IP Telephony & Video Conferencing

A key factor in driving growth and maximizing value globally

Upgrading enterprise IP telephony communications systems for video-conferencing purposes proves far cheaper than other methods. More cost-effective routes are available for securing IP telephony; including session initiation protocol (SIP) trunking and hosted services.
IP Telephony &Video Conferencing

Security & Surveillance Solutions

Our catalog of security solutions is designed to serve different needs, from alarms for businesses and homes to the reduction and optimization of costs (virtual concierge / virtual guard). For businesses, we aim to integrate different systems to help reduce the unknown loss and / or improve perimeter protection. We work with integrity, high degree of professionalism, while ensuring absolute discretion.

Facility Management Solutions

Following a multi-disciplinary approach, it offers a single view of all facilities

Our total facilities management solution incorporates all facilities management service lines, from maintenance and building fabric repairs to catering and cleaning under a one team model that enables cross skilling and multifunctional responsibilities throughout the various service streams. This multi-disciplined practice focuses on helping clients achieve performance improvement, steadily and quietly.
Facility Management Solutions

Infrastructure Services

Data Center

The notion of virtualization is simplistic: convert physical instances to virtual instances, treat multiple virtual instances on less physical machines, and decrease power consumption.
In computing, virtualization is a wide term that applies to the abstraction of computer resources. Virtualization lets a single computer do the task of multiple computers.
The technology promises far-reaching results, from maximum resource utilization at one end to abundant savings in power, energy, and management expenses at the other.

Cloud Computing

When it comes to cloud computing, there is nothing wrong with having a competitive advantage. The infrastructure is secure, scalable, and flexible, providing customized enterprise solutions that have made Silver Touch’s cloud computing the hybrid cloud market leader.

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